Book 6 Chapter 13.7

Book 6 Chapter 13.7 - War

Even though one of them was already seriously injured, the red-robed warrior still felt a bit of pressure. At the very least, in this narrow space, his mobility was restricted, his fighting strength also affected. Meanwhile, stealth and other abilities were clearly ineffective before the enemy who clearly possessed a sharp sense of smell. He was already injured twice, even though these could currently only be considered superficial wounds, not touching any important tissues, he knew that these irregular wolves’ attack power was extremely great. If he didn’t concentrate his defensive ability in the corresponding areas, the injuries he received would have been much more serious, for example, the injury below his ribs.

If even more came… as soon as this thought emerged, the red robed warrior’s entire body trembled, the short blade pushing out horizontally. After entering a defensive stance, only then did he slowly turn around. At the end of the long and dark corridor behind him appeared four moss-green lights. Meanwhile, around the corridor corner ahead, he also sensed two vicious auras currently moving over.

There were seven Herkula in total!

The red-robed warrior’s face fell, the short blade changing to a reversed grip, left hand clenching into a fist. All of the muscles on his body wriggled about, and then with a hu sound, he sprayed out a blast of white air. A faint flowing light emerged below his amber-colored skin, his entire body becoming like a sculpture carved from amber. Meanwhile, what flowed beneath his body was high temperature fire!

He already completely released the power of the sacred elixir stored in his body, his entire being like an ignited tank as he advanced towards the already wounded Herkula in front of him, targeting the weakest link in the chain! Hu hu, two Herkula pounced at him from behind, their incomparably sharp claws striking down on the red-robed warrior’s back. After a series of scalp numbing tearing sounds, twelve whole bone-reaching gashes were created!

The red-robed warrior seemed as if he didn’t feel anything. With a muffled thump sound, his left fist swung out towards the Herkula like a hammer, right shoulder knocking another away, and then the short blade hacked out. This time, the blade was no longer searching for a chink to wedge into, but rather displayed tremendous strength, forcibly hacking off half of one of the third Herkula’s foreclaws!

The red-robed warrior already rushed over to the wounded Herkula. When faced with his opponent who stood up on two legs, he released a thunderous angry roar, unexpectedly smashing his head straight into the Herkula’s wolf mouth!

The entire corridor made from giant rocks thus violently trembled. Another large depression several dozen centimeters in diameter appeared, rock fragments continuously falling. Meanwhile, at the center of the shallow depression, the red-robed warrior’s bald head was deeply embedded inside the wall!

The bald head was already completely sticking to the crude rock surface. Meanwhile, what was separating the bald head and the rock was that Herkula’s wolf head, currently already turned into a mixture of crushed bones and bodily fluids, this mixture trickling down between the cracks in the rock.

The heavy blow left even the red-robed warrior a bit dizzy. The instant his movements stopped, several Herkula shot over like lightning, completely covering his body underneath.

The intense shock didn’t cause the emergency light hanging up high around the corner to go out. Under the dark red lightning, the red-robed warrior and Herkula’s shadows on the walls and floor were occasionally blurry, occasionally clear.

The red-robed warrior’s familiar and heavy growl sounded again. He pulled his head out from the wall, and then with another thunk sound, the shadow on the wall released a fist. The wolf figure at the end of the fist was sent flying, the part of its body that was struck twisting at an unnatural angle from the rest of its body. However, another Herkula immediately threw itself over, almost hanging from the warrior’s arm, blood immediately spraying all over the wall! The Herkula crushed the red-robed warrior under them again, the one that was sent flying flipping over its body, limped over to the rest of the pack. Then, after shaking a bit, it leapt out, landing on the highest point of the wolf pack.

On the corridor walls, the shadows were changing violently. The warrior stood up again and again from the wolf pack, using either his head, fists, knees, or legs to send Herkula flying one by one. Each time he erupted with might, a new blast of bloody mist would be applied to the walls. However, those Herkula that were struck flying possessed exceptionally tenacious vitality, crawling back again and again, throwing themselves at the warrior’s body!

In the corridor, the red-robed warrior roared, gasps for breath mixed with sounds of flesh being struck heavily, within the noise mixed all types of endless qi qi sa sa sounds of teeth, claws, and bone grinding sounds. The corridor was shaking as well, the walls, ground, and even roof had new heavy fist impacts and claw marks continuously added to them. The several square meter shallow pits already covered this place, and there were even more claw marks penetrating ten centimeters in!

The bloody paste smeared over the walls became thicker and thicker, the warrior’s roars gradually becoming more and more overcast. Several Herkula were piled up together, in the end only the sounds of teeth tearing and eating remained.

From start to finish, the Herkula never released any howls or roars, not releasing the slightest bit of sound even after receiving heavy injuries, only fighting murderously in silence.

A while later, five Herkula dragged the warrior and two of their companion’s corpses away from this place, disappearing into the darkness.

Only the countless fist depressions and claw marks, as well as the thick blood covering the walls silently recorded the battle that had just occurred.

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