Book 6 Chapter 10.15

Book 6 Chapter 10.15 - World as the Enemy

Ten minutes later, after a series of many and complex procedures, Su finally entered the strictly guarded biochemistry breeding region.

The giant space covering over a thousand square meters was divided into five independent regions, inside each region a five meter tall, three meter diameter giant breeding tank. The five breeding tanks only had two that were in operation states, one could see two creatures similar to mammoths that were already more than half complete.

The five breeding tanks each had an intelligence system independently controlling them, as well as a giant central processor supporting them. The breeding tank could rise and fall on their own, as well as change between vertical or horizontal orientations for the concoction of different creatures. The intelligent systems’ interface was concise and easy to understand, the response speed also smooth. Meanwhile, connected to the five breeding tanks was a giant automatic warehouse, within it all types of primary breeding liquid weighing in tons. This was such a complex and enormous system, yet just a dozen or so people could complete most of the work and carry out day to day safeguarding. From his past experiences, only the Blood Parliament’s most advanced biochemistry laboratories could match this, to the extent where this place might even be a bit superior.

Su started up the intelligent system’s operation screen, the menu style bringing him a powerful and familiar feeling. He casually tapped the material storage region to examine the materials for breeding organisms. The intelligence system’s variety of stored organisms reached a shocking four thousand types, but at least several hundred of them were randomly put together by Murray during his times of boredom.

Su thought for a bit. He didn’t log out of the system, instead opening the biological concoction editing selection, directly entering the deepest level of command, starting to edit on the genetic level. At first, Su was still giving out orders and commands in a familiar manner, but eventually, his long and slender ten fingers began to fly about, dozens to over a hundred orders flowing out from his fingertips like water.

The genetic engineering master in charge of maintaining the system stood at the side, his eyes that carried a bit of disdain at the start changing to shock, and then changing again to horror. When editing a creature at the most fundamental level, it would require hundreds to thousand times more work. A normal vicious beast even needed over a thousand commands, and even then, it might not necessarily even be successfully bred, so heaven knew just how many holes there were in this many orders. However, after half an hour or so, Su already entered close to ten thousand orders, yet didn’t show any signs of stopping. It seemed like Su was extremely serious. Could it be that he really could use this type of method to create a large-scale complex creature that needed over ten thousand commands?

These bioengineering masters didn’t know that in Su’s consciousness, a bizarrely shaped creature was currently rotating slowly, only the head having material substance, the rest all virtual images. As lines of orders flowed out from his fingers, the strange creature’s material body portion slowly increased. It seemed like the over ten thousand orders were only enough to construct the head portion.

Below this emulated creature, all types of performance data related to it moved about below.

“Improved model Herkula (ability reduced version): land based weapon, equipped with aquatic functions, equipped with short flight capabilities. Suitable environments: present celestial body’s complex environment, extreme environments excluded. Energy replenishment: varied diet, energy supply system conversion efficiency, low. Reproduction cycle, ten days; breeding manner, viviparity, each litter producing fifty, normal condition survival rate, 100%. Combat ability: close combat power extremely low, long range attack power extremely low…”

When night descended on the continent, Su finally completed the unimaginably long and tedious command input work. Those bioengineers were weary just from watching, the fact that they could still stand a miracle in itself. This was still thanks to Murray, after all, when Murray was working, regardless of who it was, as long as they revealed the slightest bit of impatience, there was a chance that they might have their brains smashed open by the viceroy.

After finishing the editing information, with Su’s operation, the three empty breeding tanks rumbled to a start, more than ten pipelines automatically linking up to the breeding tanks, starting to infuse the designated type of nutrient fluid. Meanwhile, in the rear laboratory, the core creature editing system already started to generate new biological genes based on orders. Only now did the several bioengineers wake up from their daze, moving one after another to the rear operating space to see if they had any culture fluid shortages.

The two mammoths that were half finished were forcefully stopped. The half finished creatures unexpectedly knew their own fate, starting to struggle! However, the breeding tank released large amounts of anesthetics, and then the two half grown creatures slowly became still. The enormous breeding tank slowly became level, and then the bottom opened up, all of the remaining liquid and biological body remains flowing down. What followed was an automatic cleaning process, and then the two breeding tanks would join the others in carrying out the lesser Herkula’s sequence.

According to what Su knew, the Herkula were the most low-cost, lowest, entry level biological weapons, the cannon fodder of cannon fodder, not even enough to be used as a base line. Meanwhile, the reduced abilities Herkula was even more so weak to the lowest level of combat strength, but this was also because Su had no other choice. Due to a lack of certain essential raw materials, there was no way of producing the complete version Herkula. What left Su rather amazed was that the empire’s biochemistry system was unexpectedly unusually suited to the Herkula’s production, so if he had the necessary materials, even higher grade biological weapons could be created from this system.

Just as Su was deep in thought, the elder arrived at Su’s side. He saw that Su had already completed his task, and as such, he bowed forty five degrees and said respectfully, “Master, the previous viceroy has three official ladies, six sons and eleven daughters carrying the bloodline, two of the daughters already reaching adulthood. They are all your distinguished self’s personal property, and I have already had the wives and two fully grown daughters make their preparations. Does your distinguished self need to consult them now?”

Su raised his head, giving the elder a look. When the green gaze landed on his body, the elder suddenly broke out into a cold shiver! In that instant, he didn’t sense a trace of life aura from Su’s gaze, or even his entire body. Su stood there, just like that, carrying warmth, but the feeling he gave others was like a living ice-cold machine.

Finally, a bit of vitality was added to Su’s gaze, thus granting the elder whose heart nearly stopped a bit of life force.

“Let’s take a look then.” Su said.

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