Book 6 Chapter 11.2

Book 6 Chapter 11.2 - Patience

While gazing into the night sky, the scene where he first met Persephone suddenly appeared in his consciousness. At that moment, she stood behind Su, what appeared in Su’s line of sight was first those perfectly straight and seductive legs, the black stockings adding even more fatal temptation to those long legs.

“Beautiful?” At that time, Persephone had one hand on her hips, one hand holding a pencil, the pencil pressed against her lips as she asked.

“Of course you’re beautiful, and I also want to see again.” Su who was laying on the bed said with a light sigh to himself. His reply now was already much different from that of the past.

At Persephone’s side then appeared the young lady with the giant sword. Then, Old Hans, Li, Li Gaolei, Ricardo, Kane, many, many people.

Su suddenly stood up, starting to gasp for breath like a wounded bull. An abrupt, powerful, uncontrollable longing burned within him. He wanted to return north, and he had to set out immediately. Even if he had to rely on only his two legs, a month and a half was enough time for him to return to the northern continent. It was to the extent where he could first use a few days of time to first alter his body state to one that could move through both land and sky. If he relied on flight, just a week of time was already enough! However...

“Can’t go back!” This was a warning that came from his instincts. This time, his instincts didn’t show much data, nor was there any strict logic, but rather producing a faint golden symbol. When this symbol finished its transformation, it would produce a result. The result was that if Su returned to the northern continent now, his conclusion would definitely be destruction. Even though he would still revive, the rebirth process would become extremely difficult, and it was unknown just how long it would be dragged on for. That was why the optimal choice was to remain in the southern continent for now, and then return to the northern continent to unleash his offensive after gathering enough strength.

“But by then, Persephone and Madeline might have already died!” In the depths of his consciousness, Su roared towards his instincts.

“You have most of their information. As long as you seize the ultimate victory, you can replenish their data, thus reviving them.” His instincts coldly replied, Su also knowing that this was a fact. Moreover, his instincts then added, “If you go back now and then lose, even if you revive and obtain the final victory, the probability of reviving them will still be practically zero!”

Su knew that this was a fact as well. Even though it hadn’t happened yet, when the probability was large to a certain degree, it could be viewed as fact. That golden symbol’s derivation process was extremely cryptic and complex, exceeding all of Su’s current abilities by several orders of magnitude, which was why Su didn’t know how it came to this conclusion, but just knew that its functions were similar to divination, able to foresee the future under finite conditions. However, the accuracy of its foresight far exceeded the Mysterious Fields ninth level ability Limited Foresight. Relative to the power of this ability, the costs to use it wouldn’t be small either. Just using it once would consume 80% of more than ten territories’ crops.

For the current Su, this was a type of torment. Before becoming powerful enough, he could only look north, watch as Persephone and Madeline might fall into danger, perhaps even be persecuted.

From his instincts’ perspective, everything they might suffer was nothing more than some nervous system reaction of a lower level life form, a negligible element. As long as he won, he could obtain their complete materials, and at that time, by relying on the current biological breeding technology, it would be enough to revive them, to the extent where even their memories and characters would be fully replicated. The completeness of this replication would thus rely on Su’s memories and understanding of them. In the depths of his right eye floated a small symbol, stored within it was everything related to Persephone and Madeline. This was his instincts’ gift, only its existence able to calm Su down.

However, his instincts were an even greater enemy!

From the moment he was reborn, the coldness and indifference from the depths of his consciousness were like the winds of hell, slowly and steadily corroding Su’s everything, his love, his hatred, his joy, and his pain. When resisting and struggling against it, Su discovered that this type of indifference was almost impossible to defend against. It was silent, yet ever-present. It was guiding Su, bringing him to the skies to overlook all living this, as well as view the world from a perspective spanning the river of time. When one’s view became sufficiently vast, the span of time reaching hundreds to thousands of years, one would discover that all of humanity’s perseverance and convictions were incredibly nonsensical and ridiculous.

It was correct, and it was impossible to refute.

Su wasn’t willing to admit that its guidance was the viewpoint he should have. That was why this time, only a miracle would allow him to overcome his instincts. However, miracles were already in its realm of consideration.

That was why Su was finding a way to increase experiences that made him human, not hesitating to take this to the extreme. If he didn’t have any way of preserving his emotions, then he could only create new mental fluctuations, through this method break away from his current path that was approaching closer and closer to a fate of indifference towards this entire world.

He jumped off the large bed and pulled on the rope next to the bed. A minute later, the elder silently appeared at the entrance, quietly awaiting Su’s next orders. His gaze was extremely disciplined, never shifting to the two tempting young ladies’ bodies on the bed. The elder’s care left Su feeling extremely satisfied. He nodded, and then ordered, “Bring over some alcohol.”

“What kind of alcohol does your distinguished self desire?” The elder asked respectfully.

“Doesn’t matter, as long as its strong enough.”

The elder left with the order. A few minutes later, three whole bottles of strong alcohol were brought back. The tray was carefully placed on the table, and then he withdrew.

Su opened the bottle of alcohol, filled the glass, and then drained it in one go. When the mouthful of strong alcohol entered his stomach, it immediately began to burn. This was true burning, and it was extremely fierce, all of the heat and water content instantly absorbed, becoming a part of his body’s energy reserves. Su stared blankly, only now realizing the problem. As a result, ten minutes later, a new temporary digestive organ was formed. When the strong alcohol entered his stomach, it was absorbed like a normal person, moreover stimulating his nervous system, bringing Su a drunk feeling.

The three bottles of alcohol were quickly finished. Su who was seventy percent tipsy released a light sigh. He sat up, and following a breath of air, all of the drunk feeling disappeared like the tide. In reality, he knew that maintaining complete human senses wasn’t easy, the three bottles of alcohol only further verifying this process.

Su already didn’t need sleep. In this night, his undulating thoughts were once again gradually replaced by icy coldness and apathy.

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