Book 6 Chapter 14.4

Book 6 Chapter 14.4 - Time

In battles, the grenade flinging soldiers indeed possessed unrivalled superiority. Every single grenade flinging soldier’s could on average throw the grenades over a thousand meters, while in distances less than six hundred meters, their tosses would possess exceptional precision. If they wished, the thirty grenades could all be concentrated within a half a meter radius area. 

However, in terms of overwhelming power, the grenade flinging soldiers couldn’t be compared to heavy artillery at all. In the artillery positions behind the hills, there were eight old-fashioned heavy artillery cannons roaring.

When the cannons sounded, the generals’ expressions changed. However, before a second even passed, they roared out, “Hurry and disperse!” 

Their speeds were all extremely fast, a second enough for the generals to withdraw from the heavy artillery’s area of bombardment. However, there were quite a few free soldiers who didn’t excel at speed.

Eight boom sounds seemed to erupt at the same time, the distribution of artillery shells also exceptionally uniform. After the earth shaking explosions passed, the troops that were originally clumped up together now became a ring, at the center of this ring eight enormous bomb craters. From just a single glance, the generals could tell that more than ten soldiers had died from this round of fire. If their reminder was a second later, then they wouldn’t have been able to save quite a few of their lives. However, this couldn’t be blamed on them. After fighting against the native tribes and enormous mutated beasts for a long time, they nearly forgot the matter of preparing against an artillery barrage.

Another round of cannons sounded, the targets this time the grenade flinging soldiers and protectors who previously charged forward.

As a result, another grand explosion erupted on the earth. The grenade flinging soldiers had already moved out of the way before the artillery shells even landed, but there were still some daring and intrepid grenade flinging soldiers who threw heavy grenades at their enemy while facing the artillery barrage. Forget about whether or not the grenades would reach the three kilometer out artillery station, just the firepower difference between the grenade flinging soldiers and artillery bombardment alone was already quite tragic.

The generals’ faces fell, none of them expecting outdated artillery to bring such great destruction. There was a reason why the empire didn’t use artillery soldiers, grenade flinging soldiers already possessed overwhelming firepower advantage, and if they brought heavy artillery with them, it would greatly restrict the places they could move through, as well as slow down the army’s advance. If they brought heavy artillery, there was no way this type of several hundred man army could travel over all different types of terrain, able to travel over a hundred kilometers in a single day through the nastiest terrain and weather conditions. 

A general led more than ten soldiers who excelled in speed and sniping away from the rest of the army, going all the way around, preparing to cut off the artillery soldier positions. Meanwhile, the remaining soldiers also began to reassemble their formation and establish a position, a few dozen of them under the lead of two generals starting to launch a probing attack. There were more than two thousand soldiers in the enemy position, yet these few dozen free soldiers were the ones on the offensive.

Bullets rained down, the vicious crossfire giving even the generals a bit of a headache. Even though ordinary bullets were only slightly larger granules of sand, when there were enough of them raining down everywhere, it still affected their line of sight and mind.

The power of ability users was fully displayed at this moment, the soldiers moving through the hail of bullets, most of the bullets evaded one after another, only slight skin injuries even when they were hit from time to time. The two generals were even more valiant, not even heavy machine gun bullets able to blast through their pectoral muscles. Meanwhile, several dozen free soldiers behind them carried sniper rifles, offering backup fire. Their firing precision was extremely deadly, to the extent where their bullets could pass through the machine gun bunker’s firing hole and then kill the shooter inside.

Meanwhile, after charging for several hundred meters, the generals already discovered that most of the soldiers on the enemy side were only a bit stronger than strengthened normal soldiers, the noteworthy powerful ability users not that many. As a result, a sinister smile immediately appeared on the two generals’ faces, and then with a roar, they launched an ultimate assault!

Then, following a few of Su’s orders, the bullets that rained down suddenly became concentrated, the density of firepower immediately increasing several times! Several free soldiers immediately fell from the unexpectedly fierce stream of bullets, and the bullets formed a screen of separation between the generals and free soldiers. The remaining free soldiers immediately laid on the ground, evading the stream of bullets. However, a feeling of danger still surrounded the entire battlefield. When most people were still confused and helpless, the generals that were charging at the very front suddenly roared, “Dodge the artillery bombardment!”

Shrill whistling noises sounded once again in the sky, but these noises were drowned out by the still ongoing explosions and gunshots, which was why many soldiers weren’t able to react. A general in front suddenly turned around and laid on the ground, using the large caliber assault rifle in his hands to continuously shoot towards the sky. It was as if bombs were released in the air, two artillery shells blasted out of the skies, the explosions from these two triggering the explosion of another artillery shell as well. However, even more artillery shells landed at their preset locations, these artillery shells sending a few more charging free soldiers to their deaths.

The precision of the artillery made one’s mind turn cold.

The general turned around and rose up. He was already less than fifty meters from the enemy’s front lines, so the density of the hail of bullets he faced was enough to leave one in despair. With a flash of his body, he already shifted out ten meters, preparing to break into the enemy position and unleash a great massacre! Right at this moment, a great chilliness suddenly attacked at his mind, an intuition of danger! The general acted without taking time to think, immediately dropping down sideways, and then rolled a few times, perfectly evading several rounds of large caliber sniper bullets. In the corners of his eyes, he saw at least seven or eight sniper rifles’ muzzles follow his movements.

“Damn it! Assistants with sniping expertise!” The general immediately recognized these people’s identity. However, a muzzle suddenly drew his attention, almost like a wariness instinctively felt towards a natural enemy. He immediately distinguished it from the bunch of nearly identical standard firearms.

Time seemed to have immediately slowed down. The general’s line of sight slowly reached that muzzle, and then moved from the sniper rifle to the sniper himself. It was a handsome man with loose blonde hair, most likely the one who killed Murray. However, where was his muzzle aiming at?

After thinking for a bit, only then did the general react, his own body currently making evasive movements. Meanwhile, Su’s muzzle was aimed precisely at the location he was going to appear in next!

While between life and death, the general suddenly raised his arms, using the armor on his arms to protect his chest. Following a bang sound, he felt as if a great hammer struck down on his arms, his entire left arm becoming numb, cracks starting to cover the alloy armguard. In this several hundred meter distance, the power of a 20mm special sniper rifle was something difficult even for the general to withstand.

The great hammer struck down five times in succession, each time striking the same location. Even though the general was still moving at high speed, the strikes didn’t deviate by even a millimeter. The armguard had long shattered, bloody mist continuously spraying out. When the fifth heavy strike landed, the general’s left arm finally released a crack bone fracturing sound, his entire elbow region shattering.

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