Book 6 Chapter 14.1

Book 6 Chapter 14.1 - Time

The pyramid’s disturbance roused up all of Maca City, flames shooting out from many windows. Under the darkness, the flames in the pyramid could be seen from nearly every corner of the city. Everyone entered the streets, silently watching the chaos in the pyramid. Regardless of whether it was the residents or the soldiers in the city, no one headed towards the pyramid. It hadn’t been long since Su’s powerful and lightning fast capture of Maca City, so there was no way he would get the entire city under his control in this short amount of time.

The viceroy palace at the top floor of the pyramid was also completely quiet. Apart from unscattering bloody smell, there didn’t seem to be anything else. The people were standing or sitting, one still able to see what they were doing previously, but now, they were all dead. There were only one or two injuries on their bodies, yet all of their vitality left them in the shortest amount of time. Because they died too quickly, they still maintained their expression from when they were alive. Meanwhile, their bodies that tightened up preserved the posture of their final moments.

Time seemed to have frozen at this moment.

A Herkula suddenly appeared in the palace. It differentiated between directions, and then sprinted towards the window on the other side of the hall. The meter long four limbs became unmatched sharp weapons, allowing its speed to not be hindered by any factors, to the extent where it could advance at full speed along the walls or hang from the ceiling. Its four limbs began to fly about one after another like a large spider whose speed had been increased by several dozen times, instantly crossing the several dozen meter long lobby and appearing by that window. The Herkula leapt out of the window without any hesitation, running towards the distance.

The sound of dragged metal iron chains sounded in the spacious palace again. A figure that faded in and out of existence walked over from a room, walking towards the window the Herkula jumped out of. The footsteps were quite rhythmic, and also quite slow, as if he was strolling through a forest. However, after just two or three steps, this person appeared next to the window, his figure slowly appearing.

This was an extremely slender and good-looking young man, long black hair casually scattering down. His face was extremely handsome, only, it was pale to the point where he was like a corpse who had just crawled out from a coffin. Covering his upper body was a high-collared shirt, and it was paired with a dark black blazer. A dark and decaying depressing noble aura was being released from his entire body. His eyes were a light gray color, an extremely rarely seen eye color that almost seemed to merge with the whites of his eyes. The pale and frail looking hand had five iron chains winding around it, at the end of every chain a Herkula corpse.

He stood in front of the window, looking outwards. Even though there was only great darkness outside the window, a quickly sprinting Herkula’s shadow was still reflected in his pupils.

The youngster quickly calculated the distance, and then said to himself, “1300 meters? Chasing this type of distance will be a bit difficult. That cut just now actually didn’t affect its mobility, really is unexpected. Forget it, the specimen I have right now are already enough to turn in the mission, now is the time to look for that little girl. She smells quite good, but, where exactly is she hiding? En, I’ve always hated playing hide-and-seek…”

If one looked carefully, they would discover that the wounds on the five Herkula dragged by the iron chains were all different, some with complete upper bodies, others having their limbs preserved, others with only their heads left in good condition. If they were all pieced together, it would be just enough to make a single Herkula

His figure entered the darkness again, only the sounds of iron chains being dragged echoing through the palace. A few minutes later, he appeared in a secret room, the meter thick rock wall that sealed up this room having a large hole forcibly blasted open in it. His eyes swept through the secret room that wasn’t all that large, and soon after, it landed on a blood-soaked long skirt. The young man grabbed the long skirt, taking a strong whiff. Female, youthfulness, abilities, and potential, the long skirt was full of the strong smell he liked. However, this secret room only had this single long skirt, the blood likely scattered on it. Meanwhile, the drops of blood that led him here were likely purposely arranged as well.

He was played.

The young man stood there quietly, the five iron chains in his hand releasing creak sounds, immediately crushed into a lump.

Under creaking sounds that made one’s teeth sore, an already completely deformed steel door was pushed open, a red-robed warrior breaking in. His appearance was sinister, his exposed upper body covered in criss-crossed claw marks and teeth imprints, his bald head even having two rows of holes that were currently dripping  blood. The most eye-catching thing was that his left arm completely disappeared from the shoulder down.

When the red-robed warrior entered the palace, his expression immediately froze, discovering that this entire palace was filled with death energy. Only then did he notice the young man standing by the window. He quickly walked up a few steps, and then stopped when he reached ten meters before the young man, as if there was an invisible barrier there. The expression in the red-robed warrior’s eyes was extremely respectful, but also on guard.

The young man suddenly released a laugh. Without even turning around, he spoke in a long and drawn-out manner, “There’s no need to be so nervous. With your current state, if I wanted to kill you, it would be useless even if you were on guard. You are the only living red-robed warrior left. If you died as well, that old thing definitely wouldn’t be too happy. Moreover, I still have one task to assign to you.”

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