Book 6 Chapter 17.2

Book 6 Chapter 17.2 - Returning to Stillness

The Leigna had another function, which was that after it digested its food, it could secrete a type of high energy substance, the type of food many ultra life forms favored. Even though the conversion process would consume around half the energy, this would save the ultra life form a great amount of time on eating. However, Su currently only had a basic understanding of biological weapons, still unable to unlock this function.

A column of fire raged above the plaza, Kanos and the bodyguards’ bodies began to burn. Over ten thousand people surrounded the plaza, yet it was still orderly, no one starting a commotion or disturbance. Maca City returned to Su’s hands again, but Su knew clearly that this was just a temporary situation. As long as the empire sent over more powerful individuals to drive him out, then this city would immediately return to the empire’s hands.

Su already developed an initial level of understanding towards the empire’s society and culture, understanding that the empire’s history was a record of wars between ability users. As for ordinary people without abilities, it didn’t matter who it was that came, the only difference being a different individual to pay taxes to. Only because of this was there the current peaceful and calm exchange of rule. However, this also eliminated one of Su’s problems. Su was a bit expectant towards the rebellion of Maca City’s natives, and his instincts also gave him the most effective method, which was to choose one family among every ten to execute whenever an issue arose, as well as all who resisted. This would effectively establish fear in the hearts of Maca City’s residents, preventing them from daring to rebel again, because all those who dared rebel would die. Su immediately rejected his instincts’ proposal, the reasoning because the empire’s people’s wills were tough, this type of indiscriminate killing might very well stir up a rebellion from the entire city. Was he supposed to kill everyone in the city?

“Why not? These people are equivalent to ten thousand Herkula.” His instincts coldly replied. This was its true original intent. If everyone in Maca City were used as food, it would be enough to increase the Herkula population to ten thousand. They were loyal, valiant, and could adapt to all types of environments, and they even had intelligence, unconditionally obeying Su’s every order. Only this was a perfect army!

Su still refused.

In the depths of his heart, there was already a frozen abyss, the area where his consciousness and instincts were gradually fusing. Even though it still wasn’t that large, it already began to affect Su’s mental state and decisions. He knew that he was currently becoming more and more apathetic, getting more used to looking at the world from a higher position, moreover becoming increasingly willing to not get involved, instead analyze this entire world through numbers and multiple dimensions. However, during these past few days, Su would always continuously recall Persephone, Madeline, Li, his subordinates, and his own children. Some were intentionally recalled by him, some unintentionally. Su knew that this was his instincts continuously reminding him not to do anything meaningless, not to take any pointless detours. The sooner he increased his own strength, the earlier he could return to the northern continent, thus reuniting with those who tugged at his heart.

Su sighed, and then started to organize the matters he had to do. Through his instincts’ analysis, the most important thing right now was to produce Bardoks, a type of biological weapon commonly known to be foragers. Their size was extremely small, capable of sea, land, and air mobility, and they were also equipped with weak attack power, moved in groups, and widely known for their extremely high reproduction rate and adaptability to different environments. Its most unique function is that it could eat almost anything, moreover convert most of the energy into a type of high energy crystal for its master to use. When the foragers reached a certain scale, they could easily devour all nutrients within several hundred square kilometers. At that time, Su would never have to search for food again, only needing to focus on increasing his strength and fighting. The mid level biological weapons all depended on the energy crystals provided by the foragers, as they didn’t have any eating or digestive system, after all, these two main systems consumed quite the large amount of resources. This was the reason why mid level biological weapons’ individual fighting strength was several tens, or even over a hundred times greater than a low level weapon like the Herkula.

In the depths of Su’s consciousness, a golden symbol appeared again. The amount of information Su could make out from the extremely complicated structure was limited. These were the preconditions for creating the foragers. First, Su had to greatly increase the number of thought centers, from his current seventy to over three hundred, and only then could he understand the foragers’ corresponding information. This was to say, right now, Su’s intelligence was still far from reaching the necessary amount. The other condition was that he had to further increase his Perception Domain abilities, and only then could he see a layer deeper into the symbol’s composition, thus obtaining the information he needed.

Afterwards, he would extract several extremely small symbols from this golden symbol, and then these small symbols would float in Su’s consciousness, no longer fading away. These were the design diagrams of the foragers and a few other types of mid class biological weapons, waiting for Su to use them.

Su revealed a bitter smile. It seemed like he didn’t have any other choice.

After killing Kanos, the evolutionary points he received were enough to produce a new tenth level ability. His original intention was to continue increasing his Combat Domain and immediate combat strength, but now, he clearly had to develop the Perception Domain. These were two completely different paths, the first one of absolute individual power, while the latter turned Su into the soul and brain of an entire army, the claws and teeth of many biological weapons becoming the main weapons in battle instead.

On a genetic level, tremendous amounts of energy began to gather. On the fragments related to perception, as the energy flowed in, countless new gene codes began to take form. What Su needed to think about, was what kind of new tenth level ability did he want? His present choices included ‘Extraordinary Perception’ that substantially increased his basic sensory organ abilities, ‘Spiritual Resonation’ that strengthened spiritual power, the ‘Life Detection’ that was similar to the effects of a biological radar, or perhaps the ‘Hostility Perception’ that was more mysterious, needing the support of the Mysterious Fields domain?

In the end, Su still decided to let an ability form on its own. As for what exactly ended up forming, he would just leave it up to his luck.

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