Book 6 Chapter 16.7

Book 6 Chapter 16.7 - Battle Invitation

With Kanos and Su at the center, countless cracks suddenly emerged on the outer walls of the pyramid, covering everything within thirty meters. Countless rock fragments slowly rose into the air, as if gravity lost its effect. What followed, was a terrifying explosion, the power comparable to the bombardment of several dozen rounds of heavy artillery. The blast waves fired the rock fragments in every direction, even making the entire pyramid sway gently!

In the chaotic air streams, Su flew backwards, while Kanos’ body smashed straight into the pyramid, smashing through who knew how many rock walls.

Su flew out close to a hundred meters, and only then did he spin in the air, and then start dropping to the ground. His right hand hung limply at his side, completely deformed, cracks continuously appearing on its surface, blasts of bloody mist spraying out. This time, his landing stance was rather unbecoming. Su’s face smashed straight into the ground, moreover smashing open a small crater in the red rock. Only after a few seconds had passed did Su move, struggling to his feet.

The moment the two fists clashed, Su once again experienced what the ‘Triad Assault’ was. In that instant, three different attributes of power transmitted from Kanos’ iron fist, respectively vibration, impact, and eruption. Even though his absolute power wasn’t that much higher than Su’s, the three different attribute attack first broke down Su’s defenses, and then maximized the injury inflicted through eruption. Meanwhile, the attributes of the first Triad Assault that was released were vibration, vibration, and eruption. Vibration could effectively weaken one’s defenses, while impact combined both penetration and offensive properties. As for eruption, this was an effect similar to producing an explosion in the enemy’s body, from this leaving behind damage that was almost impossible to recover from. It seemed like Kanos could already layer the Triad Assault at will, and it was quite likely that there was more than just three types of attributes, with many attributes that could be allocated.

This was a type of peak embodiment of combat skill, Su able to vaguely make out Madeline’s figure from Kanos’ body. The young lady had only used high speed vibrations, but her skill in this single art far surpassed Kanos’.

Su gave his own right arm a look, a pensive look appearing on his face. It was no wonder Kanos could enjoy such a great reputation in the empire by relying on this rare tenth level ability Triad Assault. The Red Duke only had nine levels of strength, but by relying on Triad Assault, he could defeat an enemy with ten levels of power head-on, not to mention that he also possessed extremely abundant combat experience and nearly immaculate combat skills.

In the very depths of the pyramid, Kanos stood up. He stretched out his neck a bit, listening with satisfaction as crisp crack crack noises sounded, and only then did he bring his right fist before his eyes. The fist’s surface was already red and swelling, his ring finger even more so unnaturally flipped over, the bones in this finger clearly fully shattered. However, this hand could still open up and close tightly, thought not even the Red Duke could help but suck in a breath of air when he did so, a bit of pain appearing on his face. He walked over to the opening in the pyramid’s outer wall with large steps. When he saw Su’s right arm that hung at his side, he revealed a victorious smile.

In this frontal collision, this head-on clash, Kanos could be said to have won decisively.

The Red Duke’s fingers locked together, and then pi pa sounds rang out, thus returning the crooked joints back to their original position. The broken bone fragments were also gathered, wrapped tightly by his flesh. With these small movements, a larger half of his combat strength was restored. Kanos’ shrewd and ruthless gaze already detected that Su’s right arm couldn’t be used anymore, his left hand able to maintain seventy percent fighting strength at most.

When ability users reached their levels, hands no longer became the sole decisive source of power. Their two feet, shoulders, back, and even head became powerful weapons. Meanwhile, their bodies could survive a close range bombardment from heavy machine guns. As long as they still had energy and stamina left, their defensive strength wouldn’t decrease by much. However, the amount of damage to his combat strength after losing his right arm still couldn’t be looked down upon, especially when there was a gap in strength between them to begin with, this disparity now only pulled further apart.

Kanos didn’t give Su any time to recover, instead directly walking over and releasing his next attack. Su didn’t leave him disappointed, directly rushing up the pyramid. When they were ten meters from each other, Su released the Extreme Assault ability again, propelling his entire body through the sound barrier, a kick aimed viciously at Kanos’ chest! Only afterwards did the conical ripples crash fiercely into the two tangled in close combat.

Su was sent flying again, while Kanos’ body was smashed straight into the pyramid once more. However, while flying backwards, Su used his leg to hook around the rock wall, thus stopping his backwards momentum. He released Extreme Assault again, immediately appearing before Kanos who was standing unsteadily, sending his leg flying out one more time. The Red Duke laughed loudly, an iron elbow moving viciously at the sole of Su’s foot, while his left fist released a full force strike at Su’s face! At this moment, the skin before Su’s chest split open, revealing the deeply buried red power crystal. The crystal was burning hot, the burning light flowing through it like water, now already at full efficacy, raising Su’s power to the standard of nine levels. Meanwhile, his skeleton made of several tens of thousands of sheets of meticulously calculated bone matter was able to gather all of his body’s strength in one area, thus giving this attack an effective strength that exceeded nine levels.

Another muffled sound rang out. The iron elbow and the bottom of Su’s foot collided, the power exceeded Kanos’ expectations, making him take a step back. The power of his left fist immediately became unsteady, weakening as a result, thus blocked and knocked aside by Su’s left arm. In addition, the Triad Assault displayed in his left fist also had its layered vibrations successfully blocked and destroyed, being substantially weakened, only bringing Su some slight injuries.

As soon as the two separated, Su instantly appeared in front of Kanos again. When the Red Duke’s iron fist smashed out again, Su’s figure actually shifted to the side, vanishing, and then immediately appearing to the side behind him, a foot smashing fiercely towards Kanos’ waist! This time, the sound of ribs fracturing finally sounded from the Red Duke’s body!

In that instant, Su actually used Extreme Assault twice in succession, the distance of assault already shrunk to five meters!

Kanos looked at Su, and then suddenly released a loud laugh, saying, “Good, very good! Extreme Assault was actually used by you to this degree, truly something hard to expect. Perhaps in just a few years, your accomplishments would be even above mine. How about it, you really don’t have any plans to join the empire?”

Su appeared at Kanos’ side in a flash, an elbow smashing over while saying, “Join the empire? What for? Even if I end up as a duke like you, won’t I still be living in tattered cities, ruling over a hundred thousand or so residents who aren’t any different from primitive people? That’s why I have no interest in a position like being a duke. If it is the Sun King or even Sun God, then I might reconsider.”

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