Book 6 Chapter 16.1

Book 6 Chapter 16.1 - Battle Invitation

Su didn’t hide his traces, instead directly entering in a powerful and upright manner from Maca City’s southern entrance. He walked on the path that led towards the great pyramid, Su who had the poleaxe on his back was like a moving flame, bright and dazzling.

Even though he was currently dressed in the high level warrior style of the empire’s great nobles, there was no one who mistook him for one of their own after seeing his exceeding handsome and perfect appearance and body, as well as those green eyes that were deeply engraved in their memories. Su didn’t walk that fast, more or less a normal person’s walking speed. That was why by the time he entered Maca City, the Red Duke’s ten bodyguards and four red-robed warriors were already waiting for him at the end of the path.

Compared to those warriors who mostly excelled in strength, Su’s figure wasn’t all that tall and sturdy, but when he stepped on the red rock surface, there was a heavy sound like a muffled drumbeat, each strike seemingly landing on everyone’s hearts. When the wind blew past, what was blown about was not only dust and the wide pants, but also his light blonde loose hair.

All of Maca City became quiet, countless specks of light landed on Su’s body. At the top of the tall pyramid, the Red Duke was silently watching Su. The quietness continued until Su walked two-thirds of the main street.

A loud and clear pa gunshot tore through the silence. The bullet originated from the buildings at both sides, one of the soldiers hiding in the bunker unable to stand the suffocating pressure, and at the same time longed for merit, thus pulling the trigger.

Su’s pace slowed by half a step, and then his original rhythm was restored. Everything was incredibly natural, just like the arcs created when a stream moved over rocks. However, this sudden slowing of his pace made the bullet fly right past his face. The bullet seemed to brush past several strands of blonde hair that were flying in the wind, yet unable to deliver even the slightest bit of damage to those hairs. It was just this close, Su able to sense the strong metal, heat, and firepower smells. Su took a deep breath, revealing a slight bit of intoxication.

This was the smell of war.

Due to the sudden gunshot, even more so because of a change in Su’s pace, two of the duke’s bodyguards couldn’t suppress the killing intent within them anymore, charging forward while roaring angrily.

Only when two extremely strange curved bladed machetes hacked down did Su turn his hand, bringing out the poleaxe, and then took a step forward.

A single step took him ten meters.

The moment he took this step, Su’s speed immediately increased several times, the poleaxe gracefully drawing out a Z shape in the air. When Su’s figure flickered ten meters out, the bodyguards’ curved blades didn’t even reach the place where Su’s head originally was.

The curved blades hacked deep into the pavement, the red rock under the blades soft like cheese, producing deep cracks. The bodyguards held the blades with both hands, yet they froze in place, losing the strength to even pull the blades out. Their mouths moved about, as if they wanted to say something, yet they could only release an ambiguous sound from their throats. A second later, two bloody lines separately appeared by the bodyguards’ neck and abdomen, and then the two blasts of bloody mist suddenly burst out, only then did they slowly fall.

The two bodyguards were killed by a single attack from Su!

The four bodyguards gave each other a look, all of them holding different weapons. They began to surround Su. This time, there was no drumbeat that seemingly struck down on their hearts to disturb them, so the four bodyguards were much calmer when taking action, starting to even show a bit of cooperation in this assault.

However, Su’s foot rose, and then landed, another ten meters crossed with a single step, almost no one able to see Su’s movements clearly. They only saw Su’s figure disappear from his original location, and then appear at the same time in another location, only the faint red light band that was drawn out by the poleaxe outlining Su’s trajectory. The light belt was curved and complicated, passing through two bodyguards’ waists and ribs.

Su didn’t stop at all. The moment his figure appeared, he turned around, took a step out, and then the band of light wrapped around the remaining two bodyguards. Afterwards, Su directly made his way through the four individuals who were either preparing to pounce over, using their hands to stop him, or approaching from the left and right to attack him, and then continued to follow the main street towards the pyramid. When he walked past, the four bodyguards with different stances all sprayed out a blast of bloody mist, rigidly maintaining their final moment’s movements briefly before slowly falling.

The four red-robed soldiers gestured towards each other, and then moved up together. Three red-robed warriors moved to the sides, the red-robed warrior at the center actually raising a meter and a half tall, extremely thick and heavy tower shield, and then pressed towards Su. After seeing Su’s terrifying speed, the four red-robed warriors actually still dared to separate. The four individuals’ weapons were all different, but when they moved, their rhythms were actually the exact same, clearly well coordinated. Meanwhile, the hinge of their formation was the shield-bearing red robe at the center.

Su revealed a calm and unhurried smile, still moving out ten meters with a single step. The movements of Su who appeared right before the shield-bearing red-robed warrior were like those of a ghost’s, but the red-robed warriors’ reactions were also extremely fast. The three individuals immediately turned around, forming a tight encirclement. As long as the shield-bearing red robe could block him, Su would suffer a vicious attack that came from three different directions.

However, Su’s attack this time was entirely different. As soon as he took a step forward, faint ripples moved out in a circular manner. When they traveled out ten meters, the ripples already became clearly visible. However, Su stopped precisely at this moment, while the conical ripples in the air continued to move forward, smashing fiercely into the red-robed warrior’s body and releasing a muffled explosion. The red-robed warrior released a muffled groan, flying into the air from the tremendous impact, the heavy shield even starting to visibly warp. As soon as his feet left the ground, he immediately knew that things were far from good. However, his body was entirely numb, unable to do anything, only able to watch as Su took a step out, drawing out an oval shape in the air and passing through his body. When Su’s feet landed again, he returned to his original position, only now, he was facing a different direction.

The moment they passed each other, the red robe in the air seemed to see the poleaxe in Su’s hands flash past, and then everything below his waist lost feeling.

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