Book 6 Chapter 15.2

Book 6 Chapter 15.2 - In Full Bloom

While walking through the rainforest, Su’s ears suddenly moved, as if they captured some a faint shout. Su was practically omnipotent within the Panoramic View’s range, but there were a few perception methods, such as sight or hearing, whose effective ranges were far greater than the limits of the Panoramic View. Su called over Kebile, and then ordered him to lead the army forward. Meanwhile, he himself carried the poleaxe, slowly closing in on the area where the sound came from. When his feet landed on the dark and moist dead leaves and plants, they were light like a feather. Even if it was the prick of a thorny undergrowth, it wouldn’t break, while there was even less of a chance of Su’s foot being pierced.

In the places Su walked through, it was as if nothing happened, as if there weren’t any creatures who passed by. From the moment Su turned around, his steps accelerated, quickly disappearing into the rainforest’s depths.

Within the rainforest, a black panther quietly leapt from one tree to another, its amber eyes locked onto the body of two prey through layers of leaves and branches. Those were two people, prey that rarely appeared in the rainforest, let alone such high level prey. However, the black panther was extremely intelligent, knowing that even though they were delicious, they were exceptionally dangerous. Moreover, the rainforest became more and more quiet, the hairs on the black panther’s neck slowly standing on end, a low growl emitting from its throat. It could sense that there were already several other powerful opponents who also locked onto these two prey. It became more and more anxious, wishing to seize its targets before its competitors. However, its sharp senses that were in the very top in this rainforest made it hesitate again and again, as if there was some invisible danger roaming about the surroundings.

The ones walking through the forest were an elder and a young lady. The young lady had darker skin, appearing healthy and full of vitality, her flustered expression unable to conceal her beautiful appearance. She followed by the elder’s side, running in the rainforest. The elder led the way, the golden short blade in his hands continuously hacking open a path. The elder’s head was covered in sweat, his silver hair sticking to his face, his fine formal attire even more so covered in cuts. A bit of worry could be seen between his brows. After every bit of distance, he would stop to ask how the young lady felt, and then the young lady would point out a direction.

The young lady wasn’t like the elder who knew how to disguise his thoughts, her little face full of fear and panic, yet also possessing a stubbornness that was difficult to describe. The great feeling of fear was like a giant lurking in the darkness, currently getting closer and closer. However, apart from running a bit faster, she couldn’t do much else. Meanwhile, she also realized that something was off from how the elder was acting, knowing that the elder clearly sensed something, just that he didn’t tell her. She bit her lower lip, relying on the faint bit of connection she instinctively felt towards Su to decide on the direction to continue, let her be a bit apprehensive as well.

The black leopard suddenly felt a wave of impatience. It released a low roar, and then suddenly leapt out, pouncing at the prey below. The one it threw itself at was the young lady, because it felt a sharp stabbing sensation, the sign of danger.

The young lady’s panicked face was reflected in the black leopard’s eyes. Then, she raised her arms, everything in its field of view immediately distorting and becoming blurry. Intense pain quickly transmitted from all over its body, making it cry out involuntarily.

The black panther in the air was immediately covered by flames, its body that was frantically struggling like a burning meteor as it smashed onto the inexperienced young lady who forgot to even evade. The elder took a step forward from the side, a fist smashing into the black leopard’s side, sending it several meters outwards. Only, this brief moment of contact that was almost negligible left a faint layer of flames on the elder’s fist. He immediately smashed his fist into the earth, and only then did the flames die out. When he pulled it out again, the elder’s hand was already charred black.

This was the young lady’s rare fourth level magic ability, Ignite. It could instantly create ultra high temperature flames around the target’s surroundings, and it was also extremely sticky. The elder only made contact with it for a moment, yet he was already injured by the flames. If it was purely based on the power of the flames, the fire Ignite produced already reached that of six levels.

The rainforest became quiet, even the bugs’ cries fading.

The elder’s expression was serious, his experience telling him that this wasn’t because the black panther’s death scared off the other predators, but rather because a powerful predator who could intimidate all creatures already arrived.

“Is something coming?” The young lady was clearly a bit scared.

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing major. Wasn’t even the black panther killed by you?” The elder’s steady and calm voice calmed the young lady a bit, even though she knew the elder was saying this only to comfort her.

When the elder’s words sounded, the rainforest became even more quiet, to the extent where even the sounds of wind and tree branches flickering stopped. On the contrary, the elder and young lady’s movement sounds, as well as their heart beats and blood flow, became greater and greater in the extreme silence.

Right when it was so quiet it was enough to drive one mad, a gloomy and damp voice suddenly sounded right by the young lady’s ears: “Truly an intoxicating smell.”

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