Book 6 Chapter 16.6

Book 6 Chapter 16.6 - Battle Invitation

The duke stretched out his body a bit, his muscles squirming about, bones continuously releasing pi pi pa pa sounds, with each burst of sound, there would always be an intangible wave spreading from his body, like ripples as they continuously spread outwards.

Kanos arched his body, and then made his way out from the window, standing on the stepped outer wall of the pyramid. All of the muscles on his body swelled, his size actually increasing a bit, height now already reaching two meters. The long window that was originally french style, in front of him, was still a bit too short. He didn’t seem to have any intention of using any weapons, standing there just like that, empty-handed. His ten long toes were gently pressed against the rough rock surface, the heels of his feet raised, yet he looked as steady as a mountain, as if he couldn’t be moved.

Even though there was a kilometer between them, the Red Duke’s figure still made Su’s eyes feel a slight prickling feeling. Each time his body moved, there would always be some type of natural rhythm, as if he was one with his surrounding environment. This was a great master of combat art; this was the conclusion Su reached. The worst part was that Kanos’ absolute power was also extremely great.

When facing this powerful enemy, Su didn’t reveal too many emotions, to the extent where he even had the leisure to gently pat the young man’s face. He then lifted the poleaxe, sprinting with large steps towards the pyramid. His speed became faster and faster, immediately breaking a hundred kilometers an hour, his speed still climbing. Meanwhile, when Su started to approach, Kanos also began to walk downwards, his speed not looking all that fast, but the distance between the two was closing at an equal rate from both sides. Halfway up the pyramid, was the place of decisive battle.

When the final step landed, a shallow yet wide depression suddenly appeared in the pyramid’s rough and gritty giant rock outer wall, cracks of varying depth even more so extending out several meters, involving two floors above and below them. After borrowing the force from a stamp of his feet, layers of ripples suddenly appeared in Su’s surroundings. He rushed through the ripples, and then the poleaxe drew out a streak of light by Kanos’ body, moving below the duke’s ribs. However, Kanos effortlessly rotated in place, and then stood still, not being injured at all.

Su’s figure appeared five meters out, still maintaining the axe bearing stance, and then he slowly turned around. However, his left arm suddenly released a crack sound, and then it twisted unnaturally, as if it was dislocated. His skin then began to rupture, several dozen fine cuts suddenly appearing on its surface, every single cut releasing fine wisps of blood, forming a blast of bloody mist.

Su looked at his own left arm, and then he looked towards Kanos, his eyes already carrying a bit more respect. “Triad Assault?”

Kanos nodded. He entered a stance of the empire’s wrestling arts, and then said with a smile, “Correct. How long did it take you to defeat that black robe? It seems like his lower parts have been eaten by some pests, you really are quite vicious!”

Su reached out his hand, straightening out his own arm. The fine wounds closed on their own, as if that wasn’t a flesh and blood body, but rather a metal strip that had accidentally been bent out of shape, as if just a slight adjustment would restore it to its original condition. Then, both his hands held the axe, raising it above his head, and only then did he reply, “Five minutes.”

Kanos’ lips cracked open. “I only need one minute!”

After speaking, his feet and toes exerted force, quickly rushing at Su as if they were sliding on the water surface. Su released a loud roar. The poleaxe was like a collapsing mountain, hacking straight towards the incoming Kanos! The Red Duke immediately leaned to his right, his fists striking the axe from the side, knocking the weapon out of the way. At this moment, the two individuals were already almost sticking together, their faces less than half a meter apart!

Su and Kanos revealed a smile at the same time, and then two heads smashed together fiercely!

A muffled thunk sounded, and then seismic waves rippled out. Su and Kanos both staggered backwards, each taking quite a few steps back before standing firm. Blood flowed from the ends of their hair, sliding past their foreheads and down along their cheeks. Their smiles still remained, only, these smiling expressions were a bit distorted.

Kanos shook his head, a string of blood droplets flying out, laughing and saying, “Excellent! It has been such a long time since I had a good fight like this! What about it, any interest in joining the empire? If you join, then we’ll just write off all of those past insignificant things. With your skills, you might very well make your way up to being a duke. At that time, who knows, we can each lead an army and expand north and very well fight our way into the northern continent!”

Su also laughed, saying, “Thanks, but honestly, the number of people like you in the northern continent is definitely not few. If you still dare go, then you should properly arrange things first. However, the two of us can have a wager, I’m betting that you won’t be able to return!”

“You came from the northern continent?” Kanos’ expression changed, the smile on his face withdrawn. Soon after, he relaxed, saying with disapproval, “Heng! Even if the northern continent has powerful individuals too, they definitely aren’t war-hardened veterans like the empire’s soldiers! Moreover, I will bring an army with me. Since you came from the northern continent, then that makes things much easier, we can go together. Once we occupy the northern continent, you can obtain a large piece of territory, the location whichever you fancy.”

“Your army? Nothing more than an undisciplined mob, yet you can still call that an army?” Su laughed, sending out a fierce kick before continuing, “I merely used two thousand troops that were armed like beggars to wipe out six generals and several hundred free soldiers. If this type of ‘army’ runs to the northern continent, it would serve no other purpose than to gift evolutionary points.”

Kanos seemed to become completely addicted to this fight, actually not dodging this attack but facing it head-on. However, the power of the attack this time far exceeded the Red Duke’s predictions. Bang! Su’s leg smashed heavily into Kanos’ interweaving arms, tremendous power suddenly bursting forth, actually sending Kanos’ entire body smashing into the rock surface! Shattered rock fragments immediately tumbled down from the pyramid, to the extent where there were even giant square meter sized boulders.

This was nine levels of power, terrifying power that could easily smash apart rocks. However, Su knew that this strike was far from being enough to seriously injure Kanos, at most delivering a light injury. He walked forward with large steps, suddenly breaking through the sound barrier, this time not using the axe, instead sending his right fist fiercely towards the Red Duke! This fist had nine levels of power to begin with, and now that it had the boost of Extreme Assault, the power became inconceivably great. If it struck its target, even the outer wall of the pyramid would be smashed through from a single strike!

A fist flew out from the hole in the rock wall, steady, powerful, every single muscle fiber like intertwining steel wires. The speed of this fist wasn’t too fast, but it perfectly faced Su’s fist!

When the two fists collided, they unexpectedly softly stuck together, not moving, not releasing any sound, as if time stopped at this moment.

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