Book 6 Chapter 11.1

Book 6 Chapter 11.1 - Patience

The first night after Maca City’s master was swapped wasn’t that peaceful. Su only brought in a thousand soldiers, so occupying this city was still quite the strenuous task. Moreover, the number of soldier left behind in Maca City alone exceeded a thousand. During the occupying and takeover process, there was naturally some friction with the occupants with lower status and free residents high above, strength the most commonly used method for settling disputes. However, with the high-end military forces captured in one go, the scattered resistance was powerless to change anything. Just a few assistants were already enough to control the general situation.

Su laid on his back on a large bed that was both three meters long and wide. Through the two meter tall, four meter wide ‘window’, he quietly gazed into the moonless night sky, his pair of green pupils flickering like emeralds in the darkness.

This was originally Murray’s bedroom, adorned with all types of heavy weapons, gold, gemstones, and furs, the color tones mainly red, black, and gold. Within the lavish style was a feeling of roughness and wildness. The so-called window was actually an opening cut open in the pyramid’s outer walls. From this height, when the night winds poured through the window inside, only after making a few circles around the more than two hundred square meter bedroom would it depart through the window on the other side.

Two docile, kitten-like girls curled up next to Su’s perfect naked body. They were clearly mixed ethnicities, their dark skin smooth and exquisite, glowing under the illumination of the jumping wall lamp flames, tempting like silk. Their bodies gave off a young and tender aura, yet were already fully developed. However, from their curled up sleeping postures, they still displayed tired expressions even while fast asleep, and from the large bed that looked like it had been swept by a tornado, it wasn’t difficult to imagine the intense struggle that had just been carried out here.

The two young ladies were both Murray’s daughters, one fourteen, the other thirteen. With Sun Empire’s standard adulthood being eleven, they had long become mature enough. Their fine, curvy bodies also fully displayed this point, the two young ladies almost the same height as Su, their full chests enough to make most women feel ashamed. Moreover, their waists were extremely slender, and then further down was an astonishing arc. Their long and smooth legs couldn’t help but make one lose themselves in wild and fanciful thoughts. Between their hips and legs, the the area covered in abundant curves and darkness, was the place that would make men go crazy.

Just now, Su indeed experienced an unimaginable craziness. The two young ladies only felt as if they were being crushed by a stampede of wild african elephants, the violent pounding enough to send them flying high up into the sky! The fierce battle continued for an entire hour. In the age of turmoil, many men with abilities could achieve this. However, as for those who could enter the most intense state right from the start, and then continue without decreasing the frequency and intensity at all, there weren’t that many. Even though the positions were continuously changed, Su’s impacts were just as fierce and explosive, unknown just how many times the two girls fainted and woke up, moving back and forth between the peak and valley.

When it finally ended, they couldn’t help but fall asleep. Under extreme fatigue, the two young ladies still didn’t forget to curl up by Su’s sides, this action being how Sun Empire’s women displayed submission. When Murray was killed and Su became Maca City’s new master, they became part of Su’s private property. This was the empire’s tradition. If Su could defeat the troops the empire sent out, as well as display nominal allegiance to Sun Empire’s great emperor, then he might very well obtain the empire higher levels’ approval, thus become the northern border’s new viceroy, which was basically this place’s king.

This was the empire, as well as the general law of the age of turmoil: abilities decided everything.

This was also why the process of taking over Maca City could be said to have gone abnormally smoothly. For most of the ordinary people living in the city, it didn’t really make a difference who it was that ruled over them.

However, the two young ladies, before going to sleep, felt a bit strange. Su didn’t seem to have released anything into them? This made them subconsciously panic, fearing that they weren’t able to satisfy Su, thus be punished or even abandoned. However, the extreme fatigue quickly drowned their consciousness, making them fall into deep sleep.

As soon as night fell, in Murray’s favorite guest room, Su met the three women who officially received the previous viceroy’s acknowledgment, as well as four daughters, including two girls who were still a year from being fully mature. He didn’t choose the two madams whose beauty and temperaments were a bit superior, but insteads the two young girls who had already become of age, but still a bit immature. In reality, Su’s choice was based solely on a different reason, which was that he felt these two young ladies were extremely clean, while the three madams’ bodies had a scent that left him feeling disgusted.

When the young ladies fell asleep, Su was still awake. The human reproduction sequence already lost the meaning it should carry, even the implied societal functions of declaring his possessions, subduing, and flaunting, for him, lost all meaning. Su maintained complete male characteristics, to the extent where he didn’t hesitate to decrease his body’s overall performance to construct the corresponding sensory organs. That was why during the intercourse process, Su could still feel the stimulation and joy associated with it, to the extent where it was even magnified. However, the issue was still the same; pleasure, for him, was already without meaning.

If it didn’t have any meaning, then it shouldn’t be done, this was what Su thought. That type of cold, mechanical, monotonous, and indifferent feeling once again appeared in the depths of his consciousness, moreover wishing to drown out all else, eliminate all meaningless emotions and thoughts. This type of thinking could already be considered ice-cold, yet the data that didn’t have a single flaw in logic proved to Su that in just a short twenty or so days, he had already, under non-essential emotions, done too many meaningless things. If it was based on the original plan, Su should have already gathered enough energy to finish the initial stage body, and his current identity should be…


Correct, after carrying out an analysis, the optimal entry point into human society was precisely Murray. Su who emerged from the sea would change his body shape, enter Murray’s body, and then absorb and merge with every single cell in his body from the inside, ultimately using Murray’s identity to move about in human society. Like this, the entire northern borderland region, even a large part of Sun Empire’s resources would be at Su’s disposal. His strength would grow at the greatest speed, thus allowing him to face the most dangerous enemy, the apostle.

Correct, purely because of the apostle’s existence, the evaluation Su’s instincts gave this celestial body’s environment went from extremely peaceful to a dangerous level. Increasing his strength thus became the number one priority, and the various action sequences’ degree of flexibility and options correspondingly decreased. Moreover, regardless of whether it was his instincts or Su himself, they both felt a mysterious and powerful hostility towards the apostle for no good reason. However, Su had already repeatedly analyzed his situation, the conclusion he reached always that under this type of environment, there was no way an apostle-like existence could be born. However, Su already had a feeling that this mystery might unravel itself soon.

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