Book 6 Chapter 17.5

Book 6 Chapter 17.5 - Returning to Stillness

The classic car gasped for breath as it crawled through the wilderness. The flames of explosions could be seen from time to time in the distance, faint rumbling sounds of cannons echoing from the distance, serving as a strange yet fascinating accompaniment to the jazz music playing from the classic car, just that the rhythm was a bit off. Persephone who wore large sunglasses reached her head out the car window, looked around her surroundings, and after not seeing any familiar people, her head then pulled back into the car. Then, a screaming sounded, the blues jazz that was only a front was instantly changed to powerful rock music, the classic car thus starting to have small jumps added to its dancing advance. 

When looking at the roiling black smoke spewing out from the back of the car, the panting engine’s rumbling sounds, as well as the creaking car body, anyone would worry if it would immediately fall apart. However, this antique that had at least eight hundred thousand kilometers on it actually had a good sound system, at the very least, the speakers were sufficiently loud and clear.

The classic car paraded around the wilderness, unknown just how many pairs of prying eyes it attracted. However, when they saw the red dragons that surged from the car body, everyone’s eyes quietly withdrew. Of course, there were naive and fearless fellas, thus, the goods stored in the classic car’s trunk became a bit more abundant.

After traveling a few dozen kilometers through the wilderness, the classic car rushed into a simple and crude small town. The small town wasn’t large, only a hundred or so buildings in total and no specialized guards defending it. However, almost everyone in the town was equipped with heavy firepower, even the petite seven or eight year old little girl running past the street with a doll that only had half its body left in her hands had a submachine gun on her back.

The classic car rushed straight into the town, and then made a sudden turn, cutting it quite close as it parked between two buildings. These maneuvers were difficult for even the most advanced four-wheel drive off-road vehicles, yet not only did this classic car complete it, it unexpectedly didn’t fall apart, a true miracle.

After completing this beautiful maneuver, Persephone pushed open the car, immensely proud of herself. However, when the car door was only opened ten centimeters, it smashed into the wall with a loud noise. The distance between the two buildings was extremely narrow, so after the classic car entered, there was less than fifteen centimeters of space from each side, not enough space for Persephone to get off no matter how she tried.

The pretty smile on Persephone’s face already froze.

Bang bang! The car door smashed into the wall two more times, and then angrily slammed shut, giving the dozen or so people in the surroundings a fright.

The classic car released a heavy breathing gasping sound, and then suddenly withdrew from the alley. The tires grinded against the ground, unexpectedly drifting out from its original position, making a perfect a hundred and eighty degree turn. Then, it shifted sideways, driving in front of a tavern at a slanted angle, the other end almost touching the courtyard walls, the driving skill already reaching a point where it couldn’t be improved any further.

The classic car’s door opened up halfway, but was jammed because of the bolt. As a result, everyone saw a long black boot reach out from the car, give the car door two fierce kicks, and then the unfortunate door, together with the bolt that had already moved two centimeters to the side, after being shaken up violently to the point where they were about to leave the door, finally properly opened up ninety degrees. Then, two long legs reached out from the door together, not a gap to see in between.

Everyone’s throats made a strange noise.

Persephone finally walked out from the classic car, and then with a flip of her hand, closed the door. She lowered her sunglasses, slightly tilted her head downwards, two beautiful eyes scanning over the surrounding men, and then with a snort, pushed her sunglasses back up.

A clever looking young man who had just reached ten years of age ran over, reached out his dirty little hand and said, “The most beautiful older sis Phoney, parking fee please.”

When she heard the young man’s words, Persephone’s eyebrows raised. She then tilted her head backwards, about to laugh loudly a few times. Only, when she only released a single ha she felt that it was a inappropriate, immediately stopping herself, covering her mouth with her left hand, thus releasing a few light laughs more fitting of a wise and virtuous lady. The surrounding men immediately whispered to each other, starting to softly discuss among themselves.

“What happened to her? Could it be that she was injured this time after going out?”

“Did something happen to her head?”

“Why did she suddenly become so strange…”

The beautiful smile froze on Persephone’s face once more. She immediately lowered her sunglasses, and then scanned her beautiful eyes filled with killing intent around her, making the men immediately scatter like terrified birds and beasts.

Persephone opened the trunk’s ammunition cases, grabbed a handful of bullets, and then stuffed them into the young man’s hands, these goods more than enough to serve as a parking fee. The young man released a cheer, immediately turning around and running into the distance.

Persephone pushed open the tavern’s doors, walking inside. She sat in front of the counter, and then crossed her legs. She dragged a table over, propping those long legs on top, back leaning against the bar counter, and only then did she released a breath of comfort. Behind the counter was a balding elder, his face flushed with an abnormal redness from excessive alcohol. He busied about behind the counter, not even turning his head around as he asked, “Same old?”

“Of course!”

The elder raised his hand, and then placed a small bottle of pure blue liquid on the table. With a light push, the narrow and tall glass slid over to Persephone. She grabbed it, drained it in one gulp, and then closed her eyes. Only after an entire minute had passed did she release a strong breath full of alcohol.

The blue liquid was extremely beautiful, a rich azure color, yet it still gave others a crystal clear feeling. When the liquid moved about under the lighting, a hint of gold flashed past, giving one the same feeling as the sunlit seacoast of the olden era’s paintings of Provence. There wasn’t much liquid at all, only a dozen milliliters or so, but the breath full of alcohol Persephone released immediately filled the entire bar, a bit of redness filling her face as well.

“Another round?” The elder asked.

“Of course!”

As a result, another tube of blue liquid slid up to Persephone. She still drank it all in one gulp, only releasing a breath of alcoholic air a bit later.

Within a range of two meters around Persephone, apart from the elder behind the counter, no one else dared approach. However, at this time, a rather valiant looking male walked over, and then sat down in front of Persephone. She tapped on the counter, and then said, “Two more rounds of Blue Rose.”

Two glass tubes arrived before her. The man grabbed one of them, and then pushed the other to Persephone, saying, “This round is my treat.”

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