Book 6 Chapter 13.5

Book 6 Chapter 13.5 - War

Right now, the pyramid’s silence was already shattered by the sound of alarms. Everyone got up and got dressed, panicked cries and questions rising from every direction. The moment the alarm sounded, regardless of whether they were inside or outside, everyone’s first reaction was that Su died, and the empire’s suppression army already charged into the pyramid! Most people rushed out in a panic, searching everywhere for an escape path, while a small portion of people immediately grabbed any form of weapon they could find near them. They were all free residents, but after the empire’s army won, their best result was to become slave miners, the most common conclusion having their bodies impaled by wooden stakes and presented in a ring around Maca City.

Only the top level viceroy private palace staff maintained basic order. Under the elder’s year-round training, the servants, maids, and guards were all able to maintain a basic level of calmness. The elder carefully listened to the alarm and clamoring noises outside, and then immediately closed the palace’s thick and heavy bronze doors, as well as locked it up. He also had the soldiers who still had weapons assume battle positions, occupying the firing holes, four machine guns sealing off every entrance into the palace. Compared to the palace’s grandness and splendidness, this bit of military force really was a bit too simplistic. However, in the previous viceroy Murray’s eyes, machine guns were children’s playthings, while after Su occupied this place, other than drinking and playing with women, he just continuously ate, not paying any attention to the machine military defense system. Right now, the elder even began to worry if these dated machine guns would malfunction at the crucial moment.

The pyramid entered complete chaos. The alarms and darkness were enough to destroy any cool-headedness most people had left, releasing the fears hidden in their hearts.

More than ten individuals were currently running along the staircase, wishing to escape from the pyramid. The originally massive and spacious passage, because of the lack of order, became overcrowded. While fleeing in panic, a robust black man who normally did hard labor in the pyramid suddenly released a muffled groan, as if he ran into something, his body couldn’t help but take a few steps back. However, he was one of the individuals running at the very front, clearly nothing in front of him at all!

He had a violent disposition to begin with, and now, he encountered this type of thing while fleeing, struck until he was dizzy, yet couldn’t even see what it was that he made contact with, so his first reaction was that someone was in his way. As a result, his hands and feet moved faster than his brain, a curse muttered from his mouth, “What idiot dares block this one’s path?” Then, he raised his large hair-covered foot, sending it fiercely into the air in front of him!

In the surrounding people’s opinion, this was completely a kick sent out in anger, pointless to the point of being stupid. However, right now, everyone was flustered and panicking, so no one had the time to mock him. When the powerful foot was kicking out, a striking blood line suddenly appeared at the knee joint, and then the sole of his foot, together with the entire calf separated from his body, spinning as it flew into the air. Under the dark red illumination, the beads of blood that flew out were especially blinding!

The black man paused momentarily, and only then did he lose his balance, dropping onto the ground. At the same time, the intense pain he felt from his leg made him release a lung-splitting scream.

In a completely empty area of the corridor, a blade suddenly appeared. The blade was rather strange in appearance, the sharpness of this thin and curved blade already proved through the dark and bloody leg. The hand that gripped the blade was stocky and powerful, and what was unusual was that the skin color of that hand was amber, and it was suffused with a clear gloss. After that hand appeared, a strong oily fragrance began to waft through the corridor.

A short and robust male appeared from thin air. His upper body was exposed, bald head and red pants all extremely striking characteristics. In the empire, almost every single person knew what this combination of characteristics represented.

“Red-robed warriors!” It was unknown who was the first one to cry out, but fear instantly spread through everyone here, these individuals becoming like headless houseflies as they shoved and bumped about, to the extent where one of them was panicking so much he even ended up rushing headfirst into this red-robed warrior!

The red-robed warrior’s expression was serious, but a deep anger could be seen hidden in his eyes. His mission was to infiltrate the viceroy manor and assassinate everyone here. However, not long after he entered the pyramid, the building suddenly released an earsplitting alarm, and then the situation developed into the current chaos. In the sealed corridor, this group of frantically running normal people plugged up all available space, not giving him any space to evade them, to the extent where an individual who lost his way even ran into his body!

He didn’t plan to waste any of his strength on these insect-like ordinary people, wishing to move through the crowd amidst the chaos. The collisions without any additional abilities added couldn’t break his stealth, but the black man’s hysterical kick and filthy speech successfully triggered his fury! According to Sun Empire’s tradition, red-robed warriors were all the Sun God’s close guards, their souls post death ascending and entering the sun’s core. This was the Sun God’s divine country, and they would obtain eternal life together with their deity. That was why regardless of where they were, regardless of who it was they were facing, the red-robed warriors all enjoyed the greatest statuses. When had he ever been humiliated like this before?

Meanwhile, in the eyes of these ordinary people, this red-robed warrior was no different from a god of death!

The short blade was so fast one couldn’t see its trajectory. However, the string of blood droplets drawn out in the air outlined its previous path. The red-robed warrior walked forward step by step, his large bare feet releasing heavy sounds when they made contact with the red rock ground surface, as if this was the drumbeat of a death god’s advance. With each passing second, the red-robed warrior would release several dozen cuts, these cuts either passing through several individuals’ bodies or completely endured by a single person. The strings of blood immediately weaved a net of blood in the sky; when the red-robed warrior walked through it, the web of blood landed on his exposed upper body, immediately adding a heavy blood color to his amber-colored skin.

This, was the red robe of god’s warrior.

When facing more than ten ordinary people who only had running on their minds, the red-robed warrior’s actions couldn’t even be called sadistic killing, but directly dismembering as he tore through everything obstructing his path! For example, that black man who had previously insulted the red-robed warrior was fished up by a blade, and then floated strangely in the air! His body was supported in the air by extremely fast cuts, and the red-robed warrior stood in front of his face for two whole seconds! Then, the red-robed warrior moved past the black man’s side. The black man’s expression was lifeless, his floating body finally landing on the ground, but it immediately broke apart into several hundred small chunks of flesh, tumbling about, blood spraying out like mist! Between the blood and flesh chunks appeared a complete and clean human skeleton.

For this divine warrior, killing already became a type of art. That short blade’s edge was still just as bright and pure as before.

The red-robed warrior who had immersed himself in rage and slaughter suddenly sensed a bit of chilliness. He suddenly stopped his steps and observed his surroundings. Right now, he was already standing at the corner of the corridor, behind him a road paved from flesh chunks and white bones, the blood trickling about trickling streams. Up ahead was a dark corridor, at the end of this corridor an emergency light, the dark red radiance only lighting up a small area around it. Three survivors ran while staggering about, their strength almost completely drained from excessive fear. One of them fell down, and then he almost seemed to have forgotten to stand up again, actually crawling forward just like that.

It would only take the red-robed warrior half a second to kill those three survivors. Just now, he even already decided on the next method of murder, feeling that puncturing the liver wasn’t a bad choice. It was fatal, delivered a sufficiently long period of suffering, and it saved time. He already wasted too much time here. Even though he didn’t know which one of his damn companions it was that set off the alarm, from a different point of view, the chaos also brought them quite the convenience in this assassination. At the very least, these hindrances that would ultimately be cleaned out came running out on their own, so they didn’t have to look everywhere for them inside of this massive pyramid.

However, the red-robed warrior’s feet were nailed firmly to his original position, not budging an inch. He raised his head, looking towards the ceiling.

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