Book 6 Chapter 14.5

Book 6 Chapter 14.5 - Time

The general’s face flushed red, suddenly spraying out blood. The moment his sidestep stopped, blood shot out from seven or eight places on his body. The assistants’ precise and concentrated shots fully displayed their power at this moment.

Su lowered his sniper rifle. After shooting five times in succession, this barrel was still shockingly hot even after being modified with special materials. An assistant behind him had long prepared another fully loaded sniper rifle. Su accepted it, unloading all of the bullets in a second, this time using four rounds to break the general’s leg, cutting off his ability to run. Then, the fifth round suddenly changed, blasting open a large hole in the stomach of the other general currently in the middle of a slaughter.

The general whose stomach was just wounded looked at the assistants who began to turn their sniper rifles over one after another, as well as the two suzerains...

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