Book 6 Chapter 15.3

Book 6 Chapter 15.3 - In Full Bloom

The voice was full of darkness and moisture, and the ice-cold feeling slid by the young lady’s neck, as if a lizard that lived deep underground licked her.

The young lady released a sharp cry, running a few steps while staggering, and only then did she make her way over to the elder, hiding behind him. The elder stood there like an ancient pine tree. He gave the black clad middle-aged man who just appeared a look, and then he released a sigh.

This was a tall and slender male, his appearance a bit over thirty, his face similarly morbidly pale. His short black hair and neatly trimmed beard exuded a rich and noble aura. He wore a black suit in an informal fashion, no shirt covering his upper body. Through the open jacket, one could see a perfect body that...

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