Book 6 Chapter 1.5

Book 6 Chapter 1.5 - Restart

“This thing… is Clairvoyance?” Lafite narrowed his eyes, hands ruffling his head of silver hair. Twelve levels of ability truly left him in quite the shock, and his opinion of the simple holographic light being changed vastly. 

“You’ll understand soon.” Helen adjusted the sea of data at flying speed, saying without even raising her head, “Lafite, I also need the data as follows: your fastest speed, average exerted energy, main ability energy output deviation…”

Lafite gave Curtis a vicious look, but the latter didn’t have any intention of leaving. In the end, his curiosity towards a twelfth level ability still crushed his desire to beat up the other party, so Lafite began to report eleven important numbers based on Helen’s demands. This data didn’t look that important, but they were extremely critical. In a battle between individuals of similar strength, knowing about the other party’s precise data, even if it was just some less vital information, could still greatly affect the battle’s outcome. Just from how Curtis rubbed his beard, his pensive smiling expression, one would understand. 

After reporting these eleven numbers, Helen didn’t immediately start the experiment, remaining silent for two whole minutes. Just from how her fingers were subconsciously tapping the light screen, Lafite and Curtis knew that her brain was currently operating at full speed, calculating something. They were always quite curious just what exactly Helen’s brain was made of, what exactly her limit was. Unfortunately, after all these years, this remained an unknown mystery. 

The number of people well acquainted with Helen was few. This was perhaps something similar to the Spider Empress’ military strength, one of the Blood Parliament’s greatest mysteries. 

She obtained the answer after remaining silent for two minutes. Helen applied three restrictions to Lafite’s combat reaction speed, having him control himself within those limitations. Lafite obviously agreed, as those three limitations weren’t that great, and the reasoning for restricting the speed to eight levels was obvious: this simple holographic imaging installation had a response delay. 

The restricted Lafite still had comprehensive ninth level combat strength, and his terrifying combat intuition would even more so allow him to easily defeat most ninth level enemies. 

“Then, begin. I wish you luck.” After speaking the final sentence, she adjusted her glasses in passing. This small movement made the corners of Lafite’s eyes twitch slightly, a bad premonition quietly emerging in his mind.

The battle began. 

Lafite moved, only relying on his toes for traction, yet instantly flashing out several meters. He brandished his fist fiercely, immediately breaking the sound barrier, blasting towards the light being’s head!

However, this fist unexpectedly hit empty air!

Lafite discovered with shock that before he released a fist, the light being already began to move, barely avoiding this fist of inevitable death. When this fist that should have landed hit nothing, Lafite suddenly felt as if his chest was completely empty. He was actually distracted!

After experiencing countless battles and facing enough enemies with overwhelming advantages in power, speed, or even technique, Lafite had never felt so close to his wits end as right now. At that moment, he even felt the misconception that the one he was facing was god!

Lafite was only distracted for an uncapturable instant, but he suddenly felt a strand of weak pressure below his ribs. He quickly shifted backwards, already moving back five meters with a thought, the amount of time exhausted close to zero. This was where Lafite was truly powerful, able to carry out near instantaneous movement within a small range. 

The light being missed, but Lafite felt a scorching pain under his ribs, a red mark appearing there. 

He decreased his defensive strength to the level of an ordinary person, or else with the force field device’s limited power output, the light being’s power was merely a bit greater than that of an ordinary strong man’s, even if Lafite was standing there to be a punching bag, he still wouldn’t lose a single hair. 

However, Lafite’s expression immediately became ugly to the extreme. Curtis who was observing from the side had unknowingly when removed his back from the wall, his body leaning forward slightly. His eyes were widened until they were completely round, staring at this light being in disbelief. 

The instant the light being dodged, it sent out a kick, this kick’s accuracy was ridiculously off, completely instinctively ignored by Lafite. However, when the kick Lafite sent out missed, thus feeling pressured, his body instinctively pulling back, he was actually brushed by the tip of the light being’s foot!

Lafite was actually hit! It was just a single exchange, the amount of time the battle consumed was less than a second!

If Lafite’s speed of retreat didn’t break the speed restrictions Helen had placed, then he would have been kicked squarely in the stomach by the light being’s leg. If the one that kicked him wasn’t a light being without destructive power, but rather an opponent like Curtis, this blow alone would have already left him seriously injured. 

“Again!” Lafite said through clenched teeth. Curtis revealed a smile from the side, his gaze burning his ego like a flame. 

Lafite’s body flashed, already appearing behind the light being’s back in an instant, his finger lightly jabbing towards the back of the light being’s head. Coiling around his fingertips was a silver-colored flame, as long as this finger pierced through, even if it was Curtis’ head, it would still produce a hole. 

This finger pierced through the back of the light being’s head as he wished. This time, the light being didn’t display any cheat like evasion in advance, but Lafite’s face became a bit green. He slowly lowered his head, looking at the light being’s right hand. 

The light being's back was facing him, his right fist clenched into a fist. The five holographic fingers were currently grabbing Lafite’s eggs, as well as another part. 

Mutual destruction. 

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