Book 6 Chapter 16.2

Book 6 Chapter 16.2 - Battle Invitation

Su walked towards the remaining three red-robed warriors. This time, he didn’t change his style, nor did he launch an attack that instantly broke the sound barrier, instead just walking up to a red robe and swinging the axe. This attack didn’t have any other properties added to it, only being fast enough, and heavy enough.

Before this type of a attack, all techniques completely lost effectiveness. The red-robed warrior’s eyes were full of anger, all of the muscles in his body taut as he held the alloy short spear in front of him to stop the poleaxe. However, in Su’s green eyes, the poleaxe only stopped ever so briefly, and then continued all the way down.

Su didn’t waste any time, taking another step out, moving towards the other two red-robed warriors. The poleaxe sliced horizontally and hacked vertically, thus concluding this battle. Before overwhelming speed and power, the red-robed warriors couldn’t resist at all.

The remaining four bodyguards silently withdrew to both sides, moving out of the path leading up to the pyramid. This was a type of acknowledgment towards the strong, admitting that they weren’t his match.

Su chuckled, and then while carrying the poleaxe upside down, walked towards the pyramid in an upright and fearless manner, not paying the four bodyguards any attention. For him, they were merely four evolutionary points, completely dispensable.

Kanos overlooked Su from the top of the pyramid, and then slowly asked, “What do you think?”

At Kanos’ side stood the red-robed warrior leader. Unlike the duke who looked calm, his eyes that looked at Su were full of anger and hatred. There were nine red-robed warriors who set out together with him, but now, there was only himself and a heavily injured red robe left. After suffering a loss this disastrous, even if they wiped out all of the rebels, they would still have to face the temple’s punishment upon returning.

The red-robed warrior leader replayed the battle that had just happened in his mind, and then said, “Terrifying explosive speed, exceptional strength, technique is immaculate as well. Even though I do not know how great his defensive strength is, he is still a terrifying opponent. It is no wonder Murray fell under his hands. However, before your distinguished self, his chances of victory are less than thirty percent.”

Kanos laughed, and then said, “If we include you, then there isn’t even a ten percent chance.”

“I will not disturb your distinguished self’s spirits.” Subduing powerful opponents in an intense battle was what high level warriors in the empire always attached great importance to. Since Kanos’ battle intent had already been stirred, the red-robed warrior leader obviously wouldn’t ruin his mood.

Kanos narrowed his eyes, looking at Su with a look full of interest, and then asked, “What do you think? Is he like that fella mentioned in the prophecy?”

“Shouldn’t be.” The red-robed warrior leader came to this conclusion after muttering a bit to himself. “If he truly is the bringer of destruction like the prophecy foretells, he definitely wouldn’t only have this bit of strength. At the very least, he would be at the level of the Sun King.”

Kanos nodded, expressing his agreement.

Right at this moment, Su suddenly sensed something. He turned his head to look behind him, and then when he turned back around, his face was full of cold killing intent. He roared towards the roof of the pyramid, “I have some matters to take care of right now and will return in five hours. We will have a decisive life and death battle then.”

Su’s voice wasn’t especially resounding, yet it clearly reached Kanos and the red-robed warrior leader’s ears, as if he spoke from right beside them. Kanos’ expression changed greatly, becoming much more serious. He nodded, and then said to Su, “Fine, I will wait five hours for you.”

The Red Duke’s voice was downcast and profound, volume not that resounding, but it concentrated into a visible sound wave, directly sending a thousand meters out, only scattering when it reached Su’s side. Purely based on results, the duke’s words were the same, but there were clearly much more traces left behind, not like Su’s voice which was completely without any traces, unknown just what it was that brought the voice over at all. If their eyes were closed, the Red Duke and red-robed warrior leader wouldn’t even have known that Su was more than a thousand meters away.

After receiving Kanos’ promise, Su didn’t hesitate, already turning around and walking out from the city. His sprinting speed instantly reached close to a hundred kilometers per hour, departing into the distance.

In the depths of the rainforest, Su’s troops had already established camp, starting to rest. The suzerains and assistants separately patrolled the surroundings, to the extent where they even arranged specific lookout posts to ensure the camp’s safety. In reality, for them, this mist-filled, primitive tropical rainforest was as simple as a white sheet of paper, no need for this type of vigilance at all. They grew up in this territory, so the rainforest held no secrets from them. However, today, for some reason, all of the powerful ability users couldn’t help but feel nervous, all of them on complete guard.

In the depths of the rainforest, a few strange sounds would occasionally sound. Perception Domain ability users all sensed something, yet not a single person dared go out to look around. Kebile also heard a few noises, these noises merely like the sounds of branches and leaves breaking, as if some wild beasts were fighting, but normally, the hunt for food would be settled within fifteen minutes at most, rarely would predators with considerable strength carry out a large-scale battle without any prior signs. However, after he carefully thought things over, he only strengthened the camp’s guard strength, not allowing anyone to go out and investigate.

In the depths of the rainforest, the black clad youngster currently carried a somewhat crazy smile, staggering as he walked over, as if he was drunk. His speed fluctuated, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, even more often using small quick steps to quickly shift to the side. There was a curved blade in each hand, the blades hanging from the side of his body, blood still continuously dripping from their surface, blue-colored blood.

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