Book 6 Chapter 14.5

Book 6 Chapter 14.5 - Time

The general’s face flushed red, suddenly spraying out blood. The moment his sidestep stopped, blood shot out from seven or eight places on his body. The assistants’ precise and concentrated shots fully displayed their power at this moment.

Su lowered his sniper rifle. After shooting five times in succession, this barrel was still shockingly hot even after being modified with special materials. An assistant behind him had long prepared another fully loaded sniper rifle. Su accepted it, unloading all of the bullets in a second, this time using four rounds to break the general’s leg, cutting off his ability to run. Then, the fifth round suddenly changed, blasting open a large hole in the stomach of the other general currently in the middle of a slaughter.

The general whose stomach was just wounded looked at the assistants who began to turn their sniper rifles over one after another, as well as the two suzerains that moved over, and then released a roar. He grabbed his companion who already lost his movement ability and ran, but the price for this retreat was extremely grave; he took more than ten rounds, half of them large caliber sniper rifles or anti-aircraft machine gun bullets.

Meanwhile, the general who was leading an army all the way around discovered with shock that Su placed three suzerains and seven or eight assistants in the artillery position. He then saw the decline of battle situation on that front; they weren’t launching an offensive, but were clearly retreating.

The empire’s attack this time thus ended prematurely, to the extent where the main theme of past wars, the large scale close combat struggle didn’t even have time to play out.

Su sat in the battlefield command area, eyes closed, seemingly resting, but in reality, his thought centers were operating at fast speed, analyzing the two generals’ gene samples at full speed. When all of the gene samples were completely broken down, Su could use his body’s ability reserves to form new evolutionary points. The conversion, explained simply, from one general who had many eighth level abilities, fighting strength exceptional, he could obtain at least five evolutionary points, while if he personally killed them, he would merely get a single additional point. Su already inspected the enemy army, the seven generals could be viewed as close to sixty evolutionary points, while the six hundred free soldiers could provide over a hundred evolutionary points.

Through this type of method, Su was basically opening up a path between energy and evolution. The reason for doing this, was for the sake of unraveling a mysterious symbol.

In the end, war and slaughter were still a powerful source of evolution.

After fighting this war, would he be able to produce an eighth level Combat Domain ability? Extreme Assault, this was a skill Su was had always been rather fond of.

After suffering this unprecedented setback, the empire’s suppression army rested for the larger half of a day, and only then did they launch their second attack when night fell. This time, the generals who had such faith in brute strength and courage finally used their brains a bit, actually using some tactics: the soldiers would split into three sides. They would attack from the front, but at the same time flank the enemy’s rear artillery position from both sides. The few old-fashioned heavy artillery’s bombardment precision was ridiculously great, their destructiveness increased several fold as well. Meanwhile, during the day, the several dozen corpses finally made the stubborn and prideful generals admit that these heavy artillery weren’t just piles of insignificant scrap iron, thus forming this type of tactical plan.

However, to Su who came from the Black Dragonriders, as well as the tactical outlook supported by the data of many thought centers, these tactics were even worse than not having any at all.

When the battle began, the front line assault was easily stopped with heavy artillery, and then the empire army’s left flank was swept through after concentrating a larger half of their firepower. Then, through extremely great tactical mobility, all of the troops changed directions, moving towards the right side, thus defeating this right flank as well.

When the soldiers attacking from the front finally broke through the artillery barrage’s blockade and slowly trudged over to the enemy position, only then did they realize that there was no enemy troops to pin down. With both flanks completely wiped out, how were they supposed to subdue anything?

Even though wiping out the right flank caused Su’s troops to leave the position they had defended for a long time, when the general leading the frontal charge saw the enemy already starting to form compact defensive formations and remembered that this defensive formation had at least ten large caliber sniper rifle ability users, they couldn’t help but make the rational decision to withdraw. Trying to break through this screen of firepower without any losses was practically an impossible task. However, after after taking a few sniper rifle bullets, even if they made it into the enemy’s position, they still had to face the suzerains and many assistants, the chances of victory then extremely slim.

Once again, there was no large scale hand-to-hand combat carried out in the second battle.

The two attacks from the empire’s army resulted in the heavy price of four injured generals and over a hundred soldiers, yet they couldn’t even take down Su’s artillery position. Including the wounded, the casualties on Su’s side only included two hundred soldiers and an assistant.

The generals just couldn’t figure out how Su’s troops could carry out such dazzling tactical maneuvers, yet not display the slightest bit of confusion. They also couldn’t understand how the precision of the  heavy artillery several kilometers out could match that of their grenade flinging soldiers.

When it was deep into the night, two Tungus Warhawks rushed into the sky, flying into the distance. They obviously couldn’t escape Su’s Panoramic View’s monitoring. However, Su only smiled, not doing anything. Without Su’s orders, the close to a hundred Leigna wandering about in the air were like ordinary wasps, flying about the region they were in charge of, even though the two Tungus Wahawks already drew out their desire to feast.

These Leigna who could switch to air propulsion mode, their short distance burst speed could exceed the Tungus Warhawks.

Su stared into the night shrouded distance, wondering just what kind of expression the Red Duke would have when he received this battle report. However, it still wasn’t time to clash against him head-on. There was a huge difference between nine and ten levels, and Su had no plans to have a taste of the ‘Triad Assault’ renowned through the empire before making sufficient preparations. The empire was sending over such abundant nourishment, so as time went on, Su would obtain a tenth level ability sooner or later; this was when he would fight the Red Duke in a decisive battle.

The hour hand pointed at three.

Seven days had already passed since the first batch of Leigna were successfully bred, and it had also been seven days since the first batch of Herkula’s concoction was completed. Three in the morning was when the third generation of Leigna would emerge, and then in another four days, the Herkula would also start their first reproductive cycle.

Su walked out of the bunker. His eyes swept through the dark tropical rainforest.

In the depths of the tropical rainforest, branches, or undergrowth, even on a few large scale creatures’ corpses, large amounts of Leigna larvae emerged from their eggs. While eating their eggshells, the wind dried the mucus covering their bodies, strengthening their wings. When the clock’s hand pointed at four, the first of the larvae who broke out of their shells already completed their first meal, currently sleeping, waiting for their bodies to mature. If one listened carefully in this dark dawn where one couldn’t even see their own fingers in front of them, they would hear endless rustling sounds like the whispers of demons.

Five o’clock. A swarm of wasps rushed out of the rainforest’s treetops, flying into the sky. They were like a black haze, flying towards a certain direction under the summoning of a mysterious fluctuation. A Leigna was already waiting there, transmitting the orders it obtained to its newly born companions. The newborn Leigna still needed some time to grow, but the eating and growth process could be completed while migrating.

Su gave the distant sky a look. There were still a few hours before daybreak, but now, the third generation of Leigna should have all already finished their incubation. In another two days at the latest, he would have a massive army of Leigna numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Right now, there were only fifteen Herkula left in charge of combat and other tasks, the remaining twenty six were moving about and foraging for food in the rainforest on their own, increasing their energy reserves and preparing for the first reproduction cycle. A week later, Su would have several hundred Herkula. A month later, the army of creatures under Su’s control would be enough to wipe out the entire northern border. Meanwhile, a year later…

That was why time, would always stand by Su’s side.

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