Book 6 Chapter 11.4

Book 6 Chapter 11.4 - Patience

Su nodded, and then said, “Yelicie, en, not a bad name. Are you willing to join my army?”

Yelicie widened her eyes, and then said with astonishment, “Army? Me? But, I don’t know how to fight…”

“You have the talent, it all depends on whether you are willing or not.”

Yelicie immediately nodded with all her might, saying, “I am willing!”

Entering the army, especially Su’s army, it wasn’t too good of a choice, because the empire’s disorder suppressing troops were going to arrive soon. However, staying in the army would always be better than being a slave. Since Su was willing to let her join the army, then that meant he wouldn’t immediately kill her. As for abilities… abilities were things that if those above you believed you had, then you had them.

“Then what about me?” A shy voice sounded from behind Su, coming from Yelicie’s older sister.

“This does not include you.” Su’s ice-cold voice immediately made the brave older sister become silent. She similarly revealed an expression of extreme fear, eye begging for help as she looked at her own younger sister. Yelicie instead bit her lips, only pretending as if she didn’t see anything. In Murray’s enormous family, the relationship between sisters was weak to an almost nonexistent level, Yelicie even more so wouldn’t abandon a rare opportunity at life for her sake.

Su got off the bed, stretched out his body, and then called the elder over, ordering for breakfast to be prepared. Then, he turned his head towards Yelicie, saying, “You should prepare a bit, and then come with me for breakfast.”

Yelicie immediately leapt off the bed, standing tall and bowing, responding respectfully.

Murray liked spacious areas, the most striking thing in the dining room that ten meter long main dining table. The dining table was covered with a white tablecloth with gilded patterns. The seven candle holders were all used, bringing the dining table a bright and warm radiance. The master’s seat was originally at the end of the long table, but Su sat at a central position. Meanwhile, Yelicie sat on the other side of Su. Even though she was still a bit overcautious and uneasy, she wasn’t someone unfamiliar with the world, already calming down considerably. She lowered her head slightly, working at the food in the plate before her in a graceful and slow manner, a rare steak that was twice as thick. The sliminess of the steak made her a bit nauseous, but this was the food Su ordered for her, so she had to forcefully eat it no matter how much she disliked it.

The elder stood by the dining table, not speaking much, able to let the attendants understand his orders purely from his gestures. There were more than eight attendants moving about in the dining room, while in the kitchen behind him, the number of busy chefs was even more so triple this amount! All of them were busying about, king-sized meal platters sent in one after another, the finished plates brought away.

Su sat perfectly straight, on his face his trademark smile as he cut the enormous roast meat before him that was more than ten kilograms in weight. What he used to cut the meat was a curved machete that was normally only used on the battlefield, moreover two of them! When the two blades moved about, the roast meat was immediately diced up into hundreds of square shaped chunks, organized into a straight line, and then sent into Su’s mouth. Such an enormous chunk of roast meat only took Su half a minute to finish. When the plate before him was emptied, it would rise on its own and fly to the pile on his right. The plate of food to his left would then automatically shift over. When the Panoramic View was expanded, Su could use it as an intermediary, able to exert force on any object within its range. Moving the plate of roast meat was but the most insignificant trivial matter.

The elder was already used to this scene of the plates moving on their own, only, when he saw it for the first time, his expression changed slightly, because there were clearly no Magic Domain ability fluctuations. Then, he carefully hid his expression, placing all of his attention on the supply of food. Murray’s quantity of food intake was already exceptionally great among ninth level ability users, yet Su ate ten times the amount Murray ate! When the elder noticed the issue of food supply, he immediately made adjustments, having the chefs omit many procedures, that it was enough as long as they added a layer of gravy on top of meat that finished cooking. In addition, after seeing Su use the two blades to cut up the food, he then ordered the chefs to stop paying attention to details, to instead directly cut the beef into several large chunks and bring them out when they were cooked. This was the reason why there were often enormous chunks of roast meat weighing over ten kilograms before Su. The elder’s decisions clearly left Su satisfied. He could now focus on eating, as well as occasionally remind Yelicie to eat a bit more. The young lady whose face was stuffed with roast meat did everything she could to swallow the extremely rare beef, from time to time having no choice but to borrow water to push it down.

Early in the morning, when Su discovered that Yelicie’s innate talent was strong enough to catch his attention, he recorded all of her body’s data, as well as used a bit of time to carry out an analysis. This young lady possessed unexpected ability talent, hidden within her were eight levels of talent in the Magic Domain. If she was fitted with energy crystals and abilities Su specially prepared for her, then there was a good chance that she would break through the limitations of her talents and reach nine levels. Murray’s other children more or less had ability talent, most of them able to develop at least four levels of ability, while the young lady who accompanied Su for a night together with Yelicie had around five levels of talent. When Su came to that conclusion, he didn’t carry out a deeper analysis of her, because even if she broke through the limitations of her talent, it would still only be six levels. This degree of abilities could at least allow them to muddle their way into being a lower ranked officer, but for Su’s planned army, this level was insignificant, not worth the use of precious evolutionary points.

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