Book 6 Chapter 10.6

Book 6 Chapter 10.6 - World as the Enemy

“I’ll have to teach you all just how wrong you all are!” Murray said coldly to himself. Then, he suddenly raised his voice, shouting, “All of the bodyguards, follow me, give me two hundred close guards, the rest remain on standby. Tell the commanding officer on garrison duty to send out three thousand men and outflank them. If he lets even a single black-skinned monkey go, then he doesn’t need to come back!

A messenger rushed out. In the city’s complex terrain, four levels of speed strengthening made running far more efficient than cars.

Two big and tall black men raised a gorgeously designed, dark cyan heavy alloy single-handed poleaxe, the blade surface and shaft decorated with golden patterns, bringing it before Murray with a half-knelt posture. The poleaxe was a 1.5 meters long, just from the shaft that was ten centimeters in diameter, this already wasn’t something the average person could grasp.

Murray grabbed the poleaxe in one motion, easily raising it, and then shouted ‘Depart!’ before walking out with large steps, charging out from Maca City!

Correct, Murray didn’t use a vehicle or horse, relying only on his own two long legs, directly sprinting towards the battlefield several kilometers out! Whenever the two bare black feet landed on the ground, there would always be a great muffled rumbling noise. Regardless of how sharp the rocks were, they would never be able to pierce through the sole of his feet, instead being crushed to pieces under the weight.

The originally emotionless bodyguards all began to reveal excitement, cruelty, and bloodlust, following Murray towards the battlefield. Meanwhile, two hundred close guards split out on their own, following along, the remaining three hundred remaining on standby.

By the time Murray rushed out from Maca City, the soldiers in the city still hadn’t assembled. Under normal situations, not even the most elite troops could gather from the scattered camps in just a few minutes and complete attack preparations. However, Murray was currently quite pissed, so whether or not the commanding officer on garrison duty would suffer a whipping, that was difficult to say.

A malevolent smile appeared on Murray’s lips, now running faster and faster, eventually simply like a mammoth charging with a cheetah’s speed! The bodyguards all barely managed to keep up with his pace, but the two hundred close guards were a bit uneven, the ranks dragged into a long line.

“Not good! Viceroy great one has started the assault!” At the very top of a thirty meter sentry tower, the short and stout garrison commanding officer lowered his binoculars. He couldn’t help but wipe at the sweat flowing down his face, and then he roared at the messenger next to him, “Tell Pilo and Shalu, those two idiots to stop wasting time on gathering soldiers or whatever! Just bring however many people there are! Leave now! Rendezvous point… just go to Kafuli Hill’s peak! Tell those two idiots that if they don’t leave in three minutes, then they can just go and die! If even a single one of the attackers escape from Kafuli Hill’s southern line, before viceroy great one drags me to the gallows, I will definitely cut off their balls, and then throw all of the women in their families to the army’s prostitution camps!!”

After venting hysterically, only then did the garrison commanding officer recall something, thus roaring angrily at the staff officers on the side, “Watch properly, just which scoundrel’s army do those bastards belong to?”

The messenger’s head was covered in sweat. The garrison officer’s speech was released like rapid fire, not even giving him time to pass on the order. Fortunately, he was sharp enough, raising the voice recording device high up, directly transmitting the garrison officer’s roar to the two army chiefs. However, before the garrison officer’s threats ended, Maca City’s two assembly barracks’ doors opened, more than ten large horsepower motorcycles rushing out! The riders on the motorcycles directly wrung the accelerator to the max, the bikes roaring noisily, rushing out from the city with crazy speeds, not worrying about the wandering pedestrians on the streets at all. With a bang sound, a skinny native slave was hit head on by the leading motorcycle, his entire body sent flying high into the air, directly flying more than ten meters out. The bike’s rider cursed, suddenly brandishing his right arm. The thick steel chain winded around that arm was like a cruel dragon, immediately catching that slave in the sky! A blast of blood and flesh suddenly bloomed in the sky! 

Such a cruel scene happened publically on the streets, yet no one stopped, to the extent where no one dared reveal even a disturbed expression. The rider on the motorcycle was known for his ruthlessness, the famous leader of the third corps Pilo. Forget about killing a slave, even if he killed more than ten free residents, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Meanwhile, at the end of road in the distance, troop after troop of soldiers belonging to the third corps were rushing over at full speed, closely following behind their corps leader. Even those there was no way those soldiers’ two legs could catch up to their senior officer, every single one of them was running with everything they had.

The empire army’s first tradition was that the soldier who ran at the very back of an assault would be punished, even executed. The empire army’s second was that no matter what kind of enemy they encountered, the first choice will always be attack. Meanwhile, the third tradition, was that the highest in command had to charge at the very front.

It was precisely like this right now, with viceroy Murray charging in front of all of the guards, while the two corps’ leaders also took the leading role. The only one who didn’t have to do this, was the garrison officer. Even though the garrison officer had great strength, he was the current great emperor’s nephew. However, in Sun Empire which promoted martial spirit so heavily, this kind of status was only enough to get him a position that wasn’t high or low, moreover in the border area.

What destroyed a sentry tower was a single rocket bomb. However, it was as if this rocket bomb stirred up a hornet nest, making all of Maca City go crazy! Meanwhile, the two trucks that provoked all of this also stopped their mincing, starting to crazily increase speed, the old-fashioned truck body continuously bouncing on the rugged ground, ready to fall apart at any time. The one in the vehicle was clearly terrified to the extreme, frantically fleeing, completely unable to concern himself with the companions who were running on the ground. At this rate, they would definitely be caught by Murray before they escaped into the forest.

“Starting an assault from five kilometers away, Murray’s style as expected.” Kebile lowered his binoculars and muttered. Fine sweat appeared on his dark and chubby face. One could see that even though he was calm, his fear towards Murray had already accumulated for a long time, and this extremely tyrannical assault brought him tremendous pressure.

The forest wasn’t that deep, only stretching about a kilometer in front of the hill. Su was currently sitting halfway up Kafuli Hill, his line of sight just able to see the trucks rushing in this direction, as well as the closely pursuing Murray.

Su was still sitting on that high back chair, calmly overseeing this battlefield. Even though Kebile who stood behind him had the powerful eighth level Offense Defense Mastery, he served more as a specialized porter in charge of carrying this chair.

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