Book 6 Chapter 13.6

Book 6 Chapter 13.6 - War

Unknowingly when, a strange creature was already suspended from the ceiling, currently staring at him with its moss-green eyes. This was a wolf-like creature, no, to be more precise, only its head resembled a wolf, the long and sharp mouth clearly possessing exceptional destructive power. Meanwhile, its four limbs were at least a size bigger than ordinary wolves’, its wide and robust upper body and sleek lower half displayed exceptional flexibility. It was as if there were invisible magnets on the base of its feet, unexpectedly allowing it to hang from the glossy ceiling. Meanwhile, its head was turned 180 degrees, observing the red-robed warrior just like that.

“What is this? When did it appear?” The red-robed warrior felt a bit of fear inside. However, he still had confidence. No vicious beast could be a rigorously trained red-robed warrior’s match, not even if it were the empire’s massive, astonishingly powerful war beasts.

Right at this moment, the wolf-like creature on the ceiling suddenly pounced down, its pair of disproportionately large foreclaws’ talons that were as long as the short blade the red-robed warrior held in his hand scratching towards his face! Meanwhile, the shrill wind sounds fully illustrated the assault’s speed and strength.

dang sounded. The red-robed warrior’s short blade already stopped the wolf claws that were hacking over! The muscles on his arms shook; even though he was facing the other party’s attack from before, at a disadvantage, he still didn’t expect this strange creature’s power to be this great, an ability user who seemed to exceed five levels of power! There were only two or three biological weapons back at the empire that had greater strength than this creature, but they were all war giants, their bodies several tens of times larger! Together with this kind of power, its speed was also exceptionally great, making even the red-robed warrior who was known for his ambushes, power, and speed feel pressure. Moreover, under this powerful collision force, its claws actually didn’t break from the special material short blade! When he saw that negligible nick the blade made on those sharp claws, the red-robed warrior’s expression began to fall.

The front claws were blocked, but its two rear claws shot out like vipers, six sharp claws that were also twenty centimeters in length reached out, stabbing fiercely towards the red-robed warrior’s stomach! If these attacks reached their destination, even the red-robed warrior with six levels of defense would have his body torn open on the spot!

The red-robed warrior’s short blade pushed forward, his powerful strength sending it flying backwards, and then he blocked the rear claws that shot towards his stomach with lightning speed. Finally, the short blade vanished from the air, slicing towards its belly with a speed that couldn’t be captured by the naked eye! An eye for an eye, the red-robed warrior decided to go for its chest as well. This was a fatal injury for almost any creature.

The wolf-like creature released a howl, and then it spun in the air, strangely moving backwards. Its four limbs then landed steadily on the ground. Its stance was extremely strange, body almost sticking to the ground, eyes staring rigidly at the red-robed warrior. From this stance, it could erupt with power at any time and launch another vicious attack.

However, the red-robed warrior revealed a cruel smile. He knew that his attack just now already succeeded.

Even though that strange beast’s muscles were extremely tough and durable, hard like steel wire, the short blade still sliced through an entire bundle. After suffering this cut, this wolf-like monster’s reaction speed would inevitably plummet, being even less of a match for him.

The red-robed warrior walked forward with large steps. Provoked by its unbridled attitude, the wolf-like irregular beast released a growl, suddenly shooting out from the ground like a bullet, claws aimed straight at his face.

Hmph!” The red-robed warrior released a scoff, raising his left arm, unexpectedly using his own body to stop the sharp claws. The short blade in his right hand was as fast as a streak of light, entering his opponent’s ribcage! Meanwhile, the wolf-like creature’s sharp claws that could tear apart steel and impale rock, unexpectedly only managed to create several centimeter deep wounds on the red-robed warrior’s thick and solid arm. This degree of injury was only slightly more serious than some broken skin. However, the red-robed warrior’s blade moved through the other party’s front claws and into its ribs, the entire blade entering diagonally until only the handle remained visible. Even if no inner organs were pierced, just the muscles that were severed should be enough to further weaken the enemy’s ability to attack and move.

The short blade stabbed out and withdrew quickly, leaving three wounds in the irregular creature’s body, and only then did the red-robed warrior brandish his left arm, flinging it viciously at the wall! Following a boom sound, the irregular wolf smashed into the tough red rock wall, a shallow depression actually forming, the cracks extending several meters outwards! It released a whimper, and then its body slid down from the depression, returning to its attack stance of four limbs supporting itself, body sticking close to the ground. However, this time, there was dark blood that flowed out from its body, to the extent where even the terrifying cuts made at the sides of its body could be seen.

The red-robed warrior laughed coldly. He took a step forward with his left leg, preparing to fully dismember his opponent. For a biological weapon without much intelligence to injure him, it could already be considered quite powerful. The moment he took this step, he suddenly saw a hint of ridicule in this wolf-like creature’s eyes.

Wait, ridicule? How could it be ridicule? The red-robed warrior’s mind was greatly shaken up. He, who came from Sun God Temple, had interacted with with quite a few biological weapons, among them no lack of species with some level of intelligence. They understood anger, joy, grief, fear, but definitely not ridicule. Only species that had already reached a certain level of civilization and societal state would reveal emotions like mockery. The red-robed warrior was confident that he didn’t see incorrectly. Could it be that this wild beast that seemed to completely fight based on instinct was a highly civilized species?

Precisely in that moment of stupor, the red-robed warrior suddenly sensed a weak stream of air blow past his body. It brushed past the sleek roof, producing small ripples on its glossy surface.

Almost the instant the ripple formed, the red-robed soldier’s short blade was brandished like a streak of lightning, stopping a claw that quietly stabbed over! Borrowing the recoil force, the red-robed warrior backed up several steps, withdrawing from the corner with just a few steps, simultaneously evading two rear claws that that were clawing over through the air.

Another wolf-like irregular creature appeared before the red robed warrior. However, the red-robed warrior suddenly felt a slight chill beneath his ribs. When he lowered his head, only then did he discover that his ribs covered in rock-like tough muscles had three gashes running through them, each gash reaching three centimeters deep. From the outside, his ribs were almost visible through the torn muscle fibers. He suddenly raised his head, staring rigidly at the wolf-like creature who was currently standing behind the corner, his eyes already full of killing intent.

Three Herkula!

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