Book 6 Chapter 10.10

Book 6 Chapter 10.10 - World as the Enemy

Time was suddenly slowed.

The deathly radiance on the giant axe’s blade reached outwards like a tide, the heavy sword’s edge unexpectedly also producing faint ripples. When the blade and axe were still quite far away, the radiance and energy ripples unexpectedly clashed, suddenly producing strand after strand of black ripples!

Murray’s pupils suddenly contracted. He saw Su’s chest unexpectedly split open, revealing the massive dark red crystal hidden beneath his skin! This energy crystal was three times larger than the ones Su previously inserted into his body! The moment the energy crystal appeared, the heavy sword that hacked downwards unexpectedly produced an abnormal screaming sound, slamming viciously onto the enormous axe’s blade!

There was no metallic collision sound, only the peacefulness and annihilation brought by the energy’s destruction. Both sides maintained a stalemate stance, as if they were two parts of a sculpture frozen by time. Pu pu pu! A string of slight sounds rang out. The swelling veins on Murray’s body burst one after another, more than ten bloody arrows firing outwards, bloody mist producing a cloud around him. Meanwhile, Su’s situation wasn’t all that optimistic either, the clothes covering his upper body turning into cloth butterflies from the great fluctuations, all of the embedded crystals releasing blood from their edges, many cracks appearing on his body, some of these cracks extending out two to three centimeters. The cracks released blood soon afterwards, filling in the injuries.

This was a full on clash of strength without any tricks. Su didn’t use any secretive undetectable combat art or force redirection techniques, unexpectedly using brute force to match Murray. In his perfect tall and slender body was an explosive power that did not match his figure at all!

The heavy sword released a sharp screaming sound again. With slightly sluggish movements, Su brandished the heavy sword, spun it about two times, and then when the spinning sword reached its peak, his left hand grabbed the sword hilt, sending the sword smashing towards Murray’s waist. Murray released a great roar, and then he brandished the poleaxe with the exact same posture as Su!

The collision was still quiet. The two staggered backwards just like before, blood starting to spread in large amounts. Murray still smiled sinisterly, but he no longer showed contempt. Meanwhile, Su’s smile maintained the clear mockery from start until now.

Before they even steadied themselves, the two both rushed at the other by chance, the enormous axe and heavy sword smashing rigidly together again! Su’s movements were extremely simple, only occasionally taking a few steps forward or back. His hands brandished the sword, different from the exquisite and fine precision of the past, instead making wide movements, hacking down, sweeping sideways, and then hacking down again, sweeping down again, only displaying the most simplistic style, not much change to speak of at all. Only, every slice was heavy like a mountain, without any technique, but prevailing completely through power!

Murray’s eyes were red through and through, the corners of his lips splitting open, clearly entering an extremely excited state. His roar was like a primitive mammoth’s. His left hand also grabbed the axe’s hilt, the poleaxe hacking vertically and horizontally, no longer any techniques to speak of, only sending it crazily at Su to smash him to death!

Bang bang bang! Muffled collision sounds finally sounded, sound waves spreading from the two individuals. The sturdy rocky mountain surface began to move up and down like water ripples, the giant trees along its path collapsing one after another! Even though the battle in the forest was intense, a few suzerains and assistants still couldn’t help but raise their heads, getting a glimpse of the battle on the hillside from the corner of their vision.

Su brandished the giant sword that clearly didn’t match his own body, his long and slender perfect figure brandishing it about with a strange rhythm, relying on the heavy sword’s extraordinary power to deliver heavy strikes one after another. On the other side of Su, the tall and sturdy black figure that was previously the nightmare of many suzerains now seemed to gradually enter a more and more disadvantageous state.

Su’s attacks didn’t even have the most basic of techniques, as if he was just smashing the heavy sword down on his opponent again and again. Murray didn’t give an inch either, like a red-eyed bull, competing against Su in strength! Strength was the area he was most proud of, and together with Eruption, Murray could even face a powerful individual with ten levels of power. Murray finally admitted that Su was a respectable and frightening enemy, but if Su was using the strength he was most proud of to challenge him, then he would face this challenge to its end!

These were collisions without any tricks, a standoff of absolute power. This was a collision of blood and muscles between men!

With each strike, Murray felt like Su was already in imminent danger, as if just a bit more power would completely knock him down. However, he knew that he himself was also approaching the limit, unable to squeeze out even another drop of strength. This type of anger, this type of berserk, this type of excitement, this type of life challenge’s extreme stimulation made Murray feel as if every cell in his body was burning! He wanted to roar out!

Only this was a battle!

Murray completely lost track of time while intoxicated in battle, forgetting that ‘Eruption’ also had a time limit. When his strength faded like the tide, only then did he wake up. At that moment, Su sent another blow lacking in all technique!

Murray’s body released several dozen streaks of blood once again. He gathered his remaining strength, and only then did he barely stop Su’s strike. However, right at this moment, a sharp and clear cracking sound could be heard. Without Eruption’s support, Murray’s already wounded left knee could no longer support the tremendous pressure, thus fracturing. 

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