Book 6 Chapter 15.1

Book 6 Chapter 15.1 - In Full Bloom

While leading an army of a thousand, Su began to move towards the distant Maca City. Six suzerains and thirty-two ability users with assistant level abilities followed behind him, as well as a thousand and one hundred soldiers of varying levels. After their complete defeat, the empire’s suppression army already began to view this army as a formidable force.

The army was dragged out in a long line, moving along the rainforest’s border, silently walking south. Because of the inconvenience, all of the heavy artillery was left behind, but the increase in soldiers’ abilities could completely compensate for the lack of heavy artillery firepower.

Su left Maca City to the Red Duke, while he commanded the troops towards the empire’s hinterlands. He was just like the empire’s traditional soldiers, his upper body exposed, his lower body wrapped within a pair of wide pants, feet bare as he made his way through the rainforest. Vipers, wooden pricks, or even the various poisonous insects couldn’t deliver the slightest bit of harm to Su’s feet. After putting on this set of attire, Su discovered somewhat speechlessly that the army’s morale seemed to have improved somewhat.

While marching forward, Su’s state was currently gradually recovering to his peak. After a dominating victory against Xilur City’s suppression troops, Su gained tremendous benefits as well. Aside from acquiring Extreme Assault again, he also obtained quite a few additional evolutionary points. If another battle of that intensity broke out, a tenth level perception ability might not be far off.

Right now, in Maca City’s pyramid, the Red Duke was currently standing before the viceroy palace, watching as the close guards under him pushed open the heavy doors. However, the bloody and deathly still scene behind the doors caused his brows to frown slightly.

The black robes really were a powerful assistance, but their tendency to ignore commands made them quite troublesome at times. Kanos didn’t like trouble, regardless of which type of trouble it was. He had always held the belief that the best way to deal with trouble was to completely eliminate it, even if they were two black robes.

However, fortunately, the deceased laying about in the great palace in all different conditions only made Kanos feel a bit of disgust, not reaching the level of troublesome yet.

Kanos’ brows locked together, slowly walking into the viceroy manor. It was clear that most of the people in the viceroy manor already died, including a few women with noble statuses, these women likely a part of Murray’s wives and children. Kanos didn’t care how many of Murray’s wives or children died, the only thing he cared about was the biological breeding base, factories, and energy centers. However, the red robes and black robes who launched a preemptive assault clearly messed things up. From the chaotic state of the pyramid’s interior, things didn’t look good for those extremely important facilities at all. Meanwhile, while the red robes did indeed overtake the pyramid, their losses were tremendous. They fell under some strange type of Herkula biological weapon, and even though the black robes could easily defeat these monsters, for some reason, they simply watched as their side took on such disastrous losses. And now, the black robes that should have been defending the pyramid had long disappeared, off to who knew where, leaving a rage filled Kanos with no place to vent his anger.

The loss of four red robes and one wounded, this result was a bit hard even for the Red Duke to justify to Sun God Temple. While standing before the viceroy manor’s window, one had a full view of Maca City that stretched for several kilometers. Kanos’ eyes suddenly contracted, seeing a few dozen people make their way out from within the distant rainforest. They were in extremely sorry states, could even be said to be covered with cuts and bruises, the last few needing the assistance of comrades in order to move.

Even though there was quite a bit of distance between them, the Red Duke still recognized several of these individuals, especially the large man with a fierce appearance at the very front, one of his toughest generals.

The instant he saw them, a thought suddenly flashed past Kanos’ mind; could it be that Xilur City’s great army was completely defeated?

How could this be? The Red Duke understood that army’s fighting strength well, and even if it were the close guards and red-robed warriors he was currently leading, they would still have to exhaust quite a bit of strength to win against that army. He already received the two previous battle reports, at that time, he also felt shock towards such unexpected disastrous losses. However, Kanos never doubted victory, always believing firmly that as long as the generals lead the army into the enemy’s position, the close range battle would be enough to break down the enemy.

Soon afterwards, the people who went out of the city to provide support brought the heavily injured general before Duke Kanos, and thus, the duke more or less understood how the battle went. When he heard that Su killed three generals in succession, Kanos’ face immediately changed color, the rather strangely worded message to surrender appearing in his mind again.

Kanos grabbed the whistle at his waist, and then he blew it powerfully. A bit later, a Tungus Warhawk appeared in the skies, quickly landing in front of Kanos, waiting for further instructions. Who would have expected that the Red Duke grabbed its neck in one go, lifting it up, and then crazy energy frantically poured into its body through his hands, the powerful force immediately breaking the bones in its body one after another. The Tungus Warhawk released a miserable cry, and then the surface of its body exploded, several streaks of blood spraying out. Within the bloody paste, one could still see several black dots, these black dots the Leigna hiding inside the Tungus Warhawk.

Kanos' right hand grabbed towards the air, a force thus sucking the Leigna that had time to fly away into his hand. The duke looked at these Leigna, laughed coldly, and then he closed his hand into a fist. Within the cracks of his fist, there were immediately bits of juice that flowed out. These Leigna who were as tough as stone were crushed to death from a single grip.

The Red Duke had long sensed the existence of these Leigna, but he always just left them alone. He wasn’t scared of Su knowing about his position, to the extent where he was even hoping for Su to send some troops over to trouble him. However, now that the defeated troops arrived in Maca, yet Su himself was still nowhere to be seen, he clearly had no plans to immediately fight him. Even though Su was leading an army of more than a thousand, quite easy to track down, he couldn’t just leave his army and move on his own. Even if he did so, if he wanted to catch Su in the vast rainforest and mountain region, that was still a nearly impossible task.

By crushing these Leigna to death, Kanos believed Su would definitely know, and understand the message he intended to release: little bastard, stop playing games, get your ass over here and fight me to the death!

Su sensed something the moment the Leigna in the Tungus Warhawk died. He turned towards Maca City, thought for a bit, and then understood the Red Duke’s intentions. Fight to the death? Right now? Su chuckled, and then he looked to the side. In the depths of the rainforest where his eyes landed, tens of thousands of Leigna were currently crawling about on the tree branches, moving together with the army Su was commanding. Their individual strength wasn’t great, but their astonishing numbers was enough to make up for everything. The seemingly endless wasps seemed to have applied a black carpet over the green rainforest. Meanwhile, over ten thousand Leigna had already scattered into the rainforest depths, searching for food, and starting to reproduce again. In a few more days, Su would have a biological army of several hundreds of thousands of Leigna.

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