Book 6 Chapter 1.6

Book 6 Chapter 1.6 - Restart

No it should be said one injured, one dead. If the light being was exchanged for any other creature, it would undoubtedly be dead. However, the injury Lafite suffered made him feel even worse than death, especially in front of Curtis and Helen’s faces. This battle, if one carefully thought about it, one would know that this was the greatest battle results the light being could acquire. 

“Again!” Lafite’s voice was a bit overcast, a bit of harshness now added. Curtis was clearly enduring his laughter, but his two thick legs were pressed a bit close to each other. 

The battle instantly ended again.

“Again.” Lafite’s voice exuded a deep coldness, while Curtis was already no longer laughing. 

The battle concluded in an instant once again. 

“Again.” Lafite’s voice was as calm as water. Curtis’ face was entirely serious, his eyes fully round, not willing to let a single detail go.

The battle still concluded in an instant. 

“Again.” Lafite’s voice now carried a bit of frivolousness, a lazy smile even hanging by the corners of his lips. This was his true battle state. During the era of the ‘Blood Colored Dusk’, Lafite was only a young man, but that fiendish smile still remained as the final memory of his many enemies. 

Curtis still kept his steel statue appearance, watching without moving a muscle. In his flickering pupils, the battle still ending in an instant. 

“Again!” Lafite squeezed out these two words from the gaps in his teeth, sweat pouring down from his forehead. 

The battle seemed like it would forever end in an instant.

Lafite was like someone fished out from water, while Curtis had unknowingly become drenched in sweat as well. The light being had become their common enemy, while this virtual figure, in this practice ground, became an omniscient and omnipotent god!




Only Helen was as calm as in the beginning, her arms crossed in front of her, only staring at the light screen. However, from the beginning until now, she didn’t touch the light screen again. 

The diesel engine rumbling sound suddenly became weak, the lasers and force field devices turning off one after another. The light being distorted a few times, and then disappeared into thin air. Only the light screen in front of Helen remained bright due to the eternal backup power source. This became the only source of light in the entire spacious and empty practice ground. 

Lafite stood quietly at the center of the dark practice ground, head raised, eyes closed, still like a stone statue. Only after a long time had passed did he ask with a hoarse and dry voice, “It ended?”

“It ended. The currently available information can already prove that ‘Clairvoyance’ indeed exists. However, this only proves its existence, currently still needing eleven pieces of information and three restrictions before part of it could be simulated. The distance from perfection is still extremely far.” Helen’s voice seemed like it would never change. 

Ha, haha, hahaha…” Lafite began to laugh, but his voice was full of an indescribable feeling. He finally lowered his head, walked over to Helen, stared at the current her who was busy organizing and recording data. Only after a while did he say, “Helen, I think… for us to stand on the same side, is truly a very fortunate thing.”

“Is that so?” Helen’s head didn’t raise, her line of sight never leaving the light screen. She adjusted her glasses, and then said indifferently, “If we truly become enemies, the one who will lose is myself. I can’t defeat you, you can directly come over and kill me.” 

When Lafite saw Helen’s movement, Lafite suddenly released a few maniacal laughs, immediately becoming discouraged, only shaking his head.

“Helen, why did you suddenly change?” Lafite, after laughing enough, asked this question that might very well be the last. 

Helen instinctively adjusted her glasses again, and then slowly lowered her hands.

She raised her head, looked at Lafite through her light blue eyes, saying indifferently, “I apologize, but I… had no other choice…”

Pa! A large, heavy, and damp hand slapped on Lafite’s shoulder, Curtis’ voice sounded from behind him. “Let’s go! Let’s not disturb her work anymore, there’s quite a few bastards waiting to be killed outside!”

The captain’s voice was similarly rough, as if he had been shouting for an entire day. 

Lafite and the captain hung their arms on each other’s shoulders, thus leaving the practice ground. In that instant, these enemies that had left their names in the ‘Blood Colored Dusk’ and survived stood together, but their rear figures were similarly bleak. 

Only Helen was beautiful like a machine, like a witch, like the source of disaster. 

Before Lafite and Curtis, the corridor that wasn’t all that long now seemed to never end.

“Black Steel, did you know? Only now did I fucking discover that I never had a chance of getting her! Helen, haha, what should I say, she will only choose a man stronger than herself… meanwhile, someone like me, turns out I was so stupid!”

“Silver Hair, I can’t help but say that you’ve never been smart.”

“Cunning Black Steel, I definitely never thought of myself smarter than someone with this type of nickname.”

Curtis released a sigh, and then said, “Whether one is smart or not isn’t important. What is important is that both of us have dreams, and we’ve worked hard for it. Isn’t that enough?”

Pa! This time, it was Lafite who slapped the captain’s back heavily, laughing loudly and saying, “You fucker, why don’t you write a book? Truly a waste. Not cutting you down on the battlefield back then truly is one of my greatest regrets!”

“Keep dreaming! Back then, your hair down there hadn’t even fully grown, yet you still wanted to kill me? The injury that time was just an accident!” Sparks were clearly ignited in Curtis’ voice.

The two remained silent for a moment, and then they both suddenly began to laugh at the same time. 

“Cunning Black Steel, say, just what kind of man can obtain Helen?” When asking this question, Lafite didn’t even really understand his own emotions.

Curtis stopped his footsteps, his hand supporting his chin, then slowly said, “I don’t know what kind of person he is, but what I do know is that this person has already appeared.”

Curtis narrowed his eyes, his sharp gaze reaching the end of the corridor, saying with a downcast voice, “Its father.”

Lafite followed Curtis’ eyes, just in time to see a small figure curling up there. 


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