Book 6 Chapter 10.14

Book 6 Chapter 10.14 - World as the Enemy

A small-scale yet extremely intense battle then broke out in the dark red pyramid's surroundings. The remaining three hundred close guards relied on the viceroy manor’s favorable terrain to carry out a life and death resistance. They were elite and fearless soldiers, but bravery and blood couldn’t make up for the enemy who occupied absolute advantage. The assault team formed from four suzerains and fifteen assistants easily tore through the close guards’ defensive line, and then after breaking into the pyramid, Su who held the giant axe became the most striking target. Countless close guards exploited all types of terrain to unleash attacks at Su without any thought of personally safety!

The poleaxe in Su’s hands wasn’t any weaker than in Murray’s. Even though he only released simple sweeps and hacks, not a single close guard was able to endure one exchange. Su’s blood was still flowing. His speed wasn’t fast, footsteps a bit unsteady, yet the repeated attacks of more than ten close guards couldn’t make him slow down a single step. The only result produced by their great efforts were leaving corpses on the staircase one after another.

Blood flowed slowly along the rough rock-formed staircase, silently flattening the dips of the path.

Kebile and another suzerain followed behind Su the entire time. That suzerain was one of the individuals who previously carried killing intent when looking at Su’s rear figure. This time, Su intentionally kept him behind himself, but from the base of the pyramid all the way to the top, several similar opportunities presented itself, and that suzerain was clearly struggling, but ultimately decided not to take action.

This made Su feel once again that his luck really was bad. His injuries really weren’t faked, killing Murray forced him to pay a tremendous price as well, killing the close guards along the way relied even more on the Panoramic View’s omniscience as well as his incomparable combat art. However, Su had enough time to recover, yet didn’t choose to do so, mainly to tempt those people behind him with hesitation to take action. Of course, if they really did take action, they would discover that they were terribly wrong.

From the time Su appeared from the ocean to ultimately walking into Maca City, only twenty days had passed. This bit of time wasn’t completely insufficient to make the suzerains and assistants bow down. The reason they followed Su was purely out of fear towards death. Right now, Su revealed weaknesses that couldn’t be any more clear, yet these reckless suzerains still didn’t dare take action, this really was a bit unreasonable, could only be said that Su’s luck was bad, with no excuses he could use to eradicate threats.

Su carried the giant axe, drawing out a low arc. The blade easily moved through a close guard’s body, leaving behind a long cut below his ribs that was fine like a thread. This close guard was originally hiding behind the corner, and when he suddenly rushed out, he discovered with despair that his body ran into the poleaxe that had just been brandished.

This was the last close guard. Su lowered the poleaxe that was dripping with blood, and then entered Murray’s luxurious and extravagant palace. Upon entering through doors that reached seven meters, Su stepped on a scarlet carpet. There were more than ten maids in revealing clothes and unique postures, their bodies shivering, heads lowered, clearly only barely managing to stop themselves from collapsing due to fear. At the end of the red carpet stood a shriveled elder, his body adorned with the empire’s traditional brilliantly colored clothes. His face that was covered in deep wrinkles revealed his great age. When he saw Su, he didn’t reveal fear like the others, but instead displayed a clearly bitter smile.

Su walked in front of this elder, and then asked, “Are you this place’s general manager?”

“General manager?” The elder thought a bit about the meaning behind this word, and only then did he say, “... my role can be called as such.”

Su tossed the poleaxe to the elder and said, “Take it, have someone clean it. Then, you will bring me around.”

The hundred and fifty kilogram poleaxe was flung out, yet it was easily received by the elder. In this deemphasized situation, the elder displayed strength that wasn’t lower than five levels. If it wasn’t because of the ravaging of age, his strength should be even higher. The elder naturally recognized this poleaxe, but he didn’t say anything, only calling over two stout and strong black slaves with exposed upper bodies, handing the poleaxe to them, and then spoke a few lines. Then, the elder signaled to them with his eyes, and only then did he return to Su’s eyes, starting to bring Su around every corner of this palace, moreover giving thorough and detailed explanations.

Kebile and another suzerain were left at the palace entrance. The palace not only had over a hundred maids with all types of good looks, there were more than ten strong and vigorous black slaves, to the extent where there were ten eunuch warriors whose abilities weren’t inferior to the bodyguards. However, during the entire tour, all of them were exceptionally docile. Even though Su could sense dangerous looks from time to time, he didn’t encounter any attacks. When the two black slaves left with the axe, they immediately informed everyone they encountered to be obedient. This was clearly what the elder ordered, and everyone in the palace obeyed. It had to be said that the people who could stay at Murray’s side and continue living were extremely smart.

The tour continued for an entire half hour. In the end, Su stood before Murray’s favorite observation deck when he was alive. When he looked out from this place, he could capture all of Maca City in his eyes. Perhaps due to traditions, Maca City’s coloration was bright and beautiful like a gorgeously colored canvas, the brilliance full of vitality.

“Not a bad city, I like it. Starting from now, she’s mine!” Su overlooked the city, smiling as he declared ownership.

As if to annotate Su’s words, several blasts of flames simultaneously erupted from several corners of the city!

“Alright, now, bring me to see those five special breeding tanks.” Su turned around, giving the elder this order. The elder’s face immediately paled. For some reason, he, who had experienced countless hardships suddenly felt as if he had just heard the words of the devil.

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