Book 6 Chapter 12.7

Book 6 Chapter 12.7 - Sacrifice

The general laughed coldly. He fished out a cigarette from his pocket, lit it, and took a deep breath. Then, he pulled out the dagger from his waist, suddenly flinging it towards the wasp that remained unmoving on that rock! The dagger released whistling sound, unexpectedly flying out close to a thousand meters, shooting accurately at the wasp!

The wasp immediately rose into the air, barely avoiding the dagger’s strike. Under splashing sparks, the dagger stabbed deeply into the rock. However, the wasp still couldn’t escape misfortune. Shrill cries sounded continuously. Several thin throwing knifes flew over, spinning as they hacked towards the wasp.

At this time, the wasp finally displayed exceptional abilities. Its stomach continuously contracted and expanded, the small pores continuously releasing sharp blasts of air, allowing it to quickly alter its direction and angle of flight, moreover accelerate to its greatest speed in the shortest amount of distance. However, the exceptional speed and nimbleness couldn’t change its fate. A sharp and clear gunshot sounded in the forest, the high speed bullet finally smashing into its body. Following the sounds of metal colliding, its stomach was almost completely blasted rotten, while the recoil force unexpectedly caused the bullet to deform and bounce off!

The wasp that lost most of its body dropped onto the ground, its wings flapping about in a futile manner, yet there was no way it could bite down on the enemy. With its body type, the general with eight levels of abilities wasn’t an enemy it could face at all. However, the wasp’s powerful vitality and terrifyingly agile speed left even the general a bit alarmed.

The general picked up the bullet, and then looked its current degree of deformity that would only happen from striking armor, steel plate, and other things like that, and then his face couldn’t help but darken a bit. He squatted down, looked at the continuously struggling wasp, and then said to himself, “What kind of damned thing is this?”

As the Red Duke’s trusted aide, the general had witnessed quite a few biological weapons developed by the empire in secret, yet there was none that left him feeling this nervous. He nudged the remaining half of this wasp’s body with his pistol. The little thing’s frantic struggle finally reached an end. Apart from occasionally twitching a few times, it didn’t display much more activity. The general produced a special specimen storage test tube, preparing to store the wasp’s ruined body inside. As soon as he pulled open the test tube, this originally dying wasp suddenly bounced up from the ground, biting down on the general’s wrist with lightning speed!

The general’s speed was extremely fast. With a turn of his wrist, he already stored the wasp into the test tube, and then quickly closed it. He pressed down on the bottle stopper, and then cold air was released, filling the test tube. The wasp struggled about, its two mouths biting at the tube walls a few times, and only then did it tumble down, falling to the bottom of the test tube.

The general looked at the two small wounds on his wrist, his face ashen. He felt a numb feeling from the injury, and it was quickly swelling. What seeped out wasn’t blood, but a viscous liquid.

Poison!” Moreover, neurological poison! The general immediately came to this conclusion, the expression on his face becoming even uglier. His right arm suddenly swelled, his muscles contracting, forcing his blood to flow in reverse. With a pu sound, two long streaks of blood shot out from the injuries, and only then was the poison forced out. However, the general’s arm already started to become inflamed, already feeling like it was a bit difficult to exert strength. It seemed like if he didn’t apply treatment, the remaining poison might still activate within a few days. At the very least, this right arm’s strength would be weakened by half.

What a powerful poison, a poison that rarely appeared in the natural world. Moreover, it clearly violated the food chain pattern of the surrounding biological environment, something that ought to have come from a certain biochemistry laboratory. The general released a long sigh, and then looked at the clear teeth marks on the test tube walls. Even though it didn’t break, if what he stored was a perfectly uninjured wasp… this was the first time his expression became serious, carefully storing the deep-freeze test tube.

The empire’s special deep-freeze test tube was made of special materials, possessing a rigidity comparable to high quality alloy steel, yet this ruined wasp actually produced bite marks on it! This meant that as long as there were enough wasps, not even hiding inside of a tank was safe. They could easily chew open a tunnel through the tank’s exterior, and then kill the people hiding inside. When did this type of terrifying wasp start to appear outside Xilur City?

At this moment, the general suddenly recalled a critical issue: wasps always lived in groups!

He slowly stood up, looking at his right arm that was still red and swollen, and then at the free soldiers that were marching as if they were on a spring outing, a shadow moving over his face. He thought for a bit, and then the general called over a few trusted aides, having them immediately deliver this deep-freeze test tube back to Xilur City as fast as possible, give it to the red-robed archbishop. Sun God Temple was the source of the empire’s abilities and biological weapons, so they should be able to unravel the mysteries hidden in this little thing’s body.

After completing these tasks, only then did the general feel a bit more at ease, starting to leave with large strides. However, the shadow over his heart never disappeared, as if there was still something hiding in these forest depths.

When the general left, an identical wasp crawled out from a large tree’s trunk. It looked towards the distance, moved its wings, and then rushed into the sky. The mountain winds were extremely strong, and when it reached the skies above, the air streams even more so blew it until its body continuously moved up and down. This miniature Leigna retracted its frail wings, changing to the air stream method to continuously climb upwards, shooting up like a bullet more than ten meters each time it released a stream of air. Only when it climbed three thousand meters into the air did it stabilize. Its pitch-black body gradually released heat, and then a longwave signal full of information fired out from its body. When it finished releasing this powerful and efficient beam, all of its body’s energy was exhausted, thus being swept away by the wind into the distance.

“Specimen of self species has been captured by enemy, initiating second stage of command.” This was the piece of information the beam carried.

A moment later, several hundred kilometers away, several Leigna with wasp-like external appearances left the surveillance and patrol area, only leaving behind a few to continue following Xilur City’s army. They separately entered the forest, starting to frantically attack all creatures they saw, regardless of whether they were wild wolves that were the size of calfs or insects smaller than itself. Under the attacks, their speed and power seemed unsurpassed. When they landed on the wild wolves’ backs, they would use jaws that could chew through steel to tear apart the wolves’ hide and directly make their way inside the wild wolves, starting to gorge themselves on the food. In just a few short minutes of time, they devoured food that was several times larger than their own size, and then they dragged their disproportionately large bellies to either lay on their prey’s bodies, or hang from tree branches, starting to rest.

Several hours later, the first Leigna laid eggs.

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