Book 6 Chapter 14.7

Book 6 Chapter 14.7 - Time

Su shook his head, the intense collision even making him feel a bit of dizziness, the scenes in the Panoramic View undulating up and down. Smashing straight into the general was like facing an incoming high speed firetruck. He pulled himself out from the earth, dragging the poleaxe behind him as he sprinted towards another general.

This was a close to two and a half meters tall giant. A suzerain had just been sent flying by his powerful fist, blood spraying out from his mouth. Just from his battlefield stance, Su already had some understanding of what type of abilities he excelled at.

Nine levels of ability!

When he saw Su who was quickly closing in, the general released a sinister smile, abandoning the other enemies to face Su. He first took a deep breath, and then released a thunderous violent roar. His palms closed in from both sides towards Su’s head! Under this strike, even rock would be grinded up under his palms.

Su’s light blonde hair moved about in the strong winds. His eyes shone; he stabbed the poleaxe into the ground beside him,then moved out his hands, unexpectedly facing the giant general’s palms head on!

The four hands clasped tightly together, the two men with vastly different body sizes carrying out a trial of strength in the most simplistic method. All of the muscles on the giant’s body were wriggling about, already looking a bit unlike a human. Meanwhile, Su who was only 179 centimeters tall was like a greek statue made of fine jade, no changes to his muscles’ contractions visible. The great power made the bones of both sides release crack crack sounds, but if one listened carefully, one would be able to hear a bit of difference. The giant’s bones released heavy and muffled striking and grinding sounds, the sound similar to that of steel being bent. Meanwhile, the sounds Su’s body released were extremely delicate and concentrated, a bit similar to precise machines currently operating at high speed.

What was currently supporting Su’s body were more than ten thousand tough plates that could be considered bones. When they merged together, under the movements of powerful body fibers and extremely complex methods, power was transferred to every part of his body. All of Su’s power could pretty much be transmitted to any part of his body with almost no losses. If both parties’ comprehensive strength was similar, then the amount of strength Su could display in specific areas would far surpass his opponent.

After being locked in stalemate for a few seconds, sweat suddenly began to pour out from the giant’s forehead, his palms couldn’t help but start to move outwards. This giant who possessed the greatest strength among the generals under the Red Duke was actually at a disadvantage in a test of strength.

The general began to growl like a wounded beast, his eyes that were full of bloody wisps almost popping out of their sockets. Blood began to seep out from his tightly clenched teeth, to the extent where a shade of purple began to appear all over his skin, a sign of his fine blood vessels rupturing under the tremendous pressure. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t change the unavoidable result. Su revealed a faint smile, his hands slowly but steadily moving, continuously widening the distance between the giant’s palms. Then, Su’s smile suddenly disappeared. A flash of red light shot past the power crystal in front of his chest, the strength his hands exerted suddenly increasing somewhat.

This was like placing a rock on a barely balanced scale, or in other words, the last rice straw that broke the camel’s back.

Two crack crack sounds rang out. The giant’s arms began to break from the elbows, the great pain making him roar angrily into the skies. Su loosened his hands, watched as the giant staggered about, knelt down, and then fell before him headfirst. The two elbows that broke were the only injuries that could be seen from the outside, and for ability users, this could only barely be considered a light injury. However, after the giant used up all of his strength, and then had his elbows broken under Su’s overwhelming strength, this was enough to become a mortal wound. The genes in his body even began to show signs of instability.

The concept of morale, was something that was extremely important in the art of war since ancient times, yet it was extremely difficult to truly measure. However, in his Panoramic View, from the suzerains above to the ordinary soldiers below, from the slight increase in their fighting strength, it seemed like morale was still a target that could be quantified.

Su thought, deeply moved as he walked towards the third general.

This battle had already been dragged on for long enough, and it finally reached the physical struggle stage that had been the convention of the empire for several decades. All types of abilities appeared on the battlefield, the destructive power not inferior to the heavy grenades’ continuous explosions. In this type of chaotic battle, Su’s precise command style also lost its effectiveness. Even though the fighting strength of the soldiers who had their morale bolstered clearly increased, the number of casualties also began to rise in a straight line.

The battle was bitter and intense, both sides displaying skill and bravery they could be proud of. However, the final battle situation couldn’t be changed, especially after the last uninjured general also fell. Meanwhile, the generals who were injured in the two previous assaults, their fighting strength greatly reduced, found it difficult to even face the two suzerains, only barely able to hold on.

When the light of dawn began to rise from the horizon, the bloody battle finally came to a close. Only less than a hundred free soldiers managed to escape under the lead of a heavily injured general who didn’t participate in the battle, the opportunity to withdraw obtained from their comrades who charged into the enemy lines and fought to the death. Not a single one of the six generals Su focused on were able to run.

This was a glorious victory, as well as an extravagant victory no one would hope of obtaining.

The price for this victory, was that only a thousand of the original two thousand or so soldiers remained, the losses close to half. However, the remaining soldiers were all surging with killing intent, the expressions in their eyes when they looked at Su also a bit different. Su defeated three of the Red Duke’s generals on his own, and especially after he completely defeated that giant in a contest of strength, even if this was looked at from the empire’s most strict standards, he was a brave warrior through and through. Only now did Su’s courage and strength truly obtain these soldiers’ approval, obtaining a support that came from their hearts.

In the empire, courage was the same as honesty, one of the most important values. Even though his instincts continuously reminded Su that both of these qualities were senseless games lower level life forms played, Su instead felt that this type of feeling was quite good.

The soldiers who survived this life and death battle all obtained different degrees of upgrades in fighting strength. Right now, everyone looked towards Su, awaiting his next order.

When he saw these faces that looked at him expectantly, Su suddenly felt that this kind of army was far more precious than thousands to tens of thousands of Herkula.

“A complete waste!” This was his instincts’ evaluation. However, Su acted as if he didn’t hear anything.

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