Book 6 Chapter 11.3

Book 6 Chapter 11.3 - Patience

Su began to think about what he had to do to perfect his body.

Maca City’s resources were limited. If one wanted to concoct stronger biological weapons, genes of all different types were indispensable. Moreover, the amount of energy Su currently needed was extremely great. If he only relied on eating, even if he ate from morning to night, it would still take three or four years before he could evolve to a certain degree. Su already figured out how to solve this issue, what he needed to do now was only to find the concrete plan of action.

Right when he was in deep thought, a slight buzzing sound of wings flapping sounded in the bedroom. A blood-sucking mosquito only about half a finger in length flew in from the window, circling a few times inside the bedroom. There were large and small blood-sucking mosquitoes, the larger ones half a palm in size, the smaller ones only half the size of an ordinary mosquito. The differences in size were also the result of powerful radiation, unstableness of genes. Mosquitoes were the most commonly seen insects of tropical regions, and they often carried numerous parasites and diseases. If it was the olden era, their existence would be enough to produce a great disaster. However now, low level ability users all had the ability to cut them apart in the air with their daggers, while the natives released a strong stench that seemed to repel almost all insects.

This blood-sucking mosquito drew Su’s attention. When his green eyes landed on its body, a formless power immediately brought it before Su’s face, moreover forcing it to stop on Su’s palm. It frantically moved its wings, yet no matter what it did, it just couldn’t free itself from the force field’s restriction. In a moment of desperation, it suddenly lowered its head, using its sharp mouthpart to cut apart the skin covering his palm, fiercely stabbing in! A single thrust from a mosquito this large would leave behind a bloody hole. Through the semi-transparent mouthpart, one could see that blood was currently moving into its stomach.

Within Su’s green pupil, a hologram of a blood-sucking mosquito was currently taking form. It became more and more transparent, its internal body composition analyzed layer by layer, and then broken down into an endless stream of data that converged into a light golden symbol. This symbol was extremely small, but it contained all of the genetic secrets Su currently knew. In addition, it carried out its own analysis, assembly, optimization, and inspection, completely a biological weapon blueprint warehouse capable of autonomous intelligence.

Blood-sucking mosquitoes continuously sucked blood, the taste of blood making it even forget to run. However, how could Su’s blood be that easy to suck? While immersed in its pleasure, Su already completed his complete analysis of it, and as such, this blood-sucking mosquito suddenly expanded, exploding with a bang sound! Countless droplets of blood gathered in the air, converging into a slightly larger drop of blood, and under the guidance of the force field, it flew over to the wound on Su’s hand, entering the small hole pierced open by the mosquito. The opening was closed in an instant, the palm of his hand once again becoming clean and soft, as if nothing had happened.

Su stood up, returning to the bed and closing his eyes.

While half asleep, half awake, his body was quietly modifying, the evolutionary points he obtained from Murray and many close guards’ bodies consumed like water. The lines on his exposed body became tougher and more firm, the edges and corners sharper. Su used up all of the evolutionary points he obtained, raising his own power strengthening to seven levels. Based on this body’s foundational power, seven levels of strength strengthening was already close to an ordinary ability user’s nine levels. After his basic abilities were increased, the amplification of the initial energy crystals became insignificant, only the crystal buried at the center of his chest’s amplification remaining unchanged. Generally speaking, Su currently possessed powerful abilities that were close to being able to overwhelm all ninth level ability users.

Faint morning light seeped in through the window, the flames in the wall lamps never going out year-round. The two young ladies, despite being exhausted, their strict upbringing still made them wake up on time. When they opened their eyes, they saw what seemed to be a still sleeping Su. Under the morning light and flames’ illumination, Su’s body looked beautiful and full of power, the energy crystals embedded in his body adding a bit of mystery to his appearance. In Sun Empire, energy crystals were the embodiment of first-rate experts, because only sufficiently powerful people could control the destructive power of energy crystals. Even Murray only implanted two energy crystals into his body.

The largest crystal in front of Su’s chest already concealed itself back into his skin, the two damaged power crystals also removed. However, from the two young ladies’ perspective, they could still see two symmetrical rows of crystals along Su’s arms, abdomen, and legs, six on each side. The thirteen year old young lady was a bit more daring, couldn’t help but reach out her hand to touch this emblem of strength. When her fingertip made contact with the crystal surface, a slight numbing sensation was released by the crystal, this feeling immediately covering most of her body. She was given a fright, but she forcefully stopped herself from crying out. However, when she tried to pull back her right hand, she discovered that her two fingers seemed to be glued to the crystal, impossible to remove!

She was absolutely horrified. When she raised her head, she discovered that Su had unknowingly when woken up, his head currently turned to the side, looking at her! She opened her mouth, instinctively wishing to cry out, but her strict training helped her successfully swallow it back down. Murray hated girls who screamed the most, and if he was angered, even if she was his daughter, she still might be forcibly ripped apart. This wasn’t something that hadn’t happened before. Murray could obtain as many women as he wanted, so he wouldn’t lack sons or daughters either.

The training forced the young lady to suppress her fear and raise her head to meet Su’s gaze. She knew that her eyes were extremely beautiful, and also extremely clear, her greatest weapon. However, when she saw Su’s eyes, she unexpectedly saw herself within the pupils!

That was her entire body’s holographic image, currently slowly spinning, transparent from head to toe. The young lady suddenly broke out into a cold shiver. There was only a slight chill blowing through the room, yet she felt as if a cold wind from hell blew past her body!

“What is your name?” Su suddenly asked.

“Ye… Yelicie” The young lady said while trembling. She didn’t know why Su would suddenly ask for her name, because when Su was viciously pounding against her body last night, and even after it ended, he had never asked for their names. Why did he now ask for her name alone? She knew that there were some powerful individuals in the empire who loved to ‘benevolently’ ask for the other party’s name so that they could add a bit more spice to the bloody memory. 

Was she going to die?

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