Book 6 Chapter 14.3

Book 6 Chapter 14.3 - Time

“Only eleven Herkula escaped? This is half the expected amount, seems like that fella isn’t that easy to deal with.” Su thought to himself. His view roamed about the combat map, calculating and simulating both sides’ combat strength.

He was currently in a half underground covered bunker. This bunker had special work done to it, possessing astonishing defensive strength. Just like any battlefield command center, the set-up here was quite simple, a hand-drawn map resting on a makeshift table made from ammunition chests. The temporary map wasn’t extremely detailed, but any differences could be automatically corrected by Su. In this bunker, a Herkula was currently laying on the ground like a dog, awaiting its next orders. Meanwhile, on another side’s wall crawled several hundred Leigna. Even if it was only ordinary field wasps, this amount would still be enough to leave one shocked, let alone these black wasps that arranged themselves in such an orderly formation!

In the other corner of the bunker were three skeletons. They were originally three red-robed warriors, and after Su acquired enough samples, they were turned into food for the biological weapons. There were originally four, but one of the Herkula encountered the black clad young man, so not only was the red-robed warrior’s corpse lost, its own life was lost as well.

The unexpected appearance of this black-robed individual left Su feeling a bit of a headache for the first time. However, the war has just begun, far from reaching the decisive battles. This was obvious just from looking at the several hundred Leigna on the wall. Su thought for a bit, and then the green radiance in his eyes flickered. Two hundred Leigna received the command, leaving the wall, and then scattered into the rainforest. In the past three days, their main tasks was just to forage and reproduce, and then the new generation of Legina would return to give a report. The newly born Leigna’s speed and toxicity were strengthened a bit, and they also had a stinger that could shoot out a greater distance. This came at the cost of substantially decreased defensive strength, and their long-distance communication ability also disappeared. In other words, this was a type of offensive type miniature Leigna.

As for Herkula, their strength decreased by about half, but their intelligence didn’t diminish at all. The difference between the Herkula and Leigna was that if they survived, they would accumulate their battle’s experiences, thus acquiring even greater combat strength. If it wasn’t for the biological weapons’ special genetic control, the Herkula could completely form their own civilization.

When Su thought back to the mutated werewolves he saw in the past outside the base, he felt that they could perhaps be considered a fledgling stage of the Herkula.

In another corner of the bunker crouched a Tungus Warhawk. Its feathers were covered in blood, its eagle eyes filled with fear. This was another warhawk that suffered from a Herkula’s trap, the difference being that the Herkula’s mission this time was to bring it back alive. This one could still fly, and it wasn’t restricted at all, but it didn’t dare move, only able to withdraw itself into the bunker’s corner and await its own fate. Regardless of whether it was Su, the obedient Herkula who was lying lazily and obediently like a loyal dog, or the remaining more than a hundred Leigna, they could all easily devour it until not even its bones remained.

Su opened up a memo on the map, and then scribbled down a short message. He then walked over to the Tungus Warhawk, placed the message into the sealed case in front of it, patting its eagle head before speaking in the proper empire language, “Bring this sealed letter to the Red Duke.”

Even though the Tungus Warhawk’s intelligence was far inferior to the Herkula, it could still be considered smart, at the very least able to understand the empire’s language. It nodded, expressing that it received the order. Of course, this matter wasn’t that simple. Once it left the bunker, who knew where it would return to? That was why Su called over several Leigna, these wasp-sized biological weapons made their way into the Tungus Warhawk’s rear feathers, nailing themselves to its body. The warhawk already witnessed the Leigna’s offensive abilities, these fellas able to drill through the toughest rock. If it didn’t listen to this order, the Leigna would enter its body and devour it from the inside!

Only after sending the warhawk out with his eyes did Su return to the bunker. He wasn’t hoping for this sealed message to display any results, because this was a letter advising for surrender. If this simple ‘the longer things are dragged out, the more your defeat is foreordained’ message was enough to make the Red Duke surrender or withdraw, then that would be what was strange. This was the case even though Su knew what he said was the truth.

However, when this letter was delivered to the Red Duke, Su would learn Kanos’ current position.

Now wasn’t the time to think about Kanos. It was because the empire suppression army’s front line had already appeared at the edge of his Panoramic View.

Roughly a thousand meters away, several generals looked at the layers and layers of fortification not far away, and then couldn’t help but look at each other in dismay. They had long grown accustomed to a chaotic battle over a vast battlefield, when had they ever seen such a large-scale, meticulously arranged battle position? The more than six hundred free soldiers stood in disarray behind the generals, completely no formations to speak of. They took the shortcut through the mountain ridge here, which was why the supply wagons were still slowly trudging along more than a hundred kilometers out.

While looking at the picturesque defensive structures built based on the opposing terrain, the generals felt a strange chill run through their bodies.

After calming down a bit, a general fiercely moved his hand forward. Close to a hundred soldiers thus separated from the front, carefully creeping towards the enemy defensive position, stopping only after getting within six hundred meters of distance.

Several gunshots unique to sniper rifles sounded from the defensive position, but the flying bullets didn’t obtain any battle results. With close to a second of time to react, the soldiers could all make evasive maneuvers. Even if it was an inexperienced youngster, the old soldiers beside them would drag him to the ground to help him avoid death. Then, thirty soldiers whose bodies were clearly a whole size larger than the others produced king-sized grenades weighing a kilogram each. They began to sprint forward while releasing crazy roars, and then after charging several dozen meters and reaching their greatest speed, they unexpectedly shouted out, throwing the enormous grenades towards the enemy’s defensive position from five hundred meters away!

In Su’s eyes, the thirty grenades’ trajectories were all clearly outlined. As soon as they left their hands, Su already knew that they would definitely reach the defensive position. This type of attack range already exceeded many automatic rifles.

Sun Empire’s unique grenade flinging soldiers’ power was fully visible at this moment. However, this type of soldier never appeared in the past or present, nor would it appear in the future, their positions long replaced by heavy artillery.

When the thirty grenades reached the highest point of their curve, Su similarly gestured a few times with his arm. The first signal was to have the soldiers at the central position immediately seek cover, the second to have the long range sniper rifles and heavy machine guns at both sides to start firing, smother the enemies that advanced with firepower. Following that latter gesture, continuous bombardment sounds erupted from behind the position’s hills!

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