Book 6 Chapter 10.7

Book 6 Chapter 10.7 - World as the Enemy

Su narrowed his eyes, this expression making his pair of green eyes appear extremely charming and enchanting, but Kebile who stood behind Su obviously couldn’t see this. Even if he saw it, he would only be reminded of his previous shock, which was that several days ago, when Su reappeared before the suzerains, they suddenly discovered that Su’s originally vacant left eye miraculously grew back, the green pupil just as deep as his right eye. However, Kebile who had associated with Su the longest vaguely felt that Su’s right eye seemed to have lost the expression it should have.

While watching the distance between Murray and his own panicking army draw closer, Su finally raised his right hand, raised his forefinger, saying, “Nine…”

“Nine!!!” Kebile opened his throat, a thunderous roar resounding through Kafuli Mountain.

The peaceful forest suddenly became noisy, endless soldiers appearing from the underbrushes, behind the the trees and even from treetops, revealing all types of weapons. Under the assistants’ command, they split into several dozen small troops, charging towards pre-scheduled positions, unexpectedly setting up a simple yet complete defensive position in just a single minute.

“Eight!” Kebile roared once again.

Soldiers waiting in ambush from both sides of the forest charged forward, and after occupying their positions, the various weapons in their hands continuously opened fire. These two groups of soldiers all used heavy machine guns, anti-aircraft machine guns, and other powerful weapons, the crossfire casting a thick screen of bullets on the baited enemy troops. Several rockets whistled out, smashing towards the location thirty meters behind the vehicle fleet. The isolating barrage of bullets was fast and fierce. Under ability strengthening, even though the empire army’s soldiers had even worse equipment than the olden era, completely that of guerilla troops, the fighting strength they displayed wasn’t any less than that of an elite army.



As Kebile shouted code names one after another, the soldiers in the central part of the forest withdrew like the tide, and then dispersed to the side, forming a new defensive line behind the firing soldiers at both sides. The tactical movements were precise, coordinated, and full of tacit understanding, completely textbook movements. This was entirely different from Sun Empire’s scattered and disordered troops.

The unexpected powerful firepower inflicted heavy damage on Murray’s close guards, to the extent where even the fate of his bodyguards were hard to say, their injuries not light either.

As he watched the trucks that were about to enter the forest, Murray suddenly smiled. He covered his head and chest with his left arm and poleaxe, entered a squat, and then suddenly leapt out, his enormous black body moving through the hail of bullets! In that instant, three bullets landed on him one after another, but the anti-aircraft machine gun bullets could only leave behind a negligible small injury on the sleek, dark trunk. This small price was already enough for Murray to force his way through the screen of bullets.

After crossing several dozen meters in a single leap, Murray’s large feet drew support from the ground, and then his body flew into the air again. When he landed again, he was already behind the loading trucks!

Boom! Murray’s large feet stamped heavily on the ground, the surface moving like a water ripple. Under great cries of alarm, the loading trucks suddenly shot into the air from the ground!

A sinister look flashed past Murray’s face. A glint flashed past the poleaxe’s blade, hacking high into the air! The poleaxe never made contact with the truck, but the blade’s radiance left the weapon, releasing several dozen ripples, instantly passing through the truck body.

The cries came to a screeching stop. Blood burst like silk, and then endless body parts as well as the over a hundred truck fragments scattered from the sky. The fuel that was scattered was immediately ignited, and as such, extremely brilliant fireworks erupted in the skies once again. With a single brandish of the axe, not a single one of the more than thirty individuals in the truck survived!

Murray’s smile became more and more sinister. The poleaxe was raised again, now aimed at the other truck. However, his long and narrow eyes seemed to gaze past the surging ball of flame, aimed at Su who was on the hillside not too far out!

The blade shone with radiance again. The moment it was about to shoot out, Murray’s expression changed, forcefully retracting the poleaxe to protect his own throat!

A muffled sound rang through the air. A large caliber sniper bullet smashed into the poleaxe, completely deforming, and only then did it reluctantly bounce off. This was clearly a bullet that had some stuff added, the powerful force making even Murray’s right arm that was as solid as a boulder tremble slightly. This shot was unexpected, and only when the bullet bounced off was there a faint gunshot sound. This proved that this gunshot was fired from over a thousand meters away, but before the bullet left the barrel, Murray moved at least three or four meters! Either the shooter already determined Murray’s movements the moment the shooter fired, or it was pure luck.

Murray believed that it was definitely the latter.

As soon as he shifted the poleaxe a bit, his expression suddenly changed. The poleaxe shifted to the side at lightning speed, separately protecting his chest, shoulders, and lower abdomen. Bang bang bang! Three continuous muffled sounds rang through the air, sparks flying in all directions from the axe surface, another three bullets blocked by the poleaxe! The shooter was firing from over a thousand meters away, yet he could still fire in succession! Before Murray had time to feel shock, he suddenly felt as if his knees were struck by a heavy hammer, his body couldn’t help but take a few steps back.

Murray slowly lowered his head, looking at his own left knee. A terrifying teacup-sized bullet hole appeared there, deep to the point where his golden kneecap could be seen. A small hole could be seen on on the bone surface, the fine cracks extending two to three centimeters out. This wasn’t just a sniper bullet, but also a rare special armor penetration bullet.

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