Book 6 Chapter 15.4

Book 6 Chapter 15.4 - In Full Bloom

“Destroy the empire? Someone like you?” The male released a sharp laughter, his laughter seemingly hiding countless blood-sucking bats. Under the morbid laughter, two extremely sharp shaftless short blades slid into his hands from his sleeves.

Slash slash slash. The short blades turned into spinning disks of light and shadows, and then they suddenly stopped in his hands. During this process, countless ripples formed from energy spread in all directions, only fading after traveling several meters out. The male’s figure became indistinct, and then became completely hidden. When he disappeared, many branches and leaves silently fell in his original location. Turns out those energy ripples were actually all extremely sharp, possessing exceptional cutting power.

Su took a step forward, barely avoiding a short blade that stabbed towards the back of his neck. Then, the poleaxe seemed to have completely lost its weight, hacking behind him as if it was as light as a feather. The male’s figure suddenly appeared in front of the axe’s blade, a strange expression flashing through his eyes. He quickly withdrew, avoiding the giant axe’s attack by a hair’s breadth, and then reentered a full body stealth state.

The forest was still extremely quiet. If one closed their eyes, they wouldn’t be able to hear any battle sounds at all. Su’s battle with this male was like a scene from a movie.

Su’s movements were extremely simple, occasionally moving forward, occasionally taking a step back, but he always barely evaded the short blade that suddenly appeared. Meanwhile, the poleaxe’s speed was inconceivably fast, the red radiance that gathered on the blade drawing out streaks of red trajectories, dancing in Su’s surroundings. Whenever the male’s figure appeared before the poleaxe, he also always managed to move out of the way at a critical moment.

Both sides’ movements were fast to a suffocating degree, unknown just how many attacks they both released in that instant. The poleaxe was like an enormous shark in the sea, continuously moving about, but each time it was brandished, the male would always just barely avoid it. Meanwhile, the short blades were even more strange and fleeting, as if they broke through the limitations of time-space, appearing in a certain place, hiding, and then re-emerging in a different place.

The battle between Su and the male didn’t seem to raise any winds, but the elder and Yelicie instead both stood in place, not daring to move in the slightest. The countless energy undercurrents brushed past their bodies, as long as they made even the slightest movements, these energy undercurrents that were even sharper than blades would easily hack their bodies into countless pieces. They knew well that that they were able to remain uninjured through these energy undercurrents not because they were lucky, but because Su was deliberately protecting them.

Perhaps out of impatience towards the lack of success, or perhaps out of dissatisfaction towards the elder and Yelicie who looked like they were watching a play, the male suddenly flashed by their bodies, the two short blades respectively aiming at their throats.

Two clank clank metallic striking sounds rang out, almost rupturing the elder and Yelicie’s eardrums. The poleaxe immediately blocked the two short blades, but the other side of the axe was already pressed against the tip of the young lady’s nose.

Su was clearly acting in a bit of a hurry. The man seized this opportunity, releasing a berserk storm of attacks. Concentrated metal striking sounds linked up together, and then when the prolonged noise ended, Su took two steps back, two interweaving injuries appearing on his chest. Su lowered his head to look at the injury before his chest, and then his gaze suddenly became exceptionally cold. With a dull voice, he said, “You crossed the line.”

Su suddenly took a large step forward, the poleaxe turning into a streak of lightning, suddenly crashing down from the sky.

The poleaxe inserted itself deeply into the ground. Su didn’t lift it up again, instead quietly staring forward.

The male’s figure slowly appeared, the expression on his face pale-white as he took a step back. As soon as he moved, a red line immediately appeared before his forehead, extending all the way down until it reached his lower abdomen.

The male’s voice suddenly became hoarse, struggling as he said, “You… how could you see through my stealth?”

“It is because of your body’s stench, can be smelled even from several kilometers away.”


Su didn’t pay the male’s doubt any attention, instead walking over, directly lifting him by the collar. He chose an enormous ancient tree, and then tossed him below it. There was only a fine bloody line running through the male’s body, so from the outside, it should be Su whose injuries were a bit greater. However, right now, the male’s body was as stiff as a corpse, completely losing all ability to move, even his aura was like that of someone at his last grasp. It seemed like that injury was definitely not as simple as it looked from the surface.

The male stared rigidly at Su, his eyes carrying endless hatred as he coldly said, “You wish to torture me? I advise for you not to bother wasting your time. Might as well just kill me, tormenting me won’t give you any results. Moreover, by killing me, the Temple of Darkness definitely won’t let you go.”

Su swept his eyes over the surroundings, finally finding a small tree nearby that suited his tastes. The axe hacked down, and then with a few strikes, the tree trunk was neatly chopped. While doing this, he said, “By saying these things, it tells me that you are nothing more than a small character in the Temple of Darkness. However, from your body alone, I can already tell that all of you have hid in the darkness for too long, causing your brains to be stuffed with foul smelling blood, thus producing this rotten and moldy smell that I now sense. You want me to kill you, and then you can seize the opportunity to run, right? Heh, unfortunately for you, I just happen to know a few methods that can completely kill you all. Of course, I won’t let you die that easily. Since you dared to play around past my bottom line, then you have to pay the corresponding price!”

The male leaned against the wall. He originally still wanted to utter a few sarcastic comments, but when he saw Su produce a few wooden stakes with the poleaxe, his expression gradually changed.

With a pu sound, the male released a miserable scream. A wooden stake already pierced through his wrist, nailing him to the ancient tree trunk. Then, his other hand and both his legs were similarly impaled. When the four wooden stakes entered his body, the male was already near death. His face was already completely warped, it was clear that the pain already exceeded the limits of what he could endure. When Su nailed the fifth wooden stake into the male’s heart, the male’s will was finally nearing a point of collapse, shivering as he pleaded, “Don’t, don’t kill me, I can tell you all of the Temple of Darkness’ secrets!”

With a pu sound, the wooden stake deeply penetrated his chest, entering his heart. The blood-curdling scream that rang out seemed to resound through the entire rainforest.

While looking at the male’s expression of pain and despair, Su was quite satisfied with this work of art. He then said with a smile, “I have no interest in the Temple of Darkness. By comparison, I am more willing to watch you slowly die after seven days.”

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