Book 6 Chapter 13.2

Book 6 Chapter 13.2 - War

At this moment, in the gloomy forest, thirty soldiers whose bodies were almost completely naked, with alloy armor only covering crucial areas walked over with large steps. The short handle hatchets in their hands were the sharp tools that carved open a path, regardless of what it was that was blocking their way, they would all be chopped apart by a single motion. Even if it was a tree trunk laying on the ground, it would just be two or three hacks away from being cleared. Behind the thirty soldiers were a row of enormous wolf-type vicious beasts. However, these wolves were exceptionally massive, a size larger than even mature male lions, their weight reaching several hundred kilograms. Their manes were rough and hard like steel needles, their back and shoulders even covered in large amounts of bone armor plating. There were a total of seven enormous wolves one behind the other, long canine teeth extending past their mouths, bits of saliva dripping out from time to time. Ability users didn’t attach much importance to normal vicious beasts at all, but these seven giant wolves each equipped with five levels of Combat Domain ability possessed quite the destructive force. One had to understand that those with five levels of power strengthening could kill a male lion with a single fist!

The seven enormous wolves’ backs were piled high with supplies. One of them had a saddle strapped to it, Red Duke Kanos riding on its back like he was riding a horse, his eyes slightly narrowed, currently thinking about something. Meanwhile, behind the seven enormous wolves walked a group of strangely dressed individuals. Their bodies were entirely wrapped within crimson gowns, similarly colored masks covering most of their faces. Their arms were crossed in front of their chests, completely hidden within their clothes, not exposing the slightest bit of skin as they walked silently.

These red-robed individuals were precisely Sun God Temple’s special red-robed warriors. It was rumored that after they died, they would all become personal attendants of the Sun God, obtaining eternal life in the eternal sun core.

Only, there were only five red-robed warriors behind the Red Duke, the whereabouts of the other five unknown.

Light wind flapping sounds suddenly rang out in the air. Two Tungus Warhawks rushed past treetops one after another, flying over. They landed side by side, stopping on the shoulders of the giant wolf Kanos was riding on. Kanos removed the sealed boxes from the warhawks’ bellies, opened the secret messages, and then read them. He then wrote a few lines on them before returning them to the warhawks’ bellies, and then ordered them to deliver the messages back. The Tungus Warhawks could all understand simple speech, and as such, they moved their wings, quickly disappearing into the distance. 

The contents of the message were actually extremely simple, just the generals’ progress reports. However, what was rather strange was that only two Tungus Warhawks flew over. Based on the Red Duke’s conventional practice, there were always three Tungus Warhawks whenever he was contacted to avoid accidents. However, this time, only two Tungus Warhawks arrived, something unexpected clearly happening to one of them. The Tungus Warhawks rarely lost their ways, and it naturally didn’t have any predators in these highlands. Meanwhile, the Tungus Warhawks, after experiencing genetic improvements, wouldn’t display the innate tendencies of wild species, let alone run, only the most proficient hunters or high level snipers able to hunt them. With this in mind, where did the missing Tungus Warhawk go?

When he thought up to here, a dark cloud covered Kanos’ face.


The dark clouds of war already covered the great earth, thick to the point where it might fall down. Danuo’s current mood was similar to the sky, full of gloominess and darkness.

He had already defended this region for two days. The terrain of this place was level. Apart from the area he occupied, there weren’t any other high points. Meanwhile, the upland beneath his feet was merely a small hill a few dozen meters taller than the surrounding terrain. A camp was established on the top of the hill, the eighty soldiers currently inspecting the surroundings in every direction under an assistant officer’s orders. After experiencing the battle of Maca City’s capture, these soldiers who were already elite members had different degrees of improvements as well. This was extremely normal, when fighting a battle of life and death, the soldiers who survived would all become more or less stronger. Danuo himself killed four bodyguards and over ten close guard soldiers in that battle, obtaining ten evolutionary points.

A month ago, Danuo was still a suzerain who was incredibly well off, someone who grasped the fates of over ten thousand lives, yet now, he was merely a small leader under Su who commanded less than a hundred soldiers. However, a month ago, he only had a single seventh level ability, but after seizing control over Maca City, Su granted every Suzerain two eighth level ability formulations, so the current Danuo was already an eighth level ability user. In Sun Empire, the difference between someone with seven levels of ability and eight levels of ability was tremendous, after obtaining eight levels of ability, one would obtain all types of privileges. The true noble ranks and high level positions were things only those with at least eight levels of ability could hold. The beliefs that abilities were above all was ingrained into the empire residents’ blood, which was why as a suzerain who originally needed a long time before he could obtain these abilities through the previous method, Danuo didn’t have much complaints towards his current situation.

This place was less than a hundred kilometers from Maca City, but it was still completely overgrown. Danuo didn’t feel much dissatisfaction to being stationed here either, after all, fighting on the main battlefield might very well mean clashing head-on against the empire’s suppression army. At that time, whether he would come out alive or dead, it would be hard to say. Even though he was an eighth level ability user, he still didn’t have a hundred percent certainty that he would survive. The rebellion suppression forces the empire was sending out would definitely come from Xilur City. This was not only where one of the three great Sun God Temples rested, there was also the Red Duke, and Marshal Debayor’s encampment wasn’t  too far off.

Only, as time went on, Danuo could smell danger getting closer and closer. However, as for where the danger originated from, he had no idea. This made him, who usually had an explosive temper, become even more vexed and uneasy. However, apart from raising vigilance, there was nothing else he could do.

In his current position, Danuo could see group after group of soldiers patrolling around the hill. Meanwhile, in the newly dug up bunker hid several sentry posts. With both visible and hidden sentries, together with strengthened perception abilities, ability users with lower level abilities than Danuo basically had no chance of infiltrating the camp.

The patrol was made up of three man teams. They moved along preset paths, but every single one of them maintained enough vigilance, carefully observing the surrounding silence. This type of attitude left Danuo extremely satisfied, the intensive training still showing some effects. If this wasn’t the case, he didn’t mind using his whip to properly teach fellas who dared to slack off on the battlefield a lesson.

Night approached. Beside three patrolling soldiers, the darkness seemed to distort! A short and wide rectangular bone blade quietly appeared in the darkness, silently moving past the patrolling soldiers’ necks!

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