Book 6 Chapter 13.5

Book 6 Chapter 13.5 - War

Right now, the pyramid’s silence was already shattered by the sound of alarms. Everyone got up and got dressed, panicked cries and questions rising from every direction. The moment the alarm sounded, regardless of whether they were inside or outside, everyone’s first reaction was that Su died, and the empire’s suppression army already charged into the pyramid! Most people rushed out in a panic, searching everywhere for an escape path, while a small portion of people immediately grabbed any form of weapon they could find near them. They were all free residents, but after the empire’s army won, their best result was to become slave miners, the most common conclusion having their bodies impaled by wooden stakes and presented in a ring around Maca City.

Only the top level viceroy private palace staff maintained basic order. Under the elder’s year-round training, the servants, maids, and guards were all able to maintain...

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