Book 6 Chapter 10.9

Book 6 Chapter 10.9 - World as the Enemy

Murray obviously didn’t know that right now, Su actually didn’t feel a hint of emotion, his mind cold like a block of ice. The smile and ridicule on his face were all imitated. It was because his instincts and past experiences told Su that this could effectively anger an enemy, especially an enemy like Murray. Meanwhile, once humans entered a state of anger, they would easily make errors in judgment, perhaps even making all types of wrong decisions, during battle become brave enough to attack, but fail to pay sufficient attention to their defenses. From a perspective of absolute rationality, this meant that an angered person would choose options with less than 50% success rate. This couldn’t even be considered a gamble; when facing a cool-headed opponent whose luck was at least not lower than his own in a slightly longer battle, fighting while angry was no different from sending oneself to death.

Su was absolutely calm and rational, the only difference being that his luck was definitely not better than Murray’s. In fact, there really weren’t many with luck worse than Su’s.

Su stood up, waving his hand at Kebile. This suzerain known for his fierceness and brutalness raised the long whip he was accustomed to, left hand even more so holding a short blade suitable for fighting in the jungle, and then carefully moved around Murray’s line of assault, rushing towards the intense battlefield that had just broken out in the forest. When he brushed past Murray, one could clearly see how nervous and on guard Kebile was. Even though he had eight levels of ability, also one known for his viciousness, Kebile couldn’t even hide his own fear when he was near Murray.

Su’s eyes narrowed slightly, six dark red crystals appeared at the palm of his left hand. They were only the size of almonds, indistinct light patterns undulating within them. A simple and rich energy poured outwards. His green eyes stared at Murray’s feet. With each step Murray took, Su would insert an energy crystal into his own body.

His arms, legs, and chest, each time a crystal entered, a message would flash past Su’s brain: power strengthened; power strengthened; power strengthened...

Murray suddenly felt as if there was something wrong. When he finally entered his attack range, he sensed that Su, during the shese short moments of time, had already undergone a fundamental difference. If the Su before was still a cultured and refined gentleman, then right now, Murray felt as if he was facing a crazy, tyrannical prehistoric Tyrannosaurus rex!

However, Murray never feared battle. The poleaxe still flew over, the death radiance on the blade even more prominent. When the poleaxe reached its highest point and then began to accelerate downwards, Murray’s pupils suddenly narrowed, seeing something that had been overlooked this entire time.

On the ground next to the high back chair was a heavy sword. The heavy sword’s workmanship was extremely crude, completely without a guard, the hilt and blade connected together. The blade was also only simply grinded, not all that sharp. The heavy sword was pitch-black, made only from regular special steel alloy. This type of alloy didn’t have any special physical properties.

The heavy sword was clearly a rushed product, the only advantage being that it was heavy enough, large enough, thick enough, and hard enough!

This was Su’s weapon?

This was a two meter long heavy sword that was close to half a ton in weight. The sword hilt exceeded half a meter, and because the sword itself was extremely thick, the blade that was more than a meter long looked like it was only halfway complete. Su’s left leg that had an energy crystal inserted stamped on the ground, and then the heavy sword immediately bounced up from the floor, the hilt perfectly entering Su’s left hand. When Su’s hand made contact with the sword hilt, the heavy sword seemed to have obtained its own will, gracefully and violently increasing speed, its speed instantly exceeding the descending poleaxe, moving upwards, smashing firmly into the poleaxe!

The instant the two fierce weapons collided, time seemed to have frozen still!

Murray clenched his teeth, his large mouth cracking open a grin, revealing a warped and nasty grin. His right arm seemed to have become a size bigger, the muscles continuously squirming about as if there were countless earthworms crawling under his skin. His originally long and narrow eyes had already become completely round, the bloody wisps filling the whites of his eyes as he stared rigidly at this opponent whose figure was completely disproportionate to himself. Su was still smiling, the expression on his face never changing from start until now, to the extent where the implied mockery didn’t even change.

The enormous axe and heavy sword suddenly separated, with Su and Murray staggering a few steps back, the clash this time could be considered evenly matched. The poleaxe wasn’t damaged in the slightest, only the condensed death radiance dimming a bit. Meanwhile, there was a large several centimeter deep knick on the heavy sword’s edge, the quality of its materials clearly far inferior to the giant axe in Murray’s hands. However, the heavy sword was thick and large enough, so the enormous damaged nick, when added to this close to half meter wide sword, appeared quite insignificant. Moreover, the sword’s workmanship was crude, not having much of an edge to begin with, so adding a knick instead only contributed to its destructive power.

All of the muscles on Murray’s body bulged, and then he released a beast-like roar before throwing himself at Su again. The enormous axe was dragged on the ground, drawing out a large string of brilliant sparks. Meanwhile, Su’s hands raised the heavy sword, spun above his head, and then heavily smashed downwards! Murray released an evil chuckle, and then all of the muscles on his body swelled, his frame immediately becoming a size larger, the poleaxe increasing speed from an impossible situation!

Ninth level rare ability ‘Eruption’, able to instantly increase one’s strength and reaction ability by more than 30%. This ability made Murray who had nine levels of power to begin with become a human-shaped meat grinder. The moment he received Eruption’s boost, Murray was confident that he could send Su, who had power equivalent to nine levels, flying!

Su’s smile seemed to be carved into his face, never changing. It was as if he didn’t even see Murray’s transformation, only the sword in his hands hacking down with full power!

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