Book 6 Chapter 10.12

Book 6 Chapter 10.12 - World as the Enemy

The battle in the forest ended extremely quickly. It was just like what Murray said. The empire’s noble bloodline had bravery flowing through it. The fifty bodyguards and two hundred close guard army were completely wiped out without a single one surrendering. Without even taking inventory, the Panoramic View already told Su that one suzerain was heavily injured, three assistants died, six heavily injured, and the soldier mortality count was more than four hundred. When taking into consideration the difference in fighting strength between both sides, it could be considered an overwhelming victory.

However, the battle still hadn’t ended. In the distance, two lines of troops were currently coming out from Maca City, trying to outflank them. There were almost three thousand soldiers split between two sides, charging at the very front were more than ten fast and agile off-road motorcycles, behind them madly running soldiers. Due to their unevenly matched speed, the two lines of soldiers formed a long line. Moreover, these soldiers didn’t have the valiant stamina of the close guards at all, so by the time they reached the forest edge, they had long become exhausted. Moreover, the leading officers only knew how to blindly change forward, not realizing that the forest was quickly becoming quieter.

Su’s expression was also a bit strange, truly finding it hard to believe that the viceroy’s garrisoned military quality was lacking to this degree, not much stronger than the territories’ troops. However, after thinking carefully about it, he no longer felt that it was that strange. The empire’s deciding factor in victory or defeat was always a competition between high level ability users, a bit similar to the ancient era’s duels between knights or generals to decide victory and defeat. Before powerful ability users, ordinary soldiers, no matter how many there were, would always be incredibly fragile.

Su only felt a slight bit of deep emotion, and then started to continuously issue orders. “First through sixth troops, seven! Troops seven and eight, five!” Following Su’s orders, the surviving troops of soldiers quickly moved in the forest. In just two or three minutes, they formed a new defensive line, facing the outflanking soldiers head on.

Unbelievably concentrated gunshots suddenly sounded in the calm forest, the few motorcycles that had already rushed into the forest released large amounts of sparks, leaning side to side, with even some that flew up, smashing into the ancient trees, turning into enormous balls of flames together with their riders!

In that instant, there were almost no survivors among the motorcycles that rushed into the forest! Only the third troop’s chief Pilo released an angry roar, the steel chain wrapping around a large tree, leaping up, and only then did he avoid the crossfire from heavy machine guns. However, when his body was in midair, three ice-cold muzzles suddenly appeared in his line of sight. Before he could even release a roar from his throat, the three muzzles fired simultaneously!

Pilo’s body continuously twitched three times. Three enormous blasts of blood shot out, the modified sniper bullets leaving behind three terrifying holes in his body. Following a thunk sound, Pilo fell heavily onto the forest ground, eyes lifelessly aimed at the sky, breathing with difficulty; only, he couldn’t speak another word. All the way up to his death, he couldn’t understand why these snipers seemed to know he would jump, how they were able to easily shoot him down.

The three assistants lowered their sniper rifles, immediately moving their own small troops based on Su’s command. The defensive line changed into a half circle, moving to the side of the forest, welcoming the soldiers who were running over. The only result awaiting these soldiers who had long exhausted their stamina under the ferocious and concentrated firepower was slaughter. In just a few minutes, over half of the ordinary soldiers were defeated. They weren’t the most elite close guards after all, so the tremendous casualties immediately crushed their fighting spirit. As a result, the remaining soldiers finally began to scatter, running for their lives.

The eastern line’s battle quickly ended, while western line’s Maca City troops didn’t come to provide reinforcements, but directly made their way through the forest, running towards the hill behind it. The forest’s complex terrain made the motorcycles fall one after another, and as a result, the riders jumped off one by one, and then rushed up the mountain with even faster speeds. The one in the lead was a strong white man, his abilities clearly standing out from the others. He was the first one to rush onto the hill. He stabbed the military banner in his hands heavily into the top of the hill, and then beat his chest like an orangutan, roaring towards the sky!

This was second army’s leader Zalubo. He was finally the first one to complete the order, and knew that the garrisoned officer could definitely see this scene from his binoculars.

Just as he was roaring recklessly, an indistinct hiss sounded in the air!

Zalubo’s mind shook, knowing that this was the sign that a sniper bullet was currently flying over. He immediately reacted, jumping out. However, as soon as he jumped into the air, an expression of horror was frozen on his face. A large blast of blood then bloomed from his throat. This heavy sniper bullet seemed to have completely snapped his neck!

Even to his death, Zalubo didn’t understand how this bullet that would have clearly missed him suddenly changed directions in midair.

“Finally quiet.” Su lowered the sniper rifle, smiling at his own words. For him, changing the trajectory of a sniper bullet within his Panoramic View wasn’t too difficult of a task. Moreover, compared to shooting and injuring Murray, killing a sixth level army chief couldn’t even be considered an issue.

At the center of the forest, Su continuously spat out numbers and code names with an ice-cold mechanical voice, occasionally ordering specific troops. Under the machine-like and dull orders, the small troops moved about swiftly and precisely. The soldiers who had just defeated the eastern assault troops quickly broke up their front, breaking up, and then gathering into an orderly battle line, perfectly facing Zalubo’s soldiers. The sudden firepower instantly mowed down large numbers of soldiers. A few dauntless army soldiers roared crazily while facing the curtain of bullets, but what awaited them was a few assistants with weapon control abilities to reap their lives.

The vicious firepower only continued for less than a minute, but it already broke up the second army’s formation that was a complete mess to being with. The reason why the barrage of firepower didn’t continue for a long time was not because the territories’ carefully selected soldiers’ were good enough, but because the weapons in their hands were too lacking. The heavy machine guns and anti-aircraft machine guns all stopped shooting because of the barrels overheating. However, the weakening of firepower didn’t give the enemy army soldiers any greater chance at victory, the five suzerains leading the assistants and officers with at least four levels of ability into the enemy soldiers, engaging in desperate close combat.

When fighting in complex environments, the side with fewer high level ability users would only face complete slaughter.

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