Book 6 Chapter 16.5

Book 6 Chapter 16.5 - Battle Invitation

The young man finally gave up all thoughts of directly attacking Su, instead starting to search for a chance to escape. However, the speed and fleeing skill that he was so proud of completely lost effectiveness this time. Regardless of how he tried to break out, the Leigna who excelled at burst speed would block his path in groups of thousands, while more than a hundred Herkula pursued closely behind. After running for more than a kilometer, the young man had no choice but to fight at close quarters again, and only then would he cut open a path of blood. Moreover, no matter how he ran, he could still feel Su’s ice-cold eyes on his body. Each time he crawled out from piles of biological weapon corpses, he would always see Su standing not far out, watching him with a smile.

What put one on the verge of collapse was that each time Su’s finger pointed out, his vital areas would inevitably suffer attacks. The injuries weren’t life threatening, but it was truly both a physical and mental type of torment.

The young man already didn’t know just how many times he had slaughtered his way out already, long losing track of how many Herkula fell under his blade, how many Leigna died. There were already too many injuries on his body to count, the Leigna’s poison already extremely concentrated. Not only did the venom make all parts of his body swell, it also greatly hindered his movement ability. The Herkula were still easier to deal with, the endless Leigna the true enemy that was impossible to defend effectively against.

The young man knew that he already couldn't run. Right now, another black cloud of Leigna were currently rushing right at him. Following a sharp and clear noise, all of the Leigna suddenly dropped to the ground, those who couldn’t move any lower flying while sticking to the ground, forming an enormous black arrow, the arrowpoint aimed straight at the young man’s lower body.

The black-robed warrior whose will was previously always resolute, cold and unfeeling, when he saw this arrow point over, he unexpectedly also couldn’t help but shudder. The young man suddenly released a loud shout, abruptly jumping into the air. However, the black arrow formed from Leigna immediately changed directions, fiercely shooting into his lower body, everything below his waist immediately packed with Leigna! More than ten streaks of darkness flashed past, blasting him down from the skies, and then more and more Herkula joined, burying the young man underneath.

When he heard the indescribably miserable screams, Su only shrugged his shoulders, saying quietly, “Precisely five minutes.”

When dusk arrived, a small crack suddenly appeared in the thin clouds in the horizon, allowing the blood-red sunset radiance to seep through. The thick red sunlight immediately descended, applying a layer of bloody color over all of Maca City. The city was extremely quiet. The Red Duke had already issued a death order preventing anyone from walking around as they wished, those who violated this order having their naked bodies impaled by a stake and publicly exposed.

When there was less than three minutes from the time agreed on beforehand, Su’s figure finally appeared in the limits of the horizon. His pace was smooth and relaxed, but his speed was extremely fast, a single step crossing more than ten meters. In the blink of an eye, Su already entered Maca City.

“You’re late.” Duke Kanos slowly said.

Su laughed in a somewhat embarrassed manner, saying, “Indeed, by three minutes. There were some delays along the way, bringing back a living person really isn’t that easy of a task.”

Kanos’ eyes already landed on the ‘living person’ when there was a thousand meters separating them. His entire body was covered in injuries, clothes in tatters, his body wrapped around a wooden rod by vines, carried back by Su just like that.

“Is it a rather special person? How do you plan on dealing with him?” Kanos casually asked.

Su lowered this person from his back, and then said, “Indeed a special person, but of course, that’s for you all. I need a few more minutes to ‘clean’ him up a bit.”

“Fine.” Kanos nodded. He already waited five hours, so he naturally wouldn’t care about a few more minutes. Moreover, the ‘clean up’ Su spoke of was definitely quite special, things the duke could use to further observe this mysterious opponent of his.

The ‘clean up’ process was extremely simple. Su leaned that person against an ancient tree, sharpened the end of the wooden rod he used to carry this person on his back, and then stabbed it through his heart, nailing him to the tree!

Kanos frowned. Su’s movements made him remember something, turning his expression a bit grave. Meanwhile, the red-robed warrior leader on the side suddenly stood up, releasing a low cry of alarm, “That’s Huan!”

When he saw Kanos’ questioning gaze, the red-robed leader gave a concise and direct reply, “He is a black robe!”

Kanos’ pupils rapidly contracted, and then slowly opened, returning to their original state.

Five hours, it sounded quite long, but judging from Su’s completely uninjured appearance, it didn’t look like he experienced a battle just now at all. The five hours Su previously mentioned now seemed more like a calculation of the departure and return route’s time. For ability users at this type of level, moreover taking Su’s speed that seemed to be his forte into consideration, any trip that needed five hours to travel through was already extremely distant.

Even if this was the case, how did Su obtain this information? Did he rely on some type of method to find the black robe? And how much time did he use to defeat the black robe? How did he bring it back alive? There were far too many unanswered questions, and Kanos knew that there was no way he would come to the answer purely based on what he currently knew. That was why he no longer thought about it, instead treating Su as a great opponent he needed to face with his full strength.

Kanos moved his hand over the top of his head. Hair scattered down, in the blink of an eye, only less than a centimeter of short hair now remaining on his head, every strand sticking straight up. He undid his robes and battle armor, exposing his steel-like upper body, only the wide pants covering his lower body remaining. This was the traditional attire of the empire’s warriors. After removing his robes, one could see countless interweaving scars on his body, every single scar a past glorious military success. On his back was a dragon-shaped tattoo, not the ferocious dragon of the middle ages, but a bit more like the eastern culture’s coiling dragon.

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