Book 6 Chapter 13.4

Book 6 Chapter 13.4 - War

In the central barracks, Su, whose eyes were closed in rest suddenly opened them, the half completed analysis of the new biological weapon thus stopping as well. There was no lighting in the tent, so this place was extremely dark. Su’s eyes were the only source of light.

“Danuo died?” Su frowned. His eyes landed on a map hanging on the other side, starting to calculate the enemy’s route of advance, speed, time, and other factors. Before Danuo’s death, the tissues Su hid in his body sent some crucial pieces of information back. From this information, Su deduced that the enemy who attacked Danuo was extremely strong, their individual strength not weaker than Danuo who was a suzerain before his upgrades, their attack methods carrying distinctive features. In the empire’s territory, experts at this level were pretty much limited to those types of individuals. Even from these pitifully lacking bits of information, he could still roughly determine the range of enemies that attacked.

A string of names flashed past Su’s consciousness, finally stopping on one.

“Red-robed warriors? It seems like the empire has invested quite a bit in this assault. At least four red-robed warriors, Probably planning to directly launch a surprise attack on Maca City and kill me! However, since they are aware that Murray died under my hands, they should know that four red-robed warriors isn’t quite enough… en, there should be at least one individual even more powerful than the red-robed warriors. The power of the first cut Danuo received wasn’t great, yet it was just right. This is likely the case.” In the blink of an eye, Su had already basically recreated the battle situation.

However, Su didn’t currently didn’t plan on returning Maca City. Inside the Viceroy Manor, he already prepared more than enough presents for the red-robed warriors. Su closed his eyes, and then the energy within him surged. Under the support of his powerful Perception Domain abilities, a brief yet powerful signal was released.

The viceroy manor under the darkness was intimidating and peaceful, a gloominess that made one suffocate pervading every inch of the pyramid. Everyone was busying about, silently doing what they had to do. Their expressions were all blank; aside from doing work, there weren’t any unnecessary movements, as if they were moving corpses.

This type of busying about continued until it was time to rest, most people then laying on their beds. Even though their bodies moved obediently as their master ordered, their thoughts couldn’t be completely suppressed, so this would inevitably be a sleepless night. Many of them were staring at the ceiling, not feeling the slightest bit of sleepiness. The empire’s suppression army would arrive tomorrow morning at the latest, and it would then fight against the troops under Su. Right now, every one of them felt complex emotions. They wanted Su to lose, yet at the same time hoped that he would win. In the empire’s laws, working under Su for several days meant that they had already defected, and the best result of defecting was being turned into slaves.

The pyramid was extremely quiet, the production machines that were usually fired up in the daytime all stopping their operations one after another, only the large-scale diesel engine still rumbling on the ground floor. At this moment when they didn’t know if they were going to live or die, even the individuals who were on night shifts were not in the mood for work, to the extent where there wasn’t even a single person in the most crucial breeding base, the bioengineering masters nowhere to be found. Inside the gloomy space, clusters of bubbles continuously emerged in the five breeding tanks filled with culture fluid, one could see six to seven wolf-like creatures floating inside every single breeding tank. The central control device’s screen flickered with a faint radiance, the continuously moving curved lines indicating that all of the breeding tanks were operating normally.

Suddenly, the undulating curve shook without any omen, and then it shot straight up, immediately breaking through the highest point of which the instrument could measure! It then remained above this critical point, drawing out a horrifying straight light!

Points of deep green light lit up one after another in the breeding tanks like those of a nocturnal wolf pack. The creatures who were still being bred opened their eyes one after another. They didn’t roar or struggle about, instead quietly floating in the culture fluid, as if listening and thinking deeply about something.

All of the Herkula received Su’s will. At this moment, they were using their own methods to communicate and formulate programs of action. The Herkula had far more methods of communication than the miniature Leigna. Apart from the flickering of radiance in their eyes, sound waves, and even spiritual fluctuations were also channels of communication.

A Herkula suddenly withdrew to the side of the breeding tank, its body clearly expanding in size. Then, a claw shot out with lightning speed, slashing at the reinforced glass wall! With a screech sound, three deep notches appeared on the reinforced glass! This Hercula exerted force again, and soon after, the reinforced glass had countless criss-crossed scratches carved into it. Its rear leg then raised upwards, smashing straight at these scratches!

With a bang sound, the outer shell of the reinforced glass was completely smashed apart, turning into countless fragments and scattering all over the floor. The culture fluid poured out with a hua sound, sending the six Herkula inside rushing out. As soon as they made contact with the floor, they immediately stood up. One of them walked over to the damaged breeding tank, and then stood up on its hind legs like a human, its front claws starting to operate the control screen! It proficiently imputed commands one after another, and soon after, the damaged breeding tank was closed, and the ear-splitting alarm sound also became silent. Meanwhile, the remaining Herkula were operating the other breeding tanks. The culture fluid in four breeding tanks began to drain, and soon after, the reinforced glass walls rose, the Herkula inside moving out one after another. Several dozen Herkula gathered together, the radiance in their eyes flickering about, simultaneously releasing slight qi qi tsa tsa sounds to quickly exchange information.

A few seconds later, a Herkula began to operate the central control system, opening up the breeding base’s isolation door. Thus, several dozen faint beast shadows rushed out, quickly disappearing into the massive and spacious pyramid. When the last Herkula saw that its companions had all left, it brought up a red menu, inputted a long string of secret code, and then pressed the confirmation key.

pa sounded. The main electrical power source was cut off, the entire pyramid thus becoming completely dark! The emergency electrical power immediately started up, dark red emergency lights lighting up the main passages. However, this bit of weak lighting was only enough to illuminate a pitiful amount of greenery, their range of lighting extremely limited, the significance of their locations far greater than their brightening effects.

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