Book 6 Chapter 10.8

Book 6 Chapter 10.8 - World as the Enemy

The viceroy quietly inspected the gun wound on his knees, the corners of his lips slowly warping. Following a rumbling sound, the second truck crashed heavily onto the ground, the soldiers flung out one after another. However, none of this could draw Murray’s attention right now. His eyes were full of bloody wisps, and these bloody wisps were increasing speed at a visible rate. He tried to move his left leg, this leg could still be moved, only, faint ka ka sounds could be heard from the kneecap.

Roar!! Murray suddenly unfolded his arms, tilted his face towards the sky, and then released a great beastlike roar! After releasing this roar, two thick blasts of air shot out from his nostrils, his reddened eyes staring straight at Su who was two kilometers out. Murray already saw Su casually fling a modified sniper rifle to the side, that lazy smile on his face, as if telling him, “Look, I can injure you even with this obsolete plaything!”

Murray released another growl, and then like a wounded and furious giant beast, he charged at Su! Thunk, thunk, thunk! Those large feet stamped on the ground, each sound making one’s heart tremble!

A soldier just happened to be flung in Murray’s way. He didn’t have time to move out of the way, only able to watch with widened eyes as a massive black sole trampled down on his chest! Following a light sound, his chest was actually trampled through by that single step, blood and flesh paste shooting out from his body like jets, splashing out several meters while sticking close to the ground surface!

The stream of flame-like bullets still never stopped, the shooters in the forest crazily firing the weapons in their hands, not paying the long overheated gun barrels any attention. However, the stream of bullets that came from the two sides didn’t aim at Murray, but instead passed by him, forming a hail of bullets behind him, intercepting the bodyguards and close guards who clearly fell behind. Meanwhile, the bloodthirsty bodyguards used their arms and few pieces of armor to protect themselves, learning from Murray, roaring madly as they charged through the screen of bullets!

In that instant, hundreds of blood flowers bloomed in the air. Most of the bodyguards relied on their robust bodies to charge through the barrage of bullets, only two out of fifty falling. Even though almost every one of them carried injuries, from their charging speeds that weren’t significantly decreased, their fighting strength hadn’t been weakened by that much. Then, even more blood shot out. The close guards didn’t have the bodyguards’ powerful defense abilities, so rushing headfirst into the screen of bullets resulted in the fall of more than twenty comrades. After rushing through the screen of bullets, the close guards also used the assault rifles in their hands to return fire, but the absolute disadvantage in terrain made their attacks greatly ineffective.

The soldiers at both sides withdrew, but the intensity of the attacks by the bodyguards rushing at the very front didn’t lessen by much. The new line of soldiers that had been arranged based on orders were frantically returning fire, among them no lack of individuals equipped with heavy firepower like heavy machine guns. Rockets were continuously released into the forest, but when these rockets that drew out long tails of flame made their way over, the bodyguards would toss out their hatchets, the spinning hatchets flying even faster than rockets! However, the heat streams of explosions and fireworks blocked their line of sight, preventing them from effectively avoiding the incoming hail of bullets. Soon, several powerful bodyguards fell under the endless barrage.

Meanwhile, the close guards who rushed into the forest afterwards suffered even greater losses. Under the crazy barrage of almost no dead angles, more than thirty individuals collapsed during the assault. In under a hundred meters of distance, heavy machine guns could inflict fatal injuries on them, and even the AK rifle’s bullets were a great threat.

The bodyguard charging at the very front finally broke through the death trap formed from the bullets and explosions. He leapt up, a nasty grin on his face as he pounced towards five soldiers who were crazily shooting anti-aircraft machine guns! The curved machete drew out a shining trajectory in the air, he could almost imagine the scene of the five soldier bodies being sliced apart. When the blade hacked down like a streak of lightning, under the force of six levels of both power and speed, it could hack down a large tree!

However, a thick six-edged steel club suddenly stretched out, stopping the descending machete! Under the spark flying collision, not only was the steel rod not at a disadvantage, it smashed the machete away with even crazier power. A large and tall man with a dignified appearance walked over from behind the tree. The steel rod moved, smashing out again towards the bodyguard’s head! A loud sound rang out. The incomparably sturdy machete unexpectedly bent, and the space between the bodyguard’s thumbs and forefingers cracked open. His knees released a crisp bone fracturing sound, and then with a pu sound, he couldn’t help but kneel on the ground. His face was full of shock, unable to believe that his six levels of power couldn’t stop the opponent’s strike. However, this bodyguard didn’t recognize that just a few days ago, this middle-aged male was still the suzerain of a territory, a vicious character who dominated his area. However, he wasn’t given the chance to either, as another individual dressed as as soldier silently rushed out, his hands actually holding an anti-aircraft machine gun! The machine gun’s muzzle immediately released tongues of flame, several dozen rounds almost completely opening up the bodyguard’s thoracic cavity! Meanwhile, the hands holding onto that weapon were steady and powerful, holding the anti-aircraft machine gun in a stable manner, as if the terrifying recoil strength completely didn’t exist. The near death bodyguard naturally wouldn’t recognize a small assistant from a borderland territory, but of course, this assistant’s current strength was already approaching the doorstep of a suzerain.

Chaotic warfare already broke out in the forest, Kebile’s roaring also ending. As the numbers were shouted one after another, the soldiers at the center of the forest had long moved out of the way, allowing Murray to pass through. Meanwhile, the berserk viceroy’s eyes only had Su left in them. In his opinion, the blood flowing through the bodies of these ordinary soldiers was all foul, so how could he dirty his noble hands? For these insects, his bodyguards and close guards should be enough. That was why Murray was almost flying through the large air with his large steps, powerfully making his way between two thousand soldiers, directly rushing at Su. The poleaxe dragged behind him continuously released a vibrating sound, the light of death on the blade’s edge remaining, not scattering away.

While staring at the incoming Murray, the smile on Su’s face became increasingly cheerful, the ridicule he felt from deep within completely undisguised, gaze still piercing towards the wound on Murray’s knee.

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