Book 6 Chapter 15.6

Book 6 Chapter 15.6 - In Full Bloom

While sensing the biological army advancing in the surroundings, Su hesitated for a bit, and only then did he issue a new order. Close to a hundred Herkula and several tens of thousands of Leigna broke away from the army, starting to move towards the rainforest depths to carry out another cycle of reproduction. There was enough food there to support their reproduction process. 

Su didn’t head towards Xilur City in a straight line, but instead made a great detour, the route he took two to three times longer. He wasn’t in a hurry to attack Xilur City. Even though close to half of the city’s free elite soldiers had been wiped out by Su in the last battle, there was a red-robed archbishop in the Sun God Temple, and not far from that was Marshal Debayor’s...

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