Book 6 Chapter 12.4

Book 6 Chapter 12.4 - Sacrifice

Su suddenly sat up from the bed!

The moment he woke up, the Panoramic View was stretched out to its limit, immediately granting Su control over his surroundings. The night was still deep, quite a few hours from daytime. Wind continuously blew in through a window and then out through another just like before. Three captivating bodies laid on the spacious bed, Murray’s daughter and two maids. On the table, several dozen bottles of alcohol were piled up in a mess on the table, a strong smell of alcohol still lingering in the air.

There were two guards and four servants currently waiting outside the bedroom, ready to accept orders at any time. The small dining room nearby had several hundred kilograms of specially prepared high calorie food for Su to use as midnight snacks. Meanwhile, in the kitchen a floor below, more than ten chefs planned to work through the night for breakfast tomorrow.

In the viceroy palace, close to fifty individuals were working through the night to serve a single person; this was the lifestyle of someone of high status.

Su got off the bed, standing before the ground reaching a whole body mirror to examine his perfect human male body. His body’s proportions were a bit different from that of ordinary humans, even more fitted to ultra life forms’ perception of beauty, yet also signified much greater power. During these past few days, everything Su did was no different from enjoying the pampered lifestyle of someone with high status, crazy drinking, addicted eating, as well as numerous women. He did everything he could to maintain the feeling of being human, moreover seemingly obtaining some degree of success.

Just now, he actually fell asleep, and even dreamt!

Ever since he could control himself at a cellular level, sleep was no longer an essential activity. Moreover, when his thought centers began to form, dreaming even more so became an impossible task. Every single thought center was comparable to a human with top quality IQ, each day only requiring a short one or two hours of rest, and this bit of time could be divided into several parts. This meant that there were many active centers at any time. Normally speaking, the so-called sleep that Su carried out was to shut down needless thinking, allowing his thought centers to process the tasks they needed to process at full power. Even if one or two thought centers showed signs of dreaming, this type of activity couldn’t be maintained. The other thought centers would correct this type of action that could potentially influence his decision making.

However, Su really did fall asleep, and he also dreamt.

The dream was extremely simple, and it was extremely monotonous, just a metal door covered in rust and moss. On the door was an old-fashioned lock, on the surface some new brush marks, and inside the keyhole was a copper key. When the dream began, the metal door was currently slowly closing. This was originally a silent dream, but when the metal door closed, a loud crash sound suddenly sounded! The sound smashed this dreamland, waking Su up.

Su stood in front of the mirror, currently continuously recalling the dream, trying to trace it back to its source. Soon after, he obtained an answer. This dream didn’t occur in any thought center, but rather appearing baselessly  in Su’s main consciousness.

Behind the metal door was a deep darkness. When this scene replayed in his memories, Su actually felt like this darkness had matter, able to move, and able to eat. He had no idea what was hiding behind the darkness, but he felt a true threat.

“What is this? A type of warning? Or maybe a type of misleading?” Su thought to himself. He knew that at least now, there were far too many things he didn’t know, for example, where this dream came from. Perhaps it was just a type of reaction his instincts displayed towards danger. However, this also proved that the level of danger had already reached a certain critical point.

“Perhaps those fellas from Xilur have already moved out? I seems like the old fella didn’t speak the complete truth. However, this isn’t important. It’s already time for me to move.”

Su stood before the window, lightly caressing the fist-sized growth in his stomach. A sharp blade extended from his fingertips, cutting open this growth. In the area where the finger blade moved through, skin and muscle opened layer after layer, but there wasn’t a single drop of blood or liquid flowing out. From the opened crack, several dozen finger-sized wasps swarmed out, some able to fly as soon as they left the body, some rolling out, falling on the ground, unexpectedly making a metallic collision sound. The bodies of the wasps that fell flipped over, they crawled to their feet, and then quickly and continuously moved the six wings on their back, releasing a buzzing sound. In the strong wind blowing through the room, their wings flapped at fast speeds, their bodies starting to stably hover in the air, quickly drying off the dampness of their bodies. Then, they flew up one by one, all of them landing on the window, arranging themselves into two orderly rows.

These wasps were entirely black in color, their glossy exterior continuously reflecting the light around them, making them intermittently visible, their appearances also changing constantly. The armor covering their bodies looked extremely sturdy. Apart from the six wings on their backs, there were two rows of fine holes lining their abdomen and tail regions. All of the wasps raised their heads towards Su, the three pairs of compound eyes unexpectedly able to release a faint light, the continuously flickering radiance all carrying meaning. Meanwhile, in their eyes, the light that swirled within the depths of Su’s green eyes similarly carried a tremendous amount of information, including every mission they were tasked with. A few minutes later, all of the wasps began to turn around, flying out one by one through boundless night sky, into the distance.

Reconnaissance strengthened model Leigna (micro version): standard body length three centimeters, equipped with a hundred and forty types of sensory modes, memory storage capacity ten days. Omnivorous, aerial type, three propulsion methods; singular fighting strength, weak... Special ability, corps battle mode, neurotoxin. Reproduction method, self viviparity, breeding period three days.

This was a new type of biological weapon created from a combination of the Leigna prototype and the local blood-sucking mosquito’s genes. Even though it was extremely simple, it could be considered the first complete biological weapon Su had produced on his own, the meaning of this significant. Whether or not this project was fully mature, it still needed to be verified a step further in real combat.

When the Leigna colony was released, Su’s rather frightening cut slowly gathered together, eventually not a trace to be seen. He put on his upper garment and walked out from the bedroom.

“Lord!” The guards at the bedroom entrance were given a fright, not expecting Su to come out at this time. They immediately leaned forward, displaying the empire’s etiquette, expressing the highest level of respect towards Su.

“Contact Kebile and all of the suzerains, have them gather in the combat hall, immediately.”

“Sir!” The guards replied loudly, rushing out.

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