Book 6 Chapter 10.13

Book 6 Chapter 10.13 - World as the Enemy

Murray was killed in battle, the bodyguards under him and a small half of the close guards that followed him here were all killed, more than half of the army that came out from the city to outflank them also lost, completely crushed. As such, Maca City’s defensive strength was already insignificant. Even though there were still several thousand soldiers in the city, this northern border strategic town, under Su, ten suzerains, and assistants, was no different from young ladies who had all of their armor stripped, only having a single layer of clothing left.

As for the elite troops who Su seemed to have perfect command over, the ‘secrets’ were extremely simple. After forming the army, Su split them into several dozen small troops, every one with an assistant leading them, and given a sheet of paper. The paper recorded different code names that represented plans of action. For example, if ‘three’ was shouted out, for certain small troops, the order meant to rush forward fifty meters at full speed, while for a different small troop, the order might be for the entire army to turn left ninety degrees. Every single small troop had more than ten code names that represented different orders, and they only needed to remember these, as well as produce the corresponding actions when the order’s code name was heard. The seemingly simple orders displayed countless complex combinations, and these code names could allow the army to enter suitable formations to face the enemy, all of this signified a task of tremendous calculations. To use this type of method to move troops, it was something only Su with fifty thought centers could do. That was why even though the training, order list, and arrangements were already a public secret among this army of Su’s, forget about suzerains, not even a viceroy like Murray could use this type of method to control an army. In Su’s memories, the only one who could also do this, might only be Helen.

After leaving behind a few assistants and a hundred soldiers to clean up the battlefield, Su led the remaining soldiers towards Maca City. On the other side of Maca City, a group of off-road vehicles were currently driving out in panic southwards. The garrison officer sat in the center off-road vehicle. He had already seen the battle results through the binoculars, and the moment Murray fell in battle, he already rushed down the sentry tower, then gathered his trusted aides to put together his belongings. In just a few minutes, he already assembled an escape fleet. Not only did he bring his women and children, it even included his precious belongings! The vehicle fleet had a front line, core, and rear cover. In these few minutes of time, the garrison officer displayed extraordinary organizing talent that not only exceeded the army chiefs, even if Murray revived, he still definitely couldn’t do things to this degree.

Su already saw the fugitive fleet. Maca City was more than three hundred kilometers from the empire’s nearest military stronghold, so as long as Su wanted to, he could easily pass through Maca City and catch up to this fleet, this entire process not even using half an hour of time. However, Su only laughed, not attaching any importance to this commanding officer. In reality, regardless of whether it was the garrison commanding officer, army chiefs, suzerains, or even Murray, none of them truly left behind the slightest mark in Su’s mind.

In Su’s calculations, these were all elements that could be overlooked.

While leading this ferocious army, Su walked into Maca City as if he was just going for a stroll. He looked around this city known to be the most grand and magnificent in the entire northern border, everything in his line of sight and even the Panoramic View recorded in his special memory region. As long as he made a single trip around Maca City, Su would become more clear on the city’s details than anyone, his powerful calculating ability and abundant battle experience would allow him to fully exploit every corner of Maca City. This city would then become Su’s home field. Right now, as long as the Panoramic View was matched with the memory region, Su would turn any piece of earth he had previously walked past into his own domain.

Some of Maca City’s residents walked out from their houses, standing at both sides of the street without any fear, silently watching the enemy troops enter the city. It had already been two whole decades since this city had been invaded. Twenty years, in the age of turmoil, was a generation and a half of time.

The other individuals were hiding in their respective homes, watching through the gaps between the doors or windows. The eyes that looked over from every direction carried doubt, fear, curiosity, and anger.

Su walked at the very front, carrying Murray’s poleaxe. The battle-axe’s dazzling and gorgeous appearance as well as its incomparable destructive force was something everyone in Maca City was familiar with. Many people watched as Murray lead his bodyguards and close guards out to fight, and now, they saw the poleaxe that originally belonged to Murray in Su’s hands. Those with even a bit of intelligence knew what happened.

Su’s entire body was drenched in blood, the blood seeping out from the injuries large and small already congealed. The energy crystals that were exposed outside drew quite the attention. For example, the green energy crystal on Su’s back that was already fractured, with his movements, was still releasing blood.

Sun Empire with its popularized abilities was not unfamiliar with energy crystals, many upper level figures and great nobles using this to break through the bottleneck of talent, so they also understood what the shattering of energy crystals meant. Su could sense quite a few sharp gazes behind him, and so his five fingers were also intentionally or unintentionally caressing the giant axe’s handle, waiting for those two suzerains who carried certain thoughts to act. The empire’s ability system didn’t have the idea of a Panoramic View, let alone understanding what a Panoramic View that covered two kilometers meant.

Unfortunately, Su didn’t manage to wait for this to happen. There were no attacks aimed at his back, nor were there any attacks from Maca City’s residents. He suddenly inserted the poleaxe into the pavement’s dark rock. He received a sniper rifle from Kebile’s hands, immediately assumed a shooting posture, and then pulled the trigger without taking the time to aim!

A muffled gunshot rang through Maca City. The bullet passed through the barrel and through rooms, flying through a few blocks, and then entered a robust male’s skull!

This was a close guard who came out to scout the situation. When Su pressed the trigger, he immediately hid himself in in a dead corner of the firing trajectory, but was still hit. Even when he collapsed, an expression of shock was still frozen on his face.

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