Book 6 Chapter 16.4

Book 6 Chapter 16.4 - Battle Invitation

Su walked out from the rainforest, standing still more than ten meters out. His eyes swept over the young man’s surroundings, and then he said indifferently, “Another person from Temple of Darkness, seems like the result of my warning last time wasn’t all that effective. From your appearance here, I can assume that you also wish to harm my troops and woman?”

Even though the young man sensed a faint danger from Su, his crazy and prejudiced nature made him fearless. He laughed rather sinisterly, saying, “So what if that is the case? I’m not as incompetent as that piece of trash. If you want to use a wooden stake to pierce through my heart, you can feel free to come and give it a try. However…” He looked at Su’s face, licked his lips, and then said, “If I win, your ass is going to have a good taste of my big fella.” After speaking, he straightened his back rather arrogantly.

Su looked as if he didn’t hear the undisguised insult and threat. He merely raised his head towards the sky, and then revealed a somewhat impatient expression before saying, “I already arranged to have a decisive battle with the Red Duke, and the time limit is about to be reached, so I don’t have time to waste on nonsense. The earlier I get rid of you, the sooner I can hurry back. I don’t like to be late. En, if I limit it to just five minutes, then it’ll be just enough time.”

The young man released a cold chuckle, and then said, “You want to get rid of me in five minutes? Heh, haha, this really is the best joke I’ve ever heard. You’ve amused me, now, come.”

Su still stood there, not showing any intention of moving, only his expression gradually becoming ice-cold, even a bit indifferent as he said, “Eliminating you won’t even require me to do the job myself.”

Green flames shone in the rainforest, these lights the radiance released by the Herkula’s eyes. These flames were everywhere, far more than a hundred Herkula appearing from the rainforest depths! Meanwhile, what left one in even greater despair was the large amounts of rustling sounds. Countless wasp-like Leigna covered the mountains and plains as they crawled over, pair after pair of compound eyes staring straight at the young man.

The young man’s heart had already hit rock bottom. His sharp perception allowed him to have a rough estimate of the enemies’ numbers without even turning his head.

He understood the Leigna’s flight speed well; even though these wasp-like biological weapons were currently crawling, it definitely wasn’t that they weren’t capable of flight, on the contrary, their flight speeds might even be a bit faster than his own evasion speed. Perhaps he might still be able to run from a hundred Herkula, but now that there were tens of thousands of Leigna encircling him, he didn’t even have the ability to run!

Meanwhile, the most terrifying thing was that it was clear that the Herkula and Leigna weren’t wild creatures, but instead had someone controlling them, this master behind the scenes precisely Su! He had to report this terrifying piece of information to the temple.

A Herkula quietly leapt up, throwing itself right at the youngster, cutting short his line of thought. Then, there was a flash of blade radiance, the Herkula dismembered almost instantly, its damaged body parts dropping all over the ground. A domain of death surrounded his body; the young man already erupted with all of his strength, because hiding his strength now was no different from seeking death.

Over thirty Herkula swarmed over, the others wandering about the surroundings, forming a new ring of encirclement. The compact battlefield didn’t allow for any more Herkula to attack at the same time, but the gaps in between could be made up for by the Leigna.

Blood and flesh flew about in the air, three Herkula completely dismembered in an instant. However, the young man was finally crushed beneath by the numerous Herkula; sometimes, absolute savagery and power was enough to defeat all techniques. Meanwhile, the wasp-like Leigna frantically swarmed over through the gaps between the Herkula’s bodies, joining the assault.

A muffled bang sounded, the explosive blast of air blowing the pile of Herkula off. Dazzling blade radiance continuously shone, leaving behind wound after wound on the Herkula’s body. The tens of Herkula were leaning unsteadily from side to side, collapsed in a ring around the young man. The two blades frantically spun about in the young man’s hands. As he watched the flesh, blood, and the Herkula, he breathed heavily, a hysterical laugh even sounding. His black suit and pants were long riddled with thousands of holes, almost completely torn up into strips by sharp claws and teeth. Right at this time, the young man’s expression suddenly changed. He couldn’t worry about his appearance anymore, reaching out his hand and scooping between his legs, unexpectedly fishing out two Leigna. They frantically struggled, their jaws still frantically opening and closing in the air.

The young man cursed a few times, fiercely crushing the two sturdy Leigna. He raised his head, perfectly looking at Su. Su was smiling, as if there was some ulterior motive hidden behind that smile.

“I am going to kill you!” The young man clearly understood the message behind Su’s expression, his handsome face distorting. Hot blood rushed into his brain, no longer bothering with everything else. He gripped the two blades in reverse, about to charge straight at Su. However, his line of sight was immediately blocked by more than ten Herkula, and a dark cloud made of over a thousand Leigna, even more so swarmed over, covering him underneath.

Su carried a somewhat sinister smile at the corners of his lips, his eyes slightly narrowed as he looked at the young man buried under biological weapons. “Turns out you also have a weakness!” While speaking, Su pointed out, sending a special order to the Leigna in charge of carrying out this mission. As a result, an abnormal and wretched cry immediately sounded in the rainforest.

“I am definitely going to kill you!” The energy that erupted once again sent all of the Herkula and Leigna flying. The young man still stood there, his face full of anger and humiliation. This time, there were four Herkula and close to a hundred Leigna that were chopped up, and there were several hundred Leigna collapsed on the ground, temporarily losing all combat strength. However, this time, the injuries on the young man’s body were several times worse than the first time, even his standing figure a bit unsteady.

Su didn’t pay his threat any attention, instead reaching out his hand and pointing. Many Herkula and Leigna buried the young man underneath again!

In just a short amount of time, the young man slaughtered his way out of the pile of biological weapons, became covered again, and then slaughtered his way out again, only to be submerged once more. From start to now, he already killed more than thirty Herkula, the number of Leigna who died under energy shockwaves even more so exceeding a thousand. However, the more he killed, the more wolves and wasps gathered from the rainforest, as if there would forever be no end to them.

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