Book 6 Chapter 16.8

Book 6 Chapter 16.8 - Battle Invitation

Kanos’ face immediately fell, angrily shouting, “Nonsense!” Su’s completely unrestrained words touched his bottom line. The strength at which he brandished his arms and legs abruptly increased, no longer holding anything back.

Both sides’ attacks became faster and faster, as well as heavier and heavier. The two individuals’ figures seemed to be winding around each other, only thunderous rumbling sounds continuously sounding, loud and resounding as they transmitted in all directions.

“Still haven’t heard your name.” Kanos’ voice was calm. If it was just from his voice, one would be completely unaware that he was currently raining down a barrage of attacks.


“Good, Su, do you really wish to kill me?”

“Why not? It is but sixty evolutionary...

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