Book 6 Chapter 14.6

Book 6 Chapter 14.6 - Time

Right at this time, Su’s mind was suddenly moved. The empire’s suppression army unexpectedly appeared the edge of the Panoramic View, and the ones in the lead were three uninjured generals. Su was a bit shocked; the empire’s soldiers weren’t like him, needing to eat, sleep, and rest. After attacking three times in succession, the generals might be able to handle it, but the soldiers’ fighting strength will definitely weaken from fatigue.

In the Panoramic View, these three generals were at the very front, the three wounded generals were at their two sides, and behind them more than three hundred free soldiers. From their quiet and secretive movements, this was… a raid?

Regardless, when faced with this type of battle they had never experienced, the generals began to use their heads again, coming up with this plan to launch a full on raid at daybreak. This was the textbook tactic that helped the empire’s armies win time and time again, but under the Panoramic View’s range, all hidden assaults were laughable. Meanwhile, what left Su speechless was that in the second attack, the soldiers trying to outflank them from both sides were trying to find ways to camouflage and hide themselves, yet were still discovered by Su and wiped out one after another, could it be that they didn’t bother to even think about why they were discovered?

Su immediately issued orders, and then ear-splitting alarms sounded in the positions’ skies. The soldiers woke up from their dreams, jumping out from their holes of rest and entering battle positions. When they completed all of their battle preparations, the enemy was already less than a thousand meters from the very front of their position.

The alarm sound simultaneously alerted the generals that their raid failed, and as a result, they released furious war cries, charging at full speed, turning the raid into the powerful offensive they were most familiar with!

Heavy artillery bombarded, heavy firepower cutting them off. Su calmly issued two orders, but when the heavy firepower only carried out a single round, they went silent, the density of the crossfire created by heavy machine guns and anti-aircraft machine guns also half of what it was before. The sparse and fragmented gunshot sounds told Su that they had already used up their ammunition. The empire’s weak industrial production capacity was fully displayed at this moment.

Su laughed. This was a rare instance of him overlooking something, a mistake, and right now, he really liked this type of carelessness.

Loud and orderly roars sounded from in front of the formation. Several dozen heavy grenades flew through the night sky, concentrating on two anti-aircraft machine gun positions. An assistant who excelled at perception gave the grenades’ few dozen meters of trajectory a look, and then shouted out two numbers. As a result, the soldiers occupying the anti-aircraft machine guns immediately abandoned their weapons, turning around and jumping into the tunnels behind them, moreover using vehicle armor plating to plug up the entrance. The soldiers in the two machine gun positions nearby also completed defensive preparations.

Su divided their position into over a hundred regions, every single area having their own numbering. Whenever they heard a number, the soldiers would immediately know if they were the ones being attacked.

An explosion that was comparable to that of a bomb sounded in that area, two torrents of mud and stone sent more than ten meters into the sky. Shrapnel and crushed rock sputtered in all directions, more than ten soldiers sent flying out by the energy waves. However, when the explosion passed, most of them crawled back to their feet again.

Under the grenade flinging soldiers’ cover, the generals charging forward already made it through the first obstacle!

While watching the enemies that charged over like savage giants, Su suddenly felt a wave of battle intent surge within him! He raised the poleaxe Murray left behind, and then took large steps forward. The grown surface would shake and groan with each step, mud waves rippling out from the soles of Su’s feet.

The general at the very front already saw Su, as well as the poleaxe that symbolized power and authority in his hands. He revealed an evil grin, also rushing towards Su, the great hammer weighing over a hundred kilograms in his hands gradually brought above his head.

The ground beneath the two individuals’ feet seemed to have suddenly shrunk by more than half. All obstructions between Su and the general, including machine guns and soldiers, were sent flying by an invisible force field. When there was still thirty meters between both sides, the heavy hammer in the general’s hands was already raised to its highest point, his arm and chest muscles already swelling to their greatest degree, the heavy hammer that reached its highest point starting to descend.

However, Su’s speed suddenly increased by more than a single fold! When the great hammer only descended more than ten centimeters, Su already rushed before the general, and under the general’s horrified gaze, leaned his left shoulder heavily into his chest!

A muffled sound comparable to a heavy artillery bombardment reverberated through the battlefield’s skies, in that instant even overpowering all of the gunshots, roaring voices, and grenade explosions! The general was sent flying out with a speed several times faster than his charge, while the lower half of Su’s body sank into the earth. The general’s entire chest caved in, many people hearing the horrifying concentrated bone fracturing noises. However, almost no one saw that the instant the general was sent flying, the poleaxe in Su’s hand actually shot out like lightning, almost hacking the general’s entire waist open!

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