Book 6 Chapter 13.1

Book 6 Chapter 13.1 - War

Several dozen eggs that were sparkling and translucent like fish eggs landed on the ground, signifying the start of a new stage. The Leigna who had just given birth only rested for a few minutes before withdrawing its dried up body, crawling back onto the feral wolf’s corpse to continue eating.

A small black figure could be seen wriggling about in every single egg. Several minutes later, an ant-sized Leigna larva broke out from the shell. They first ate the egg shells surrounding themselves, and then moved over to the place their parent resided one after another, the feral wolf’s corpse becoming their second delicious flesh meal. This group of little things with great appetites chewed about, eating whatever they saw. It was as if a black smog covered the feral wolf’s rear leg, and then it gradually extended upwards, not even the bones left behind.

When the close to a hundred Leigna larvae finished eating, the feral wolf’s entire leg disappeared! If only the volume was compared, the feral wolf’s leg was at least several tenfold larger! While supporting their disproportionately swollen bellies, the larvae began to sleep. While asleep, their small bodies continuously released fine pi pa sounds, growing crazily at visible speeds. After more than ten hours passed, these larvae would grow to the same size as their parent, fully completing their maturation. Five days after their birth, they would possess the ability to reproduce themselves. Meanwhile, their parent also finished eating, similarly resting, waiting for the energy they used up to return. New eggs would be produced a day later, and on the third day, a new batch of Leigna larvae would emerge.

At this very moment, the general had no idea that his random action ended up increasing the number of hidden enemies close to a hundred times.

Daybreak arrived again. The weather today wasn’t bad, the clouds floating quite high in the sky. Even its usual lifeless and heavy feeling was restrained, giving people a sense of high skies pale clouds.

The faint sound of wings flapping sounded in the sky. A dark gray eagle spread its wings, gracefully and swiftly moving through the sky, flying east. It speed was extremely fast, at the very least, few creatures in the skies could escape its pursuit. Meanwhile, a pair of sharp eagle eyes scanned the surface from time to time, full of expression, indicating that this creature’s intelligence wasn’t low. Everything that happened on the ground was reflected in those eyes, not even the various creatures hiding in the forest able to escape its eyes’ scanning. The kings of the ground were nothing more than a joke in its opinion. If it wanted to, it could fight against a feral wolf several times its own size.

While flying, it suddenly felt a wave of extreme danger sweep over. It lowered its head, discovering a dark gray, wolf-like creature standing on a massive ancient tree’s treetop, its dark sea-green eyes current staring at it!

Even a wolf dared to provoke it, a Tungus Warhawk?!

The Tungus Warhawk was one of the empire’s new generation balanced type biological weapons developed using the Highland Eagle as a blueprint, equipped with the intelligence of a ten year old human child, and its combat strength, endurance, and speed were several times higher than that of a Highland Eagle, lifespan reaching thirty years. If one was evaluating it as a whole, it was an extremely outstanding biological weapon. They often served as a messenger and scouting assistance military units, sometimes carrying out special missions.

If a Tungus Warhawk faced a normal feral wolf, the situation would most likely be overwhelmingly one sided. The warhawk’s flight speed and claws that could easily tear apart its enemy’s outer skin would completely force the feral wolf into a defensive state. Of course, creatures of the forest all had extremely sharp instincts, so there were never any feral wolves who dared to provoke the Tungus Warhawk.

The warhawk circled a few times above the gray wolf below, but the great danger it was feeling prevented it from immediately diving down. This wolf wasn’t quite the same as an ordinary feral wolf, its body a bit slimmer, the lines along its body taut and slim, giving off a feeling of power. Meanwhile, its four limbs were a size larger than ordinary feral wolves, which meant that it might possess exceptional jumping strength. If this was the case, then didn’t it mean that its current height of less than twenty meters above the ground wasn’t all that safe?! 

When this thought emerged in the warhawk’s mind, it immediately moved its wings, flying high into the sky! However, a crack sounded from the tree branch below. That strange wolf-like creature unexpectedly really did jump out, shooting out like a missile! Its body concealed terrifying power, the force its rear claws exerted unexpectedly snapping the treetop’s trunk that was several dozen centimeters in diameter!

Under miserable cries, the warhawk’s body was viciously torn open by the wolf-like creature’s disproportionately large foreclaws, one of its wings almost torn off at the base!

With a putong sound, the warhawk fell from the sky, smashing into the ground. Earth and scattered grass flew everywhere, unknown just how many feathers and bones were broken. Then, after the wolf-like creature’s claw crushed down, the eagle twitched a few times, and then completely lost its ability to move. Meanwhile, the wolf-like creature was able to stably land on the ground after dropping down several dozen meters from the air.

The wolf-shaped creature wasn’t in a rush to eat, instead fishing out a metal item hanging from the Tungus Warhawk’s belly. It used its sharp claws to easily cut open the device, acquiring the secret information stored within. When it was opened, it unexpectedly read through it like a person. During the entire process, its large sharp foreclaws were as nimble as human hands. The secret letter wasn’t torn apart, to the extent where not even an additional crease was added to it.

When it saw this scene, the dying warhawk revealed a look of horror. Its intelligence that far exceeded other eagles told it that the creature before it wasn’t just a simple type of frightening, that it had to inform its master as soon as possible! Unfortunately, it had already permanently lost its ability to fly. To be safe, the wolf-like creature immediately tore off its two wings, and this wolf who knew how to read naturally possessed intelligence on a whole different level from the warhawk.

Indeed, the inferior type Herkula, just in terms of intelligence, was comparable to an intelligent human with an IQ of 140. If it was the completed Herkula, they would have intelligence equivalent to two thought centers.

Only after reading the secret letter did this Herkula tear apart and devour the Tungus Warhawk, finishing it with just a few bites, not even leaving behind a single feather. Then, it leapt onto the treetop, releasing a long howl into the sky. The howling sound echoed far into the distance, and when the sounds human ears could pick up completely disappeared, there were some high frequency fluctuations that only weakened slightly, continuing to travel in all directions. This howl that sounded extremely similar to wolf howls, when picked up by similar Herkula or Leigna, would be converted into the original message.

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