Book 6 Chapter 14.2

Book 6 Chapter 14.2 - Time

The red-robed warrior’s expression immediately froze, asking in a deep voice, “The others all died? This time, there were but five of us who came, could it be that the other four…”

“You encountered a few… hm, strange wolves?” The young man cut off the red-robed warrior’s words, asking.

“Four of them. I killed two, the other two ran.” The red-robed warrior replied.

The young man shrugged his shoulders, gave the red-robed warrior’s missing arm a look, and then said, “Your luck isn’t bad, the others all encountered at least six of these strange wolves. That is why you are still alive, albeit in a bit of a sorry state.”

The young man’s right arm moved, and following clank clank clank sounds, the five Herkula that were tied to the iron chains were flung before the red-robed warrior. “Your job now is to bring these things back. That old thing will definitely enjoy this gift.”

“But, if I return, there won’t be anyone to occupy this place.” The red-robed warrior clearly didn’t normally take orders from the young man, and he was clearly implying that this young man wouldn’t obediently watch over this pyramid until the Red Duke’s army arrived.

The pyramid was not only the symbol of the city, it was also the biological and industrial center of this entire region. Occupying the pyramid was the same as occupying a large half of Maca City.

“It is useless even if you remain, for example, if two or three of those things come back.” The young man crushed the red-robed warrior’s confidence without a trace of politeness.

The red-robed warrior remained silent. He knew that what the young man said was the truth. He could defy the other party’s orders, but the value of five Herkula corpses was indeed great. The assault on the pyramid was supposed to be an easy process, yet this kind of result with the red-robed warriors almost completely wiped out appeared.

“Then what is your distinguished self’s plans going forward?” The red robed warrior asked.

“Me? Wander about this place. Either way, it is still quite some time before I must return.” After speaking, the young man leapt out of the window. He spread his arms in the sky, his clothes that were opened wide fluttering in the wind like two black wings. While relying on this negligible air resistance, he unexpectedly flew further and further into the night like a bat under the moon.

The red-robed warrior was left without a choice. He looked at his own left arm that was missing from the shoulder, and then finally decided to bend over, pick up the five Herkula, and carry them on his back, thus leaving under the darkness of night.

Kanos who was still advancing through the mountain rainforest widened his eyes, a reddish-golden radiance unexpectedly shooting out from his pupils. After reading the message delivered by the Tungus Warhawk through this bit of light, the Red Duke’s brows immediately creased. He remained silent, handing over the message to a red-robed warrior moving beside the giant wolf. After giving the secret message a single look, he released a low cry of alarm. “Four warriors dying in battle?! Isn’t Kakremi also there?”

“Correct. It seems like a large amount of never before seen strange creatures appeared in the pyramid, all of the red-robed warriors that died falling under their claws. Kakremi has also said that those wolf-like fellas give him a similar feeling to the temple’s Herkula.” The Red Duke said with a dull tone.

“This really is hard to believe.” The red robed warrior leader said with a sullen tone. He read the secret message several times, and only then did he pat the giant wolf the Red Duke was sitting on, saying, “Herkula might not be the most powerful, but it is the most successful weapon the temple has produced for many years. Moreover, after three-fold strengthening, I don’t believe that there are any biological weapons of similar size that can compare to our Herkula. However, a single red-robed warrior can defeat ten Herkula! That is why I still think this is absurd.”

“Kakremi won’t lie on these types of matters. Moreover, I trust his analysis.” Kanos said slowly, a shadow starting to cloud his face.

The red-robed warrior leader remained silent for a moment, and only then did he say, “Duke, I hope your distinguished self can keep in mind that there is no trust or reputation to speak of with the black robes!”

The Red Duke clearly didn’t agree with this judgment, saying with a smile, “If it is purely based on past records, their trust and reputation are both quite brilliant.”

“However, those are a group of depraved individuals who offered their souls to darkness, to the devil for the sake of power!” The red-robed warrior leader’s voice was clearly raised. He wouldn’t back down on things he believed in.

“That is but something quite natural. Conviction and power are actually unrelated.” Kanos said coldly.

“Duke, please mind your distinguished self’s words. You have already insulted the highest Sun God!”

The Red Duke laughed, saying, “Is that so? What a pity, the archbishop has believed that my conviction is extremely sincere. If you want to place guilt on me, wait until you become a red-robed archbishop, however…”

The red-robed warrior leader’s face fell greatly, he obviously knew what the Red Duke was implying: there is no chance for you to become a red-robed archbishop at all! This was a secret only those at the highest levels of Sun God Temple knew, but with the Red Duke’s status in the empire, knowing about these secrets was also quite normal.

The red-robed warrior leader’s arrogance and rage completely disappeared at this moment. He indeed felt the impulse, wishing to use military strength to solve this faith-based conflict. However, his rationality told him that this was an extremely unintelligent course of action. Forget about the fact that he had to obey any order from the Red Duke, even if he really did attack in spite of everything, when faced with this Kanos who only black-robed fellas had a chance of contending against, the conclusion still wouldn’t be that great for him.

That was why this assault troop silently advanced.

Meanwhile, at this time, Su was faced with a different type of distress.

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