Book 6 Chapter 10.1

Book 6 Chapter 10.1 - World as the Enemy

Unknown as to whether it was just a coincidence, when the sky brightened again, a small crack suddenly opened up between the clouds of radiation. A streak of morning sunlight shone down diagonally like a massive spotlight, illuminating Vibimore City’s suzerain manor. Before the suzerain manor’s imposing french window, Su’s green pupil suddenly contracted, his long and thin eyebrow frowning ever so slightly.

He didn’t like sunlight, at the very least, he didn’t like this sunlight. The sunlight that shot through the clouds of radiation was burning hot, the powerful rays not only harmful to the human body, it also vaguely expressed some type of hostility. Hostility hidden within sunlight? This sounded inconceivable, but Su could clearly...

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