Book 6 Chapter 15.3

Book 6 Chapter 15.3 - In Full Bloom

The voice was full of darkness and moisture, and the ice-cold feeling slid by the young lady’s neck, as if a lizard that lived deep underground licked her.

The young lady released a sharp cry, running a few steps while staggering, and only then did she make her way over to the elder, hiding behind him. The elder stood there like an ancient pine tree. He gave the black clad middle-aged man who just appeared a look, and then he released a sigh.

This was a tall and slender male, his appearance a bit over thirty, his face similarly morbidly pale. His short black hair and neatly trimmed beard exuded a rich and noble aura. He wore a black suit in an informal fashion, no shirt covering his upper body. Through the open jacket, one could see a perfect body that shone like ivory.

The elder’s expression changed a few times, and in the end, it froze at overcast. He released a sigh, and then slowly said, “I truly never expected the temple to send you all out this time. However, the temple invested so greatly in this attack, yet you came to chase after me and a little girl, don’t you feel that this isn’t quite worth it?”

The male chuckled gracefully, and then said, “I recognize you, you used to be Murray’s general manager. That girl, if I’m not mistaken, is named Yelicie. Ten years ago, I saw her once, at that time she was only a bit over two. Old thing, don’t worry, I didn’t come for you, but rather Yelicie’s smell that guided me here.”

After speaking up to this point, an almost feverish radiance clearly burned in the male’s eyes. A bright red tongue stuck out, licking all around his lips. “Her smell is simply enough to make one completely intoxicated. The youthful, mature, and powerful aura, moreover being so beautiful and young! Her astonishing potential makes her look like a gemstone, one that is destined to release splendor in the eternal night’s darkness, even I a bit hesitant to eat her, even though her blood tempts me so greatly I almost cannot control my instincts. Right now, I have a proposal, an extremely, extremely generous proposal. I hope the two of you of you can seriously consider it.”

He paused for a moment, pointed towards Yelicie, and then with a tone of declaration, said, “You, Yelicie, from today forth, become my apprentice and wife from here on forth, and you can become powerful and graceful, undying in the darkness. If you agree, then I can even consider letting this old fella go. After all, compared to us who are the nobles of the eternal night, he truly is too insignificant, beneath me to take action.”

Being stared at by this man only made Yelicie’s entire body feel ice-cold, to the extent where she didn’t even dare stick her head out from behind the elder’s body. Only the elder’s sturdy body could bring her the slightest bit of comfort. Before death and fear, she was about to give in, but after repeated hesitation, she actually said with a trembling voice, “I… I refuse…”

As soon as the words sounded, Yelicie immediately regretted it. Death was real, and it was right before her. She understood even more clearly that she didn’t have the chance to redo her choice.

As expected, the male’s eyebrows raised, and then he said coldly, “Then, you two can just die. Before your deaths, I will let you two experience the feeling of having all of the blood in your body flowing dry.”

A faint tea-like fragrance wafted out from the male’s body. The elder knew that that was a type of innate ability, the liquid that was secreted could prevent a creature’s blood from congealing, at the same time maintaining the body’s vitality for several hours. In the Sun God Temple, this was one of the cruelest manners of execution used to punish major heresies.

The male revealed a cruel and graceful smile, and then reached out his hand towards the elder and young lady. However, as soon as the pale and slender fingers unfolded, it suddenly froze halfway.

A strange shrill whistling sound could be heard from within the rainforest. In that instant, it was as if tens of millions of trees began to shake in intimidation from this screaming sound. Precisely in the male’s line of sight, many ancient trees’ tree bark began to move, bugs frantically crawling out from their hiding places one after another as if they were about to be drowned by something. However, as soon as they were exposed to the screaming sounds, they immediately exploded into blasts of blood. A python also crawled out from the tree cave, but after moving just halfway, it laid down motionless. Its scales slowly raised, blood flowing out from beneath every scale.

The male’s hair also slowly stood on end, his morbidly white skin also having a layer of bright red dyeing its surface. His pupils were already contracted into two fine slits, staring rigidly in a certain direction.

In that place, the short and low shrubbery suddenly exploded into green mist, a poleaxe spinning as it shot through the forest. The blade that tore through the sky was surrounded by a thick blood-colored radiance, energy that carried purely destructive berserk energy. Following the shrill scream that continuously sounded as it flew over, all living beings that the sound waves passed through were eradicated!

Yelicie suddenly released a scream, trying her best to cover her ears with her hands after falling onto the ground, rolling back and forth in great pain. The elder’s face was also deathly pale, tightly gripping his chest, about to fall over at any time. However, neither one of them died, something that was out of the middle-aged man’s expectations. However, right now, he didn’t have the privilege of thinking about the elder and young lady, all of his attention placed on the incoming spinning poleaxe.

He suddenly released a similarly penetrating shrill cry. His entire body curled up, everything within a ten meter radius suddenly going dark, the heavy darkness spreading like mist. Then, a male figure rushed out from the darkness, smashing into the spinning poleaxe with inconceivable speed!

The rainforest suddenly dimmed, and then it returned to normal.

The screaming sounds from the forest had already disappeared, the bloody radiance on the poleaxe’s blade almost completely gone, now instead having wisps of dark energy winding around it. The male straightened his body again, the darkness around him already decreasing to only a meter or so in width. The suit covering his chest slowly split open, and a corresponding cut appeared on his chest as well, moreover continuously extending outwards. The skin and flesh that were opened up were similarly white, as if he was a lab specimen soaked in formalin. There was no blood in the wound.

The poleaxe spun back, returning to Su’s hand. He casually lifted the poleaxe, walking out from the rainforest and saying to the male, “This is a woman I used before. If she becomes your wife, don’t you feel like that is a type of humiliation for her? Don’t we have quite the narcissistic madman here.”

Su’s words made the man’s eyelids jump crazily a few times. His noble status was a bottom line that couldn’t be crossed, yet it was directly and thoroughly torn open. He stared rigidly at Su. Su’s bare feet, brightly-colored wide pants, bright red band around his waist, upper body covered in sharp lines, and the poleaxe that was full of strength aesthetics, all of this were the symbols of a high level warrior from the empire. Su’s bearing was powerful and forceful, like clear thunder in the summertime, precisely the grandeur of a model high level warrior. If it wasn’t for the fact that he knew there was no one with Su’s appearance among the high level ability users, he might have even mistaken him for someone of the duke’s caliber. He gave Su a good look, and only then did he say, “No one in the empire has green eyes.”

“I’m not someone from the empire to begin with. I came here to destroy the empire.” Su replied with a smile.

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