Book 6 Chapter 17.6

Book 6 Chapter 17.6 - Returning to Stillness

Persephone tapped the glass tube’s opening with a finger, her slightly narrowed eyes forming a charming arc as she gave this male a sidelong look, asking somewhat ambiguously, “You clearly know that Blue Rose can’t be drunk three times, unless… you wish to get me drunk?”

Back in the Black Dragonriders, as long as she wanted to, whenever she smiled seriously, few men could resist. Persephone not only possessed beauty and intelligence, her acting skills could also be said to be unmatched. Only a select few could successfully resist her temptations, and from a certain standpoint, they were all weirdos. And at that time, the one with the weakest strength among those weirdos, was Su.

The man before her was extremely outstanding, having decent facial features, his arms powerful and relaxed. His eyes lit up, the Blue Rose’s domineering power already making his face flush with redness, simultaneously pumping him with confidence. As a man who reached seven levels of ability before thirty years of age, he indeed had the right to be confident.

“Exactly!” The male looked straight into Persephone’s eyes, saying this without any hesitation.

Persephone suddenly revealed a charming smile, her upper body leaning towards this man, lowered her voice, and then said, “Actually, if you want me on the bed, there’s no need to go through the trouble of making me drink, only need…”

Under this type of distance, not only could the male smell the fragrance of her body, he could even more so feel the wisps of air that moved out from her small mouth. Within those wisps of air, not only was there Persephone’s fragrance, but also a strong alcoholic smell. When the two mixed together, it was not only tempting, it was also provocative.

The male suddenly felt as if there was a flame burning in his throat. His throat moved with difficulty, asking with a hoarse voice, “Only what?”

Persephone leaned forward a bit further, her nose almost making contact with this man’s. Her flickering eyes almost blinded this man’s eyes as she slowly said, “Only need… to defeat me!”

After speaking, Persephone’s right fist covered in a leather tactical glove already smashed towards the man’s face at lightning speed! With a crack sound, the man’s nose clearly distorted, his entire body sent flying by the tremendous force, smashing through a window and tumbling out, landing with a thunk sound. There was no more sound afterwards.

Persephone retracted her fist, removed the glove, raised her long and slender beautiful hand before her eyes, and then muttered regretfully, “Sigh, hitting people damages the skin the most!” However, from her attitude, instead of saying that she felt distressed about her hand, it was better to say that she was showing off her own hand.

The people sitting in the bar seemed to have long grown accustomed to similar scenes, not feeling that it was all that strange, nor did they display any great reactions, instead just minding their own business and chatting. Of course, most of their gazes were still concentrated on Persephone. No matter where she was, she would always be the focal point of attention. Only, when their eyes moved past Persephone’s hands that seemed perfect even with the gloves on, as well as the enormous pistol strapped to her thigh, what flashed past their eyes wasn’t a look of shock, but fear.

That pistol was a bit similar to a Magnum, but it was far more than a single size larger than a Magnum, its 30mm caliber completely machine gun ammunition. Its cylinder could only carry three rounds of bullets, the bullets all handmade, special bullets, every one of them unique. Under close distance, this toy was completely unmatched. Those present personally saw Persephone blast open a half meter thick concrete wall with it, killing the enemies who thought they were safe in the bunker.

“Where did this idiot come from?” Persephone lifted the third glass of Blue Rose, swirling it about as she asked.

The elder behind the counter shrugged his shoulders, expressing that he didn’t know. “Who knows? Only saw him yesterday, seems to be quite a formidable fella, not even Basa willing to provoke him. However, this fella’s luck clearly isn’t all that great, or else why would he come bother you? Alright, you should pay your tab now.”

“Hey! Don’t cross the line! I didn’t even drink it! Do I look like someone who will owe you money?” Persephone cried out as if she felt wronged.

“You don’t, because you already owed me many times.” The elder didn’t seem to give her any face.

Persephone’s lovely and pitiful expression didn’t earn her the elder’s sympathy. In the end, she unwillingly said, “A brand new new era assault rifle.”

That elder shook his head. “Still not enough!”

Persephone’s brows immediately stood up, fiercely arguing, “Just three glasses of Blue Rose, what do you mean not enough?!”

“Four glasses. That fella hasn’t paid yet, but was already beaten up by you, so his glass is on your tab as well.” The elder said expressionlessly.

“Then add ten magazines! I won’t go any higher!” Persephone said through gritted teeth.

“Deal!” The elder replied quite straightforwardly.

This time, when she looked at the Blue Rose in her hands, Persephone’s expression was already a bit fierce. She clenched her teeth, and then got rid of all of the blue liquid in the glass tube, not even wasting a drop. She then leapt out from the tall chair, saying, “Where is that idiot? I want to give him another beating!”

The one next to the window immediately reached out his head, taking a look, and then said, “Already ran.”

The elder behind the counter shrugged his shoulders, commenting, “A smart fella.”

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