Book 6 Chapter 17.3

Book 6 Chapter 17.3 - Returning to Stillness

Thousands of gene codes were gathered on fragments one after another, entering their preset locations. Su’s body composition began to correspondingly change based on the genetic modification as well. It might take ordinary people a few months to change their bodies, which was also the so-called ability stabilizing process, but Su only needed a few minutes.

The new ability was quickly formed. The green radiance in Su’s eyes suddenly changed somewhat, if one carefully examined them, they would find that this light was formed from extremely small hexagons. In his eyes, the world also underwent certain changes, the scenery continuously becoming blurry, as if there were three or four different similar worlds floating about on top of each other, and everything he saw seemed to have a barrier added to their surface. When Su slightly exerted force, his consciousness passed through the formless barrier, entering a unique world constructed from chaotic energy. There was no matter here, only extremely coarse and wild energy storms. The instant he entered, Su felt waves of intense pain that were difficult to endure, this energy that seemed like it could destroy anything swarmed over, instantly destroying a large half of Su’s consciousness! If he stopped there for even a moment longer, his consciousness might very well have been fully scattered by the energy storm. He was inwardly alarmed, immediately withdrawing to his own world, but the pain that remained in his mind didn’t disappear until quite some time later.

Several hundred small but sharp bone blades appeared on the surface of Su’s body, his light blonde hair also standing on end, indicating that he was currently in a nervous state. As he calmed down, the bone blades retracted one after another. 

Parallel Plane Perception, this was Su’s tenth level ability, as well as a tenth level Perception Domain ability that had never appeared before.

The moment his consciousness penetrated the formless barrier, Su vaguely sensed countless worlds. They were like bubbles floating in the void, independent from each other, yet to a certain extent superimposed atop each other. This level of spatial structural secrets already exceeded the limits of Su’s present knowledge. Moreover, Su also discovered that the different planes were extremely dangerous, for example, when his consciousness entered the plane full of energy storms, he immediately received heavy injuries. If it wasn’t because he returned quickly enough, there was a chance that his consciousness would even scatter. Meanwhile,the dozen or so thought centers in his brain that were burned were precisely a record of this dangerous experience.

Exploring the spatial structure of the universe with his own strength was just too difficult. Before the boundless space of the cosmos, Su finally clearly understood why his instincts always criticized him for being too weak. Even though Su obtained the Parallel Plane Perception ability, he didn’t have enough power to fully make use of it, each time he used it equivalent to a life and death risk.

This was still just a perception on the planar level, behind it at the very least still having exploration, crossing over, remodeling, and other stages, each of these stages representing a qualitative leap in strength.

The new ability already formed, the symbol that represented the foragers, under his current view, had new changes. It looked like it only had one layer, yet it could be continuously examined at finer levels, the symbol actually formed from multiple overlapped layers, with each layer’s composition occupying a different layer of space. If one couldn’t achieve a sufficient level of perception ability, then there was no way of analyzing the foragers’ information. The golden symbol continuously spun about and changed, and as the layers were broken down, every single layer was formed from even finer symbols, while the information each of these finer symbols released could then undergo a separate analysis. If one continued down layer upon layer, with each passing layer, the amount of information that was obtained would increase exponentially. Only now did Su understand clearly why without three hundred or more thought centers, forget about breaking it down, just storing this information wasn’t even possible.

Fortunately, producing three hundred thought centers didn’t require evolutionary points, only needing large amounts of food and time.

Su stood up. He lifted the violet-gold bowl, and then drained the holy elixir in one go. The holy elixir entered the empty cavity in his body, immediately floating at the center because of the high temperature jets, and then began to spin quickly. The temperature already instantly reached close to a thousand degrees, and only then did the holy elixir begin to slowly break down and release large amounts of energy. Meanwhile, during the entire process, the holy elixir’s changes in composition were already recorded. After all of the holy elixir’s functions were analyzed, when needed, Su could also find a way to produce his own holy elixir.

After drinking the holy elixir, Su walked towards the inside of the pyramid. The pyramid’s energy supply system was greatly damaged, but the breeding base was located in the most strictly protected area, so the damage shouldn’t be too severe. Only, a few of the bioengineers in charge of the operating and defense systems died, now only three individuals left. This amount of people was only barely enough to operate a single breeding tank, after all, the central main engine alone needed at least three engineers. Bioengineers were the core talents of the empire, needing more than a decade of training to produce them, not that many of them in existence even throughout the entire Sun Empire. Moreover, due to the overall lower level of science and technology, the amount of people who really received higher education was also extremely small.

However, for Su, three bioengineers who knew how to carry out basic operations was already enough, as for the lack of other personnel, it wasn’t a problem. Every single one of those over a hundred Herkula weren’t any less intelligent than humans, and there was already no need to hide them.

When the foragers appeared, Su’s empire would already have a sturdy logistics background.

In the depths of the rainforest, Kebile sat beside a bonfire, currently staring into the flames, unknown what he was thinking. Around the fire were other suzerains and experts, as well as the old manager and Yelicie. The suzerains all knew Yelicie and Su’s special relationship, which was why in the management of the army, they didn’t hide anything from her. Meanwhile, the young lady only watched and listened, not interfering with anything. After the letter was passed around and read by everyone, it then returned to Kebile’s hands again.

Kebile put away the letter and then said, “We will move in separate squads, attack on our own. Everyone has already seen it for themselves, this is lord’s orders. Alright, the people here will break up into pairs, and then we will lead our own small troops, move on our own, hunt separately.”

After giving the order, Kebile looked at Yelicie, about to have the young lady move with him, but then the young lady suddenly cut in, saying, “I wish to hunt on my own.”

Kebile was stunned, saying, “This is extremely dangerous…”

“I understand!” Yelicie interrupted once again, saying, “Don’t worry, I don’t have any special place in lord’s heart. Moreover, lord doesn’t need any useless people at his side.”

Kebile finally nodded, and then said, “Alright, you’ve convinced me.”

An hour later, a fully armed Yelicie left the large army, quickly disappearing into the rainforest depths.

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