Book 6 Chapter 10.11

Book 6 Chapter 10.11 - World as the Enemy

Murray knelt heavily onto the ground, the heavy sword brandished at full power moved in midair, slamming heavily into his shoulder and back. Murray’s body released countless bone fracturing sounds, the upper body skeleton almost blasted to pieces. When the heavy sword’s damaged and incomplete edge landed on his steel-like muscles, a large part of the terrifying cutting strength was unexpectedly neutralized. Even though a bloody wound was left on Murray’s body, it wasn’t a serious injury, the true injuries all originated from the enormous vibration power added to the heavy sword.

Murray’s body strengthened, still tough like steel, sending the heavy sword flying.

Su’s right hand gently clenched, and then the rebounding heavy sword froze in midair. It then drew out a perfect half circle trajectory, stabbing diagonally into the ground, not continuing the attack. Suddenly, two clear ka ka sounds rang out. The two dark red energy crystals inserted into Su’s chest suddenly displayed a few cracks on their surface. The cracks quickly spread, the entire crystal completely shattering.

Murray took a deep breath. Even though this movement made all of the injuries on his body release blood, he still stood up. The sound of his left knee’s bones scraping made one’s teeth sore, but Murray didn’t seem to have felt anything. He straightened his chest, and only then was he able to overlook Su. His eyes passed over the two shattered energy crystals in Su’s chest, then he cracked his mouth and laughed a few times before saying, “Truly a pity, if I could persist for just another 10 seconds, the one who would have lost would have been you.”

“There are no what ifs in this world.” Su said. He smiled, but the mockery in his smile had already disappeared. Right now, there was already no point in angering his opponent.

With a thunk sound, Murray’s poleaxe stabbed into the ground in front of Su. “It’s yours now, use it well, it’s at least better than that thing in your hands right now! Just do what you will. At the very least, I am like a real soldier, someone who died on the battlefield!”

Su pulled out the single-handed poleaxe, and then carefully looked at the blade, weighing it in his hands. The weight in kilograms, accurate to decimal points appeared in Su’s consciousness. This thing was a bit too light for Su’s tastes, but the powerful blade could make up for any lost power. Su brandished it a few times, the poleaxe drawing out a few beautiful arcs in the sky. When he moved it about, the feel and center of gravity were both extremely perfect. It was clear that the weaponsmith behind this weapon’s design was quite talented, even Su with his  thought centers’ abilities unable to pick out too many problems.

“A good item. You don’t plan on using it anymore?” Su asked.

Murray understood Su’s intentions. He laughed loudly a few times and said, “The empire’s warriors never surrender, blood will only add to my reputation. Just do your worst!”

“Understood.” Su brandished the poleaxe, sending it lightly towards Murray’s chest. A wave of power entered his body, accurately shattering his heart.

Murray released a few overcast laughs, the blood pouring out from his mouth finally plugging up his remaining laughter. His eyes gradually lost radiance, his enormous body slowly collapsing.

Both sides of the battlefield agreed by chance to slow down their movements, silently watching the empire’s northern borderland highest ruler, this viceroy who was the source of countless residents’ nightmares slowly fall.

“Kill!!” After a moment of hesitation, both sides charge forward with even greater murderous intent. Murray died in battle, yet this didn’t weaken the bodyguards and close guards’ fighting spirit, instead making their eyes red, frantically fighting with their lives on the line. Meanwhile, when the suzerains and assistants saw Murray fall in battle, their final misgivings were erased, and as such, they poured all of their attention into this death struggle.

Su reached out his hand, digging out the two shattered energy crystals from his chest. His complexion was pale, the damage to the energy crystals clearly bringing him quite some injuries. Su held the poleaxe horizontally, and then walked with large steps towards the forest where the intense battle still continued. After reviving, Su’s build was nearly identical, and as such, the poleaxe Murray could easily brandish with a single hand became a dual-handed battle-axe.

After entering the forest, Su immediately changed to a new battle style. He moved about like a ghost, his footsteps silent. Su’s speed wasn’t that fast, but it was extremely strange, nearly everyone overlooking his existence. Many times, when Su appeared by their side and hacked down, the bodyguards or close guards would only then discover that Su had already appeared by their sides!

Murray’s poleaxe was exceptionally sharp. Under Su’s nearly eight levels of power, it silently passed through the bodies of soldiers one after another. Regardless of who the other party was, regardless of what kind of weapon it was that tried to stop him, they would all be easily cleaved in half, so easy it was like cutting through butter.

Su’s army occupied the advantage to begin with in this chaotic battle. After transferring over the elite troops of more than ten territories, any soldier that encountered a close guard could withstand a few hits, while the few bodyguards’ combat force was completely suppressed by the suzerains and assistants, to the extent where the bodyguards didn’t even hold the advantage in numbers! When rushing out from the screen of bullets, the incredibly heroic actions looked incredibly foolish. Aside from a few robust individuals, the bullet wounds that covered the bodies of those who survived decreased their fighting strength considerably. Now, with this death god like Su, the situation became overwhelmingly one-sided.

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