Book 6 Chapter 13.8

Book 6 Chapter 13.8 - War

Right now, the alarms in the pyramid had already stopped, but the chaos only grew. The shrill screams of women and loud gunshots were everywhere, sounds of explosion rising and falling as well, each explosion intensifying the disorder. The weakness of the authority Su seized through high-handed methods was fully displayed at this moment; under this sudden attack, most people had no idea what to do. When the first batch of people began to run, everyone discovered that this type of action didn’t seem to have any consequences, at the very least, they didn’t see anyone punished yet.

For many people, the pyramid itself was a treasury. Amidst the chaos, a few unrestrained soldiers aimed their muzzles at the residents, moreover rushing towards important locations to loot them. No one told them what exactly happened, but in reality, not many people knew what exactly happened either. Only, in the darkness and flames, the fear and panic at the bottom of everyone’s hearts were fully released. The large amounts of people who were aimlessly running, together with the few bandits who wanted to take advantage of the chaos, made the situation exponentially worse.

The disorder was like ripples, starting from various parts of the lower levels, continuously gathering, colliding, mixing together, and then crazily sweeping, reaching towards the pyramid’s higher levels, finally starting to batter against the previously aloof and remote top floor.

In the pyramid’s top floor viceroy palace, the soldiers were already so nervous they were covered in sweat. They hid in their battle positions, ruthlessly reaping lives one after another. This was already the third wave of bandits who were trying to break into the viceroy palace. The bandits lacked unity, and they also lacked the firepower to break through the defensive structures, so they didn’t really pose much threat. One had to understand that the viceroy palace’s outer walls were created from meter thick sheets of rock, a layer both inside and outside. However, the soldiers defending the viceroy palace similarly didn’t know what was going on, also worrying for their future.

Right now, it was only bandits, but who knows, in a bit, the empire’s suppression troops might appear before them!

Every single one of the soldiers wanted to know Maca City’s battle results, but this was a question not even the elder who had accumulated several decades of wisdom could answer. He could only use his own prestige to keep these soldiers in their battle positions. However, not even he could say for sure whether or not these soldiers would change sides the moment the empire’s suppression troops appeared.

From the walkie-talkies’ noisy channels, the elder managed to capture a few near death miserable screams. These sounds all belonged to soldiers of the same battle position! Was the defensive line broken? This was the first thought that emerged in the elder’s head. He thought for a bit, and then produced a pretty decorated silver pistol from his well-ironed suit. This finely crafted Desert Eagle that could be considered a handicraft article was something Murray gifted him when he was in a good mood. The elder never expected the day he would actually use it would actually come.

The elder walked over to the other side of the palace’s main hallway with steps that could still be considered steady; the battle position that might have had something happen to it was precisely in this direction. The hallway still maintained the same calmness of the past, the palace room located at the very center still could be considered the safest place in this entire palace hall. The guards were all assigned to various battle positions, while the servants and maids were hiding in their respective rooms, no one daring to wander about at all.

The end of the passage was just ahead, the battle position located just around the corner. There should be an emergency light not far from the turn, releasing an extremely weak glow from behind the wall. Suddenly, the elder stopped his steps, his finger quietly making contact with the trigger.

The light flickered a few times; those were shadows of living creatures. The elder was just about to move, when two moss-green radiances emerged. That was a Herkula, the elder previously seeing this type of creature immersed in the training base’s transparent tanks. Moreover, before Su left, he also specially ordered the elder to be mindful of this concocted creature named ‘Herkula’.

When the elder saw the Herkula, he couldn’t help but stare blankly for a bit. The latter leaned against the wall, its front claw pressed against a sheet of paper, in the other claw unexpectedly a pen!

In this moment of shock, the Herkula nimbly leapt to the elder, placing the sheet of paper into his hands, and then turned around, disappearing into the darkness.

The elder lowered his head. On the paper were a few crooked, but completely legible words: Master, requires, go, Yelicie.”

Meanwhile, the corridor where the red-robed warrior and seven Herkula carried out a life and death struggle suddenly became quiet. This was a passage that led outside the pyramid, as well as a path the people were familiar with. However, whenever the fleeing masses reached the entrance of this corridor, they would turn around and leave, choosing a different passage. The corridor was filled with an incredibly strong bloodiness, and in this era, even the senses of ordinary people far surpassed that of the olden era. When they smell this thick bloodiness, no one would continue forward, nor would they even try to see what exactly happened in the passage.

However, after a bit of time passed, footsteps still sounded from the other end of the dark corridor. The footsteps weren’t rushed or slow, the rhythm unhurried as it arrived. However as the footsteps approached, no shadows could be seen in the dark corridor, this scene extremely strange.

Footprints appeared one after another in the half congealed blood. These footprints gradually drew closer, revealing that there was someone approaching. The footsteps stopped in this area filled with corpses, as if inspecting the injuries on the corpses. Then, he continued forward, continuing all the way to the end of the corridor, standing at the edge of the battlefield.

Under the dark lightning, a faint shadow was formed. He took a whiff of the air, and then said quietly to himself, “It’s Hanok, definitely the smell of ignited sacred elixir. It seems like there’s no need for me to rescue him.”

He straightened his body, and then blended with the darkness again, walking towards the other end of the passage. Sounds of iron chains being dragged on the ground could be heard, the outline of a hand fading in and out of existence.

That was a stable and strong hand, two chains winding around that arm. At the end of the end of the long chains were two wolf-like creatures’ corpses.

Those were two Herkula.

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