Book 6 Chapter 15.6

Book 6 Chapter 15.6 - In Full Bloom

While sensing the biological army advancing in the surroundings, Su hesitated for a bit, and only then did he issue a new order. Close to a hundred Herkula and several tens of thousands of Leigna broke away from the army, starting to move towards the rainforest depths to carry out another cycle of reproduction. There was enough food there to support their reproduction process. 

Su didn’t head towards Xilur City in a straight line, but instead made a great detour, the route he took two to three times longer. He wasn’t in a hurry to attack Xilur City. Even though close to half of the city’s free elite soldiers had been wiped out by Su in the last battle, there was a red-robed archbishop in the Sun God Temple, and not far from that was Marshal Debayor’s territory, the close to ten thousand powerful soldiers something that would give even Su a headache. If they wanted to defeat Xilur City, they would have to capture it in the shortest amount of time possible, defeat them with thunderous might, thus reducing the casualties as much as possible.

“These humans are just like our soldiers, merely disposable goods.” His instincts coldly reminded Su.

“They are different from our soldiers.” Su firmly argued back in a similarly cold manner.

“If you view them from a higher dimension, you’ll discover that there is no difference between the two.”

Su knew that what his instincts said was correct. The reason he brought these soldiers here was merely because he didn’t wish to just sit on the side and watch them die. However, Su also knew that as time went on, when the new generation of biological weapons finished growing, it would be time to capture Xilur City. Meanwhile, an attack launched by the biological weapons was something not even the current Su could completely control.

Based on the biological weapons’ tremendous requirements towards resources, at that time, perhaps the population of a hundred thousand would all become nutrients for the biological weapons’ growth and evolution. For the biological weapons, plants, animals, or even humans were all the same, no difference between them at all. If one considered it from a higher level, for the sake of protecting these soldiers’ lives, the price was ten times more lives. In that case, what significance was there in Su’s current resistance and struggle?

However, what Su truly feared was that when the tens of thousand of biological weapons swarmed Xilur City like a tide, he would actually feel extremely calm. No, that wasn’t calmness, but rather a coldness without any fluctuation of emotion. The death of a hundred thousand people was merely individual numbers. Apart from this, there was nothing else. The doubt Su felt towards himself wasn’t a doubt towards his instincts, but on the contrary, a doubt towards the meaning behind his own persistence to see things from a human perspective. Along with the changes to his body, came the inevitable change in his thinking. Su knew well that he was currently slowly sliding down towards an ice-cold, dark, and eternally silent abyss. Each time he struggled, it would only speed up the sliding process a bit. Meanwhile, his instincts were currently waiting for him at the very depths of the abyss, waiting for the moment when they fully merged together.

“That isn’t an abyss. Based on the human race’s judgment of significance, that place should be the world’s summit.” His instincts corrected.

Since the ancient times until now, humans continuously sought evolution, power, and the ability to change the world, or even the entire universe. Anything that brought more power after evolution was a good thing. When evolution alone was no longer enough to support explosive growth and expansion of population, the human race would instead advance the path of science and technology. When the day came when their knowledge was great enough to transform the human race itself, then at that time, the human race would do everything they could to strengthen their different functions to the greatest degree, using artificial methods to replace natural evolution. Meanwhile, at that time, ability users would still appear. War merely brought about this type of phenomenon a bit earlier, and through a different form.

That was why Su knew his instincts were still right.

Su suddenly stopped, an extremely brilliant radiance flashed past his eyes. He didn’t say a thing, instead grabbing Yelicie, and then with a single leap, disappeared into the rainforest depths.

As soon as Su left, Kebile assumed the highest level of command. He thought for a bit, and then had the troop continue in the original direction at the same speed, continuing their advance.

Within the rainforest depths, Su released a long breath, standing up. The young lady was laying on the ground, her exposed body still occasionally twitching, the large patches of bruises and traces on her smooth skin revealing the intensity of the battle that had just happened. Half an hour of time, when compared to the past, was actually extremely short, but it was still enough to destroy all of the young lady’s stamina. Right now, she didn’t even have the strength to stand up.

Su stood there quietly, gazing into the rainforest depths, unknown what he was thinking. Only when the young lady struggled up, moreover barely managing to put on her clothes did he turn around and say, “When you return in a bit, tell Kebile to bring the troops to the originally planned destination, and then defend that position. Area of control… we’ll set it as fifty kilometers for now. Everything will wait until after I return.”

Yelice set her resolution many times, and only then did she ask quietly, “Master, you… where are you going?”

“Returning to Maca City to have a taste of the Red Duke’s skill.” Su said in a completely deemphasized manner.

Yelicie was given a fright. She couldn’t help but cry out. “That won’t do! Apart from the duke, there is still the black robe!” As soon as these words left her mouth, even Yelicie was a bit frightened, not knowing when she became so brave, actually daring to retort Su’s words.

Su was also a bit surprised. He looked into the young lady’s eyes, and after a moment had passed, he said with a smile, “Black robe? Their tricks don’t work on me. Only the Red Duke is a true opponent. I have to go, and I am going now. If I drag it on for a few more days, it’ll be too late then.”

“But… but…” Yelicie stammered, but didn’t know what to say. She had never expected Su to speak to her in such an amiable manner, moreover with a gentleness that was just right.

Su didn’t say anything else, but rather waved his hand. Three Herkula thus made their way out from the rainforest, one of them walking up to the young lady and lowering its body. Her sharp intuition made Yelicie’s face turn pale-white, the three wolf-like creatures bringing her an extremely great uneasiness. The young lady who had the ‘Ignite’ ability actually shouldn’t fear beasts, yet she didn’t dare approach the Herkula. She looked at Su, and then bit her lower lip, forcefully suppressing the cold fear surging within her, trembling with fear as she climbed onto the Herkula’s back. Su walked over, placed the young lady’s hands on the Herkula’s nape, having her grab the thick fur tightly.

The Herkula stood up, its seemingly soft body displaying extremely terrifying power, the young lady on its back almost not affecting its mobility at all. The other two Herkula moved at the right and left, bringing the young lady into the distance.

When the young lady finally disappeared into the rainforest, Su said to himself, “It seems like I really am doing foolish things.”

Only, the so-called foolishness Su spoke of was completely different from the young lady’s thoughts. In a few months at most, Su could use the army made from biological weapons to surround and kill Kanos. All he had to do, was merely watch from behind the battle line.

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