Book 6 Chapter 11.5

Book 6 Chapter 11.5 - Patience

When he saw how Yelicie was struggling with the steak, Su finally woke from his own thoughts. He stopped eating, had someone bring pen and paper, and then wrote row after row of information, and then handed it to the elder. On the list was an entire set of magic ability formulation, from level one Flame all the way to two eighth level abilities: Blazing Fire and Scorch Amplification. With this set of abilities, it would create a master of fire. The power of the flames released would be matchless, the flames that reached three thousand degrees able to melt almost all substances. However, the weaknesses were quite glaring as well, which was that because of its exceptional power, its speed of release would be slowed as well, and the cooldown between each discharge long. Before the eighth level Blazing Fire could be used, at least two to three minutes of energy accumulation was needed. In individual decisive battles, Blazing Fire was practically useless.

This set of medications represented a huge amount of wealth, but the elder didn’t raise any issues, instead immediately leaving to personally fetch the ability formulations. Ten minutes later, he carried a special suitcase back to the dining room. Within these ten minutes, Su devoured two more whole cows! In this breakfast meal, Su ate a total of nine cows and twenty-one lambs, yet his body didn’t display the slightest change. His upper body was bare, his waist and underbelly not showing the slightest sign of swelling. 

When the elder brought over the ability formulations, Su finally lowered his blades, ending this meal. He looked around him, giving an order that made the chefs almost collapse, “Make some preparations, I am going to have lunch in half an hour.”

Then, Su accepted the suitcase from the elder, and then brought Yelicie into a sealed, private room.

Under Su’s attentive gaze, Yelicie injected vial after vial of ability formulation into her body with her trembling hands. These drugs were extremely precious, especially the two eighth level ability formulations that were even more so things suzerains would do everything they could to purchase. However, for her, even third level drugs might cause genetic collapse, let alone eight levels? However, she didn’t have a choice. The young lady clenched her fine teeth, doing her best to control her shaking fingertips as she injected the expensive drugs into her body.

After the final syringe was emptied, Yelicie completely lost strength, sitting down on the ground. Right at this moment, she suddenly saw one of Su’s fingers change and separate, landing on the ground, already becoming a strange creature similar to an insect. The small creature reached her face with just a few hops, throwing itself to the side of her neck, its needle-like mouthparts stabbing deeply into the carotid artery, injecting the bit of Su’s blood stored within its belly.

Yelicie only felt as if her head became dizzy, her eyelids as thick as lead, and then she couldn’t help but fall asleep. In a daze, she seemed to hear Su say, “With me here, you won’t die. All you need to do now is properly sleep.”

She finally fell asleep. In her hazy subconscious mind, Su didn’t seem to be all that scary, at least a bit better than her father.

Yelicie was already sleeping, but the dreaming young lady’s entire body was burning, as if raging flames were burning her, her small face also warping in pain. The process of developing abilities was actually extremely painful, the suffering not something she could escape even if she was fast asleep. Moreover, when she woke up, she would still remember everything clearly. Yelicie didn’t have enough evolutionary points, so based on normal reasoning, all of the abilities created by the drugs should lose effectiveness as a result. However, the blood that Su injected into her body was currently remodeling her entire body, allowing the ability formulations to solidify as talent and potential, as well as granting her the first three levels of ability. In the future, she only needed to continuously evolve in battle, and then she would be able to display her potential abilities one after another.

As he watched the suffering young lady, Su frowned, reaching out his finger towards her again. The little creature that absorbed Su’s blood ran back over, injecting a drop of newly secreted toxin that could effectively alleviate pain, as well as smooth out the harm the ability development process would bring one’s organs.

“Meaningless waste.” This was his instincts’ assessment. However, Su remained unmoved.

Lunchtime arrived. After the early morning’s experience, this time, the elder hurriedly transferred over ten cows, twelve wild elephants, fifty sheep, and several tons of different types of food. In addition, after realizing that Su didn’t care much about the food’s taste or even how long it was cooked for, the chefs with excellent skills all became unskilled workers, all they needed to do was butcher the animals, cut them into fine pieces, cook them, place them on plates, and then bring it out, that was all.

Lunch continued for an hour and a half. After the viceroy manor’s kitchen reserves were emptied, Su gave the elder three hours to prepare dinner, and then returned to his bedroom to sleep.

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